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Last updated December 29, 2020

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Tons of people are making Youtube videos right now, with millions of videos uploaded every minute. It is a real struggle for new content creators to draw attention and grow their channels. This is why you should buy Youtube watch hours.

This article includes everything you need to know about buying views, from pros and cons to how to successfully buy views.

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What Is Youtube Video Watch Time?

This is a section for complete beginners.

Simply put, Youtube watch hours, also known as watch time, is the total amount of time that the viewers watch your videos. Refreshes do not affect watch time; thus Youtube values it more than the number of views counted when a page loads.

The 4000 Hours Problem On Youtube

To make money on Youtube, you will need a decent channel that owns at least 1,000 subscribers and gains 4,000 watch hours on a 12-month basis. 

This is the new channel monetization rule that came into effect in January 2018. It is supposed to deal with the huge amount of content uploaded every day onto Youtube for profits.

You only needed to gain 10,000 views to earn revenue regardless of your channel size in the past. But the new rule, especially the 4000-hour watch time, makes it more difficult for a channel to monetize.

I will discuss the watch time requirement further now.

The 4000 hours of Youtube watch time only count when it is achieved in 12 consecutive months. In other words, your videos can be published long ago, but they need to be watched in the last 52 weeks.

Your videos have to be public to be counted as valid watch time. It means you cannot live stream and set the video to unlisted. In addition, you cannot delete videos or set them to private. All videos need to remain public to add to the watch hours.

The 4000-hour requirement is tough to reach, especially for new Youtube creators. But worry not, this obstacle will be out of the way since you can buy Youtube watch time.

Here the question goes: is it legal to buy Youtube watch hours? And is it really effective in growing your business?

You can find out the detailed answers in the following sections.

Is It Legal To Buy Youtube Watch Hours?

Frankly speaking, buying Youtube views does violate the Youtube guidelines. Youtube does not allow any activities that artificially increase the views, including buying views from third-party sources. 

The platform even introduces rules and regulations that heavily penalize view count gaming, resulting in removal of any video that shows signs of gaining fake views.

On the other hand, many people consider buying views as cheating and gaining an unfair competitive advantage. In most cases, content creators who buy watch time tend to cloak the non-organic views to avoid the moral debate.

But still, buying Youtube views is an attractive initial push that may come in handy for beginner influencers. Take a look at the pros and cons of buying Youtube watchtime hours and make a wise decision.

Buy Youtube Watch Hours Pros and Cons

Generate social proof Risks of getting banned
Increase the search engine results page (SERP) ranking Low-quality views
Earn more organic views Online fraud
Become an authority Unnatural results
pros and cons min - Buy Youtube Watch Hours: Pros and Cons – Everything You Need To Know
Pros and Cons


Generate Social Proof

Have you heard of the bandwagon effect?

It refers to a phenomenon in which people tend to follow an idea or belief everyone around them has. For example, if you find everyone around you visiting the same coffee shop, you may feel up to going there too.

In the case of Youtube, it is the number of views that influences the audience when they search for something to watch. 

Most of the time, viewers assume that a video that earns many views is worthwhile to watch. The view counts now serve as a social approval, and that explains why you might want to spend money on Youtube watch hours.

Of course, this is not always true in reality, but more often than not, it happens when people choose what to watch on Youtube.

Increase Your SERP Ranking

According to Youtube, a person spends more than 70 percent of the time on the platform watching what the algorithms recommend. 

For a particular query, the algorithms will aggregate data and provide results based on the video’s relevancy and user engagement (likes, comments, and watchtime). 

In other words, the watch time is an important factor that affects your video’s ranking on Youtube search engine. That is where buying watch hours service will be helpful.

Earn More Organic Views

Since buying views improves your SERP ranking, it allows you to increase your videos’ reach – more people see your video thumbnails on the feeds and feel inclined to click through. 

In that way, you will get more organic views, and your subscribers will also grow. Once you have built a loyal base of subscribers, you can stop buying views and focus on growing the community. 

Without the initial push of view counts, this would take a lot of time, effort, and maybe some luck as well.

Become An Authority

The fact that many people watch your videos may give an impression that your opinions are respected, and you are a credible person in your field. Gradually, you build a reputation online, and others may turn to you when they need advice from an authority.


Risks of Getting Banned

If you decide to buy Youtube watch hours, you put your videos at risk of being taken down. Youtube does not allow any method of artificially increasing the video views, and it heavily penalizes view count gaming. 

Your videos will be taken down, and your account is suspended promptly after being caught cheating on view counts more than once.

