How to Get A Google Reviews Link and Send it?

Last updated November 15, 2023

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A Google Reviews link is necessary for a business owner because it can help to increase visibility, boost the website’s online reputation, and improve search rankings. 

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All options to get a Google Review link – Source: Embedsocial

You can even use a link for Google Reviews to get optimal customer feedback. Before sending that link to your customers, you need to get it. 

There are 5 methods you can consider, and we also provide you with how to send it – it’s not hard! 

What Is a Google Reviews Link? 

A Google Review Link is a direct URL that helps to prompt customers to access your Google Business page and write a review. If you send this link to your customers, it only takes a minute for them to leave a review.

It is also a link generator with a high valuation to reach a larger audience. Furthermore, your business’s credibility and reputation will increase more and more.

You must know that reviews will directly affect customer behavior. A link for Google Reviews will simplify the system and store excellent responses on the track record. 

The positive reviews sent back on the website will influence customers’ intentions to purchase. Therefore, we recommend business owners who ought to have a Google Review link soon. It’s high time to learn about methods to get it right now!

How to Get A Google Review Link and Send It

Instead of generating a Google Review link via the generator, it’s best to get it with a Google Review button. It’s pretty simple if you apply one of 5 following ways:

Way #1: Google Search Engine

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Search a Google Business profile – Source: Digital Justice

This is the most natural method. We’ll guide you in details on getting the Google Review link through Google search:

1. You need to access your Google Business profile to log in.

2. Type the name and hit the search button to find your business.

3. Immediately click the Get more reviews button after you see your Google listing page.

4. The window generator opened, and you can receive a Google Review URL.

5. Copy and paste that link on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, emails, or into an SMS.

Way #2: Google Maps

The next option to get a Google Review link is the support of Google Maps. You can follow these simple steps to convert in the reality:

1. Do you have Google Maps on the desktop? Let’s open it and make a hit on your profile icon.

2. Type the name and location address to look for your business.

3. The business information card is on the left-hand side of the screen; let’s navigate there.

4. When seeing the Share button, hit on it.

5. Share the Reviews link on Google Maps on Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.

Way #3: Google Business Profile

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Through Google Business Profile to Get a Google Review URL – Source: Infront Webworks

Another way to get Google Business Review link is to go to

1. Once you find the Business Profile Manager icon in Google Apps, log in to your Google Business account.

2. Look at a business listing and then choose the right option.

3. On the dashboard menu, you navigate to the left side and choose the Home button.

4. Scroll down to locate Get more reviews.

5. Click on the Shore review form button.

6. Copy and share the Google Review URL on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, email, and WhatsApp.

Way #4: Google Place ID Finder

If you are still claiming your business on Google, you’d better consult this handy method:

1. Open Google Maps and search for Place ID Finder for developers.

2. Enter your business’s name and location to start finding.

3. Your business will appear in the search bar; let’s choose it.

4. After copying the Place ID, you continue adding it at the end of the URL –

5. Now, you send that link to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Way #5: Google Reviews Widget

This is not a link generator, but you can use it to display a CTA button on your website so that your customers can easily approach it. We’ll explain its operation and guide you on how to add it to your website:

1. After signing in to an available profile, you can set up a free account.

2. Look for a Google Reviews plugin

3. Select the template, create a CTA button, and type your company address and name to add a Google Reviews page as a source.

4. Customize all to your preference.

5. Receive an installation code.

6. Embed the code to set up the Google Review widget on your web. Complete!

How to Send a Google Reviews Link 

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Send your Google Review link – Source: HubSpot blog

Add to Your Website

This is the simplest way to send your Google Reviews Link. Depending on your needs, you can add this URL to the contact page, footer, or homepage as long as your customers feel easy to approach and leave reviews when visiting your website.

Involve in Email Signature

Linking the Google Review link to the email signature is a helpful way to boost your business. When you send any email, it always includes this URL, helping to remind your customers to leave a review

Share The Link Via Email or SMS

You can do this by sending the thank you to your customers who visit or shop at your store or on the website. For example, they will get discounts on the next purchase and send the coupons with a link. Your customers will have extra motivation to write a review. 

Create a QR Code

A convenient share helps your customers quickly leave a review, which creates a QR code. When scanning the code, they will get your Google Reviews link. 

The experience time on the website will make customers feel surrounded by the brand’s look, so they will likely recall their experience and then write a good review.  

In Sum

There is one more way for you to get a Google Reviews link. You can use Google Maps, Google Search Engine, Google Review Widget, Google Business Profile, or Google Place ID Finder, depending on your need and preference. Every way has a certain benefit and doesn’t require complex steps.

After getting the Google Review URL, you can share it later. We recommend you apply a QR code because it is quick and effective.


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