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The Importance Of Professional Web Design

We all know that a website is considered a means of commerce and marketing for a brand. However, it should have a design with aesthetics and attract visitors as other functions. 

In other words, an ideal website design needs to satisfy the demands of visual, apparent effectiveness, and utility.

In the era when technology is at its full swing, the quality of your website outweighs the storefront of your office. Having a proper website makes your work on digital marketing projects and lead generation initiatives less challenging.

A huge source of potential clients will come to your site thanks to the organic search, advertisement, social media, and other ways that you have never expected.

Imagine an effective website design that tells these visitors about your brand and the proof that you deserve a corporation.

Our Procedure For Design Work

EazyViral aims to help you come up with the best fit for your website. At the same time, we will make your site become an awesome digital representation of your brand on the Internet.

Our designing and developing experts integrate the User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the process. As a result, the models and formats offered are appropriate to multiple fields and businesses.

Here are our typical stages of designing or redesigning projects of a website:

  • Step 1: Examine the structure of the website.

    Before making any changes, we need to have a comprehensive check on the site's organization. Furthermore, we want to know if it matches the superior practices for your target field. Then, we will suggest how our team should re-organize your page and its navigation. The information is visually interpreted via a wireframe.
  • Step 2: Gather the website components

    The re-organized procedure means equipping your site with a new look while retaining its nature. When you provide the colors, logos, or any other criteria defining your business, we guarantee to keep them untouched until the end.
  • Step 3: Make a test site

    In this stage, EazyViral experts will build up a website with full function on our development server. It means the clients can fully experience a model as their original websites with the modification indicated. Three rounds of complimentary revisions ensure that your final redesign is flawless.
  • Step 4: Conduct a test to guarantee the quality

    We'll make sure the look and style of your custom web design are identical across all platforms (mobile, tablet, and desktop), operating systems (including iOS and Android), and browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others) once you give us the praise.
  • Step 5: Activate the website

    When the new web is re-innovated and ready to work, it's time to activate it. We will discuss with you the date and time appropriate for launching the enhanced site. There will be correctly crawled plans communicated by your visitors and offered by the experts.
  • Step 6: Support is available for 30 days

    We are ready to help you deal with any arisen problems within 30 days from the activating date of your new web. There will be a training course offered for the customers. As such, they will find operating the page more convenient and effective. If any modifications or adjustments are necessary throughout this period, our team will timely tackle them.

One-Stop Website Design Services

There is a wide range of options included in the service package provided by EazyViral. Whoever wants to redesign or have new built-up sites are welcomed. The customer experience is one of the prior factors throughout our way to get a firm position in the current competitive market.

Review the design services and solutions available:

Wireframes for Website

The design and development team from EazyViral will work on the core of your web and serve you with its blueprint of the structure. Our website design service also handles flexible design requirements, creating wireframes that are tailored to certain devices and platforms.

Website Mockups

Mockups are way better than wireframes, thanks to additional graphical elements to bring your website’s graphics to life. EazyViral’s pro website designers create mockups to offer you a clear illustration of the appearance and vibe of your site. 

Every mockup project is custom-made for the purpose of satisfying the demands of the business model, the market, and our target clients. Besides, we also take into account the nuances of their sector.

Mockups can cover every inch of your sitemap, giving you a complete description of the layout and style of your website before we start working on it.

Responsive Web Design

It is advantageous to have a mobile-friendly website in today’s mobile context. A responsive website is a crucial feature of any SEO approach. Websites giving a pleasing experience to multiple users can take more benefits from the search engines.

Our developing engineers will refer to your requirements inside out the responsive web design; As a result, the finished product would be conveniently accessible to any type of device, including desktop or phone. 

With superior responsive website design practices, your site will then sit in a high-ranking position in the search engine results page. This way, positive feedback from users are on their way to your website.

Website Auditing

Another element posing a great impact on your search engine rank is performance metrics, with page speed as a prime example. A site gets top ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) when its routine checks are huge. 

In other words, the routine checks greatly affect the search position for well-performed landing pages with more organic traffic flocking to the website.

By assessing the site’s performance, website audits would vividly indicate the essential changes that should be made during the redesigning process to promote the marketing aspect. 

Let EazyViral lend you a hand. We thoroughly analyze the factors in technology controlling your online search rankings and draw a strategy to enhance them.

Graphic Design

The elements related to graphics determine how impressive your web looks. Their astonishing artwork captures more visitors’ attention and even satisfies their visual demands. 

Our professional designers know how to collaborate with the customers’ team to guarantee the harmonization among your brand components and the graphic standards. Thus, the final web interface would deliver the fullest message and reflection of your business.

The services of graphic design provided by EazyViral are constantly spreading, combining more complicated visual communication forms to increase the traffic and provide a comprehensive review of the brand.  

Landing Page Design

Another duty of EazyViral is to build landing pages, which levels up the SERPs position and drives authentic, organic traffic to your web. 

Specifically, there are skillful writers available to do careful research while creating a copy of the landing page and then tailor it to optimize for high rankings on the search engine.

There are specific page layouts to present the final look of your landing pages before the design teams publish them on your website. 

Our designers will carefully compare and pick up every single graphical component on purpose to bring satisfaction to viewers and encourage the marketing as well as promote the commercial goals.

Lift Up Your Business With A Better Website  

An effective site would bring a massive profit to your business, such as improving brand recognition, accessing loyal users, and so on. 

Meanwhile, in-house design experts may not satisfy the requirements for the goal of a well-functioned website with the impressive visual aspect and the utility. Thus, choosing a team specializing in web design is beneficial for your work.

Let EazyViral smooth your way to create a wonderful digital presence. We have the finest design services and solutions provided by experienced professionals to support your marketing strategy.