Low-quality Views

Youtube routinely deletes fake views and fake accounts, thus low-quality views may be removed. This is more likely to happen if you buy Youtube views from unreliable sources. 

Before paying for any service, you had better make sure the site gives you legitimate views and offers some sort of refund policy.

Online Fraud

Like any online industry, scammers and low-quality businesses are everywhere. More often than not, there are even more fraudulent service providers than reliable ones. 

If you are new to the game and have little idea about what to look out for, purchasing Youtube watch hours can be rather risky. It costs you time and money for nothing; what’s worse, your reputation may suffer.

Unnatural Results

All the views you buy may come all at once, while you do not get any likes, comments, and subscribers unless you spend money on them. 

In that case, the views alone look unmistakably fake and the audience will recognize it right away. Buying views is often frowned upon, so it is not a good idea to let your viewers know it.

What You Need Before Buying Youtube Watch Hours?

You need to prepare a couple of things to be eligible for using the Youtube watch hours service. These include:

Having at least 10 videos with a duration longer than 10 minutes each. The longer your videos are, the more efficiently the service can work and speed up the whole process. It means you will get your Youtube watch hours more quickly and effectively.

Your Youtube channel should be clean without claims.

Your video content needs to be meaningful and offers the audience a certain value.

Things To Be Aware of

Check the reputation of the service providers

As mentioned above, there are tons of scammers and fraudulent Youtube views buying sites out there. That is why checking the service provider’s reputation is important to ensure you get quality views, and your channel is not negatively affected. 

For example, is a reliable service that delivers its promises. It offers a deal that helps you handle the 4000-watch-hour problem at ease.

Also, you should check how the sites deliver your views. If the views come all at once, the views are probably automated bot views, which Youtube will easily recognize and remove as a consequence. 

Choose the services that offer reasonable delivery times – one or two weeks, depending on the number of Youtube watch hours you are buying. Doing so mimics the organic growth and lowers the chances that Youtube spam protection flags your video.

Pay attention to the demographic

Quality views should come from a location that is specific to your demographic. In other words, if your location is specific to the US, your views should originate from relevant locations such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. 

Youtube will recognize the view count gaming right away if most of your views come from China or Russia. Your videos are at risk of being taken down then.

Balance other social signals

Getting tons of views at once, but few likes and comments makes the view count look unreal and might result in a red flag from Youtube. Thus, you also need to pay attention to other social signals of engagement, including likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. 

If your videos show high user interaction across all these metrics, Youtube and your audience can hardly figure out that your views are from a third-party service provider.

How To Get More Views Organically

Here are some easy ways to gain more organic views on your Youtube channel.

get more views on youtube
Get more views

#1 Publish your content regularly

Your number of videos and the uploading frequency are two of the most important factors that Youtube algorithms work with. 

The more often you publish videos, the higher chances you have to attract more viewers. Perhaps you can even turn them into a playlist. Just make sure to increase quantity without losing quality.

#2 Publish your video content when the audience is watching

Youtube will send a notification to your subscribers when a new video is uploaded, and the users are most likely to open it when they are searching for something new to watch on Youtube. So pick an optimal uploading time when most of your subscribers are probably online.

Alternatively, take a look at your Youtube analytics to choose the best time to upload your latest masterpiece to the platform.

#3 Create eye-catching thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first thing that the audience catches sight of when scrolling down the page. It plays an important role in getting people to click on and watch the videos. Thus, creating eye-catching thumbnails may work in your favor on Youtube.

#4 Optimize your video description text

The description text not only helps link the videos to your socials but also surfaces your videos when the users are searching by keywords. 

Therefore, you should optimize the text by focusing on one or two keywords that describe your videos. Also, it is better to use natural language. Click the link for detail.

#5 Keep viewers engaged

Another key metric for Youtube algorithms is the view duration, meaning how much time your viewers spend watching a specific video. 

Make your videos interesting enough to keep your audience engaged through the end, and ask for suggestions about your next videos’ ideas to earn more interactions.

#6 Engage with your community

In other words, you should interact with your viewers by simply replying to their comments. A quicker way to engage with your community is to shoot an appreciation video.

#7 Turn viewers into subscribers

Subscribers get notifications for every content you upload, and they are most likely to watch, comment, and even share your videos with others. More notably, subscribers are the testing ground Youtube uses to evaluate your content. 

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, buying views is a good way to kick start your journey on Youtube. There is every reason why you should buy Youtube watch hours, but of course, it is not free of risks. If the views are low-quality, you might even put your channel at risk of penalization.

Still, it is worth your try. As long as you buy valid Youtube views from a reliable source, you certainly can reap the benefits in the long run.

Thank you for reading.

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