Delete Google Reviews: A Detailed Guide To Save Your Rating

Last updated November 20, 2023

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As a business, you can’t delete Google reviews yourself, as this would pave the way for organizations to manipulate their ratings on the search engine. However, Google will remove certain inappropriate comments for you. If your business page is inundated with fake or violated reviews, continue reading for the solution!

When To Delete Google Reviews?

Google map reviews screenshot
Businesses can’t delete users’ reviews on their own – Source: Flickr.

Spam, Irrelevant, Or Deceptive Content

Google consistently aims to optimize the user experience, and as a result, off-topic comments or spam are likely to be removed. For instance, some reviews may not focus on your product or service but instead mention other companies, while certain comments may contain links to fake or illegal websites. 

Furthermore, fake Google reviews do not meet the criteria for remaining on your profile. If you come across such comments, you can report them to Google for appropriate action.

Sexual, Illegal, Bullying, Or Harass Content

Reviews that depict illegality, profanity, harassment, or bullying undoubtedly go against Google’s terms and conditions. If Google bot identifies any content as offensive or profane, it will be promptly deleted to ensure a safe and healthy environment for users. 

You are also able to report harassment or bullying reviews targeting certain individuals, like business owners, managers, or employees.

Hate Speech Or Discrimination

If anyone attempts to spread discrimination or hate speech by posting comments that attack a specific individual’s or group’s identity, gender, nationality, etc., Google will promptly delete their review. Do not hesitate to report such inappropriate reviews.

Personal Information

Cybersecurity is consistently a top priority for search engines, including Google. If you come across a comment that discloses personal information such as a phone number or address, you have the right to flag that review for Google to take appropriate action and delete it later.

Don’t Flag A Review If

Abusing the flag function can potentially harm your business if Google receives frequent invalid reports from you. Before using the Report button, carefully review Google’s policies. Do not flag a review if:

  • The comment doesn’t violate any terms and conditions.
  • You simply disagree with or dislike the review. Google won’t intervene in conflicts where a customer and a business disagree about a fact, as there is no guaranteed way to determine who is right.
  • It’s a third-party review. You are not allowed to report the review unless you reach out to the third party directly and request them to remove or edit it.

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google?

Flag a review section on google my business
The process to report a Google review is easy – Source: Embed Social.

As mentioned, directly deleting a customer review from your profile on Google Search or Google Maps is out of your reach. That said, you can ask Google to remove it for you by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your Google My Business account and navigate to the Reviews section. Otherwise, you can sign into your account on Google Maps. Find the review that you intend to report.

Step 2: Besides the negative review, you can see a three-dot menu. Click on it and choose Flag as inappropriate for Google Maps or Report review for Google Search.

Step 3: A list of violation types will appear. Select a valid reason for your report. You’ll want to be as specific as possible by providing evidence if needed. Then, hit the Report button.

Step 4: Wait for Google to review and investigate the flagged comment to see if it goes against any policies. This process may take several days. During this time, you can check the status by these steps:

  • Access the Reviews Management Tool
  • Check the email address to see if it matches the one you use to sign up for your business account. If not, click Switch account and log into the correct one. Otherwise, hit Confirm.
  • After choosing your business name, click on Check the status of a review I reported previously and appeals options

The status could be:

  • Decision pending: Google is still checking the reported comment.
  • Report reviewed – no policy violation: Google has reviewed the comment and found no violation.
  • Escalated – check your email for updates: Google will send its final decision to your registered email.

Bonus: Submit A One-Time Appeal For A Flagged Review

Email from Google approved for remove reviews
You can submit an appeal for the reported review – Source: Google Help.

If Google says the flagged review aligns with their policies, you have ONE chance to submit an appeal for it.

Step 1: Access the Reviews Management Tool. 

Step 2: Choose Check the status of a review I reported previously and appeals options.
Step 3: Click on Appeal eligible reviews at the bottom of the page and select up to 10 reviews that you want to appeal.

Step 4: Hit Continue and Submit an appeal. You will be redirected to a new tab, where you have to fill in the form and submit it. Google will announce its final verdict via email. If you are still not satisfied with the result, contact Google support for help.

Another Way To Delete Bad Reviews On Google – Reach Out To Reviewers

Suppose Google still says no to your appeal; the last resort is to reach out to the reviewer and request them to delete a Google review. Follow the guide below:

Step 1: Respond to the negative Google review courteously and professionally. Genuinely show the reviewer that you take their issues seriously and are striving to improve the customer experience.

Step 2: Offer to correct your mistakes or fulfill the customer’s satisfaction.

Step 3: Contact the reviewer and politely ask if they can delete their comment. 

A google negative review screenshot
Try to respond to negative comments – Source: Zapier.

What If You Can’t Remove Bad Google Reviews?

With all your effort, you can’t still remove Google reviews? It’s best to buy positive reviews to mitigate the negative impact and boost the overall rating of your business profile. However, fake positive feedback can harm your business twice, so don’t fall for fraudulent third-party providers. EazyViral can ease this burden by providing authentic positive reviews from organic users with real experience. This way, you can attract more potential customers and drive more sales!


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