What Are Google Reviews? How Can They Boost Your Sales?

Last updated November 30, 2023

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Online presence is of paramount importance to nearly every company, especially on Google. A good rating and a high ranking on this search engine are the formula to success. So what are Google Reviews? How do they affect your business?

This article will provide general information about its working algorithm and how companies could use it to optimize their revenue. Besides, we also guide you on handling bad customer reviews. Keep scrolling down! 

What Are Google Reviews?  

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Google Business reviews are an integrated feature within Google Maps and Google My Business. Many consider them the most vital contribution to business development, particularly in the technically thriving era. 

If you are working in some aspects, like hospitality, restaurant, or any other service-related sectors, reviews help attract new customers. When your business is positively rated, they will likely choose your product or service. 

How to list your business on Google? The process is quite simple. All you have to do is create an official account on Google My Business and update information. After completing it, the business details will be visible to your customers. 

The Importance Of Google Reviews

As mentioned earlier, Google reviews play a pivotal role in nearly all businesses for the following reasons.  

Enhance Local Search Ranking

The great benefit is an increase in the local search ranking. These searches include not only basic details, like the product’s name, keywords, business category, etc., but also the city name, the company’s address, and other relevant products. 

In other words, when your company has good reviews on Google Search and Google Maps, this boosts the product’s and business’s image to local customers. 

Besides, local search ranking also consists of SEO aspects. When the website’s ranking is improved, it can reach more potential customers. 

Build Up The Credibility

Good reviews about the products, services, or simply staff manners create a positive impression in your customers’ minds. 

And when they evaluate businesses and trust the brand, they will definitely choose the one with numerous positive reviews, right? 

Boost The Sales And Conversion Rates

Suppose customers are more concerned about your products and decide to purchase based on a load of good reviews on Google; the sales will consequently increase. 

As regards the conversion rate, it refers to the number of people becoming true customers. That means they appeal to the company, thereby deciding to spend money on the products. To enhance this rate, Google reviews are helpful. 

Improve Click-Through Rates On the Website 

Click-through rate, or CTR, is a metric measuring the number of clicks your advertisements receive compared to the number of impressions. A high CTR proves that your website ads attract a large amount of traffic, and they could be loyal customers in the future.   

If your business is badly reviewed on Google, it cannot record a high click-through rate because customers will leave the website before deciding to purchase anything. 

How Does The Google Reviews System Work?  

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Here is comprehensive information about the operation of the Google Reviews system that you should know.

Google Asks Your Customers To Opt-In

When customers complete the online buying process, Google will send a Google Reviews link via an email, leading to the survey about their shopping experience on the site. 

Customers Spend Time Doing The Survey

After receiving the survey, customers may spend a few seconds to complete it. In most cases, Google will use a five-star quality ranking (from utterly unpleasant to satisfied), coupled with extra space for buyers to comment. 

Google Aggregates Reviews And Convert Them Into Usable Data

Once the survey is submitted, Google will analyze the data and display the ratings on your website or any other paid search results. 

How To Utilize Google Reviews Properly?   

Incorporate Them In The Business’s Data Warehouse

Google reviews are reliable initiatives reflecting your business. Suppose it receives many negative comments; you must take measures to alleviate this situation by changing the personnel structure or figuring out the weakness. 

For positive reviews, you should try to get more reviews and take them as data for assessing the company’s current state and continue to utilize the strength.   

Show Them On The Website

Displaying good reviews on the website as testimonials is important for attracting new customers and earning their trust. This helps improve the web ranking as well. 

Use Them To Boost The Efficiency Of Social Media

When running a social media campaign, your company can leverage reviews on Google and include them in every post or ad as a way of proving the business’s credibility. You’ll be shocked by how effective they are. 

How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Google?

Undoubtedly, you must consider negative reviews carefully. If they are spam, fake, or duplicate content, this could be a trick from market competitors. Under this circumstance, rely on legal solutions to protect your company. 

However, if these reviews truly stem from customers’ opinions, it’s time to reassess your business. Maybe they are unsatisfied with some aspects, like the service or staff. So, it’s time to fix these weaknesses in the business model.  

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When, Why, And Where To Buy Google Reviews?

One of the good methods to solve the problem of negative reviews is buying more good reviews on Google. This helps increase the general ratings of your business. 

If you need help, come right to EazyViral, which offers high-quality service in obtaining authentic Google ratings and enhancing SEO success. In addition, our customer support is available around the clock to address any arising issues with your Google reviews. 

The Bottom Line

This post has answered the question: What are Google Reviews? They are the lifeblood of almost all businesses, improving their visibility and credibility. 

Remember not to disregard negative reviews, as they are genuine metrics reflecting your business health. It would be best to leverage them with the purpose of showing the brand’s human side.    


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