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Our service is tailor-made to meet the requirements of X's Ads Revenue Sharing Program. Buy 5 million impressions and fast-track your eligibility.
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Do you dream of turning your social media hustle into a revenue-generating venture? With X’s (formerly Twitter) Ads Revenue Sharing Program, this dream can now be a reality. But getting to the point where you can make money from your posts requires a hefty engagement metric: 5 million organic impressions over the last three months. Seems challenging? EazyViral has you covered. Here’s why you should consider buying 5 million impressions on X through our service to meet the eligibility criteria and how to get started with X’s monetization program.

Why Buy 5 Million Impressions on X?

  1. Instant Eligibility: Buying 5 million impressions gives you a head start, helping you meet one of the primary eligibility requirements for X’s Ads Revenue Sharing Program.

  2. Visibility Boost: More impressions mean more visibility, and more visibility translates to higher engagement and potentially more followers.

  3. Increased Revenue: With eligibility secured, you can start earning revenue from organic ad impressions much faster than growing your account organically.

  4. Trust and Authority: Accounts with high impressions are often viewed as more authoritative, which can lead to more collaborative opportunities.

Step-by-Step Guide to X’s Ads Revenue Sharing Program

Step 1: Eligibility Criteria

  • Be subscribed to X Premium or Verified Organizations.
  • Have accumulated at least 5 million organic impressions on your posts within the last 3 months.
  • Have a minimum of 500 followers.

Step 2: Prerequisites

  • Stripe Account: Required for payouts. X has partnered with Stripe for this.
  • Terms and Conditions: Must adhere to Ads Revenue Share Terms, including Creator Monetization Standards and X Rules.

Step 3: How to Access

  1. Go to “Monetization” in your settings.
  2. Access “Monetization” through the side menu on mobile or the overflow menu on the web.

Step 4: Program Participation

While all eligible users can participate, failing to adhere to the terms may result in exclusion from the program.

Step 5: Setting Up

  1. Click on “Join and setup payouts.”
  2. You’ll be redirected to Stripe to create an account.
  3. Regular payouts are made, provided you’ve generated over $10 USD.

Step 6: Program Changes

X has the right to modify or cancel the program, and participation can be revoked if necessary.

Step 7: Global Availability

The program is available worldwide, with Stripe supporting payouts in numerous countries, from Albania to Vietnam.

X Monetization: A Level Playing Field

The beauty of X’s monetization program is that it doesn’t differentiate between text and video content. As long as there is engagement on your posts and you’ve followed the required process, you can start earning.


Buying 5 million impressions on X through EazyViral can fast-track your eligibility for X’s Ads Revenue Sharing program. It’s a quick, reliable way to boost your social media metrics and start turning your social engagement into a revenue stream. Make the smart choice today and set your account on the path to monetization.

Ready to take the leap? Buy your 5 million impressions on X from EazyViral today!

Disclaimer: Make sure to comply with X’s terms and conditions while participating in its Ads Revenue Sharing Program. Failure to do so can lead to exclusion from the program.

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