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High Quality Likes
Dedicated Support Team
Fast Delivery
100% Money-back guarantee
Lifetime warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy YouTube Likes?
Technically speaking, you can buy a certain number of likes from any likes service provider, take EazyViral as an example. However, this action is not allowed by Google AdSense - a program created to help your channel get monetized faster, just slower than when you buy likes from services, The thing is, buying YouTube likes is against the AdSense terms of service, resulting in the possibility of your video being taken down or your channel being terminated. Good thing, things like this are not going to happen if you put your trust in the right place and only buy from it. Again, take EazyViral as a prime example.
How to buy YouTube likes for video?
It will take literally no time if you choose to buy YouTube likes from EazyViral. All you need to do is to choose the number of likes you want and, at the same time, type down the current likes of the video you wish to increase likes, and press add to cart.
What Payment Methods EazyViral Accept?
After you have chosen what you wanted to purchase, pressing ‘Add to cart’ will take you to an interface where you can see your receipt. Check if you’ve got everything needed, and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ if you’re ready to pay. EazyViral accepts many different transaction methods, including paying via PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, even Bitcoin! Another reason why it is an outstanding place to buy from.
How long does it take for me to receive a YouTube video likes?
The fast delivery time is one factor that makes EazyViral to be the most trusted YouTube like provider nowadays. It will only take a few hours, if not 24 hours, at the latest, for your likes to arrive.
Is it safe to buy YouTube likes for your channel? Will my channel be taken down if I do so?
t is not safe if you buy YouTube likes from non-reputable services. As said above, fake likes can be detected, and the chances of you getting your channel terminated are very high. Besides, some services could be legit, but their delivery time is often below your expectation. If you choose to go with EazyViral, the same thing won’t happen.
Will the likes eventually be lost after I have purchased the service?
You can rest assured that your likes will not be going anyway if you choose EazyViral. Plus, EazyViral has a long-term warranty for likes. If there occurs any problems with the likes you have purchased, do not hesitate to contact the support team; you will be assisted at any time - 24/7.

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