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Last updated November 21, 2023

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Taking 86-96% of the online search engine market share worldwide, reviews on Google largely affect your business. As great as a business, you cannot ignore Google reviews if you want to overcome your competition—all of which have many positive reviews on Google. 

Google reviews from 1 to 5 stars


We want to talk about real and organic feedback; there are 93% of consumers influenced by online appreciation. So, it’s best to get more Google reviews.

By buying reviews directly or following our free tips, ensure that you will likely collect many positive comments. Details below!

Why Do You Need to Get More Reviews on Google?

You should know that Google holds over 70% of all online reviews for businesses—ReviewTrackers confirmed this number. That’s why Google reviews have a widespread effect on your business.

Build Customer Trust in Your Business

Consumers prioritize purchasing the products on your website because you are the perfect choice to meet their needs and requirements. As mentioned above, over 90% of people rely on online reviews before buying one. 

Regardless of how your service and item quality are, buyers still prioritize believing in what they see. The reviews on Google will help them find your product evaluation and the optimal customer service you might offer. 

Old consumers wrote 5-star reviews and feedback on your business, and new shoppers saw and trusted it. In comparison with the claims of the brand, these reviews are more trustworthy. 

Positive Google reviews and your comments to respond to them will contribute to building trust for your business.

Everyone gathered around the desk with lots of sparkling stars above their heads
Get more customers through Google reviews

Increase Online Visibility Via SEO

You are getting a free service for your company through the Google Reviews—section of Google Business Profile listings. It means you can conveniently boost your online presence without paying for advertisements.

In case you are only a digital marketing agency, your website can still appear on the priority page. 5-star reviews on Google can do that when searching for relevant information, especially those with good/best/excellent in the query. 

For example, if consumers find “best stores near me”, Google Business Profile listings will show results rated 4.0 stars or above. 

Therefore, the more 5-star reviews you get, the higher your star rating will be, leading to your business being shown on the search results page. This also helps you get more traffic to your site. 

Attract More Customers

You can convince newbies and attract back older customers based on positive Google reviews. By optimizing these reviews, Google Business Profile listings will bring potential buyers to your platform. 

You are only in the purchase stage; the conversion will be more convenient once your business is effective. 

How to Get More Google Reviews – Best Ways To Follow

You can quickly increase Google reviews by many ways: 

Buy Google Reviews

If you have a rich budget, you can get more reviews on Google by buying them on a reliable web like EazyViral. They are discounting 33% for packages, at least 10$ for each review. 

EazyViral sreenshot of price list on service Google Reviews
Purchase Google review on EazyViral

In addition to a deep understanding of how to create real and organic feedback, EazyViral provides you with a prestige warranty for one year. Ensure that your platform will quickly attract many potential customers in a short time.

Ask For Google Reviews

How to get reviews on Google effectively is to directly ask your customer to write a real evaluation after experiencing your service, not just some, but all customers.

The best time to get customers to leave reviews is in a happy status. You must tell them the simple steps to write a review and send them a review link if you have one. 

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews because you can take the faith of clients with your delicate responses, giving the solution to what your customer is unsatisfied with during shopping.

Attach The Google Review Link to Your Web or Email

Your customers can quickly write reviews if a review link is available on your site. They look and follow the simple steps; then, the procedure is completed.

Or add the review link to transactional emails, automatically sending to your clients, such as a site visit, sale, or abandoned cart. 

Create QR Codes 

Make your customers leave a Google review easily by scanning a QR code linked to your Google reviews page. 

Qr code with many colorful stars around and CTA text review us on google
Use QR codes to get more Google reviews easier

Generally, companies add QR codes to their website, social media platforms, digital receipts, and customer emails. To increase the effectiveness, they also place these QR codes on brochures, posters, business cards, or postcard mailers. 

Share And Respond to Existing Google Evaluations

Let’s immediately share positive Google feedback on your business on your website as well as your social media profiles. But don’t hide or skip negative reviews; instead, you’d better respond to all reviews (both good and bad reviews) with gratitude and politeness.

Keep Your Google Business Info Up To Date

Is this necessary? Yes, the customers always like the exciting feeling when they are shopping at the right place. They can access your Google Business Profile. So ensure that your clients have landed on the exact and updated information. 

To maintain brand consistency, you need high-quality images, detailed business descriptions, latest posts, and up-to-date operating hours in your listings. 

In Conclusion

Google reviews will help inspire your business and improve your platform’s SEO. Therefore, increasing Google business reviews is vital to driving your business to the top ranking. 

Aside from following how to get more Google reviews, you should also monitor Google evaluations. If there are any reviews violating Google’s terms, you must remove them. Although Google will automatically delete these inappropriate, profane, or offensive reviews, you’d better check regularly. Ensure that you are getting real and organic reviews.


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