How to Start a YouTube Channel: 9 Successful Tips to Know!

Last updated November 21, 2023

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How to Start a YouTube Channel

Are you the kind of person liking to share your daily creative ideas and activities with others? Read this article to know how to start a YouTube channel and establish yourself a community of like-minded people.

No worries if you only have a few skill sets about making videos since YouTube provides various tools at hand – for FREE. Moreover, this article offers a step-by-step guide for your reference!

Pros and Cons of a YouTube Channel

Pros and cons of YouTube

Should you open a channel on Youtube?

For those who might be hesitant about whether to begin a channel or not, we would like to share both advantages and disadvantages of this video sharing and streaming platform from Google. You can make a decision yourself after having an objective view on the topic.

Thumbs up

YouTube is a lot of fun because you will find yourself continuously learning about creating content, adjusting cameras and lights, preparing different setups, and other bunches of new skill sets.

Having a channel makes you busy producing and sharing valuable videos rather than spending hours surfing the Internet or being a potato couch. 

With a frequent YouTube reach, you can turn the channel from a hobby into your brand and enjoy well-paid commissions by displaying adverts.

If you have a business, the channel can be a cost-effective way to bring your products/services in front of many potential customers. 

In fact, YouTube is the second most visited website globally after its parent, Google. Grab the chance to grow your business’ presence!

Thumbs down

As appealing as it sounds, not all content creators are patient enough to update their channel since editing is time-consuming and consistent. 

Although YouTube provides various functions and tools to make it easier for beginners, you have to pay significant effort to deliver beautiful and enjoyable videos.

There is a likeliness that your videos fail to reach targeted customers, though, thinking how competitive the platform is. It means extra time to create distinguished content types.

How to Start a YouTube Channel And Make Money?

Now that you are ready to create and upload videos for your target audience, please follow these five steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

Without a plan, your channel might be out of quality content after two or three videos. Your followers will get bored and leave soon.

You had better think about the people you wish to share your ideas with and prepare a specific type of video production that targets them directly.

Look for inspiration from your favorite YouTubers or those who have the same audience. However, do not blindly hop on the latest bandwagon and copy things you do not know well.

Start with familiar topics such as song covers, gardening, woodworking, product reviews, etc. The more confident and more natural you sound in the debut videos, the more likely viewers become subscribers for your later projects.

Step 2: Learn to Use Simple Video Editing Software

You must have several videos or images beforehand to start a channel, so the question here is whether you have already had any editing knowledge. If not, you may want to equip yourself with essential skill sets as soon as possible.

There are hundreds of free courses on the Internet, but we suggest YouTube Creator Academy. 

As its name suggests, the tool gathers all tips and practices to create and publish YouTube videos. The guidance has few technical details, so even beginners can effortlessly keep up with it.

Once you get some foundations, you can purchase essential equipment – to name a few: cameras, tripods, lenses, lighting systems, etc. Practice what you learn to create and edit your videos.

Step 3: Understand YouTube Basics

how to start a YouTube channel

It is better to know before growing!

When you are a viewer, you might not care about how YouTube – the online video platform of Google, works.

Nonetheless, if you decide to create your channel, you will want to check its policies carefully to know what to do and not. It is also essential to understand the YouTube video channel’s common journey and promote it to potential customers.

Step 4: Create a YouTube Channel

After understanding the rules and policies of YouTube and having some popular videos available, you can create a personal channel and start working as a creator.

Here is a brief of the seven steps of mastering a YouTube Channel:

  • Get a basic understanding of the platform.
  • Choose the theme of your page.
  • Create a Google email address and go into brand account settings.
  • Pick a name for the channel.
  • Add videos and images prepared in advance.
  • Pay extra attention to the product’s thumbnail.
  • Dive in and keep improving for a successful channel.

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Step 5: Promote The Page’s Presence

It takes time – usually, much time, for the very first viewers to find out about your channel themselves. Rather than that, why don’t you promote them and make it easier for your potential fans to find you?

There are many ways for your reference:

  • Share videos on your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Cross-promote them in blog posts or newsletter email, if any.
  • Leave comments under other channels that have the same audience. However, don’t be greedy and spam.

How to Attract Wider Audience to Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube screen home page with many audiences watching around in a room

How to build your fan club?

You are ace at how to start a YouTube channel already, so the next question is how to increase your subscribers and spread your visibility on the platform.

#1. Ask Viewers to Be Engaged and Subscribe

Even if your audience loves your videos, they might quickly turn to other videos without subscribing. Thus, remind them at least two times during the video to do so. Do not forget to highlight the reasons why your channel is well-worth following.

Also, add a point-out icon or bell next to the big red subscribe button so that viewers will get posted on your new compelling video content.

#2. Sneak Peek Your Very Next Topic

If you already have an idea of the next video in your mind, excite your potential subscribers about what they should never miss. Do not hesitate to remind them that subscribing to your channel is the most organic way to do so.

It means you must also have a good handle on the content creation and schedule. Otherwise, subscribers will be upset and give you  a thumb-down.

#3. Interact with Your Audience

Be nice to your fans. Respond to their comments and even follow their channels in return.

More importantly, you can find an endless source of ideas from those conversations and know what to deliver to your targeted audience to increase audience retention.

#4. Partner with Other Channels

Make friends with other creators and leverage their audiences. You can recommend partners’ channels in your social videos or comment sections, and there is a good chance that they are happy to mention you on their ends.

However, you want to ensure that those channels provide truly quality for your audiences so that you can build trust!

#5. Beautify Channel Art Frequently

how to start a YouTube channel
Create a love at the very first look!

Pay attention to your YouTube welcome banner (also known as header image) or channel trailer to attract whoever comes across your channel. It should be on-brand, clean, compelling, and optimized for all devices.

Design an eye-pleasing thumbnail and profile picture to cover your videos. Believe it or not, a thumbnail will invite people in or let them away in a glance.

#6. Have Good-sense Video Playlists

Categorize your videos into different playlists. Not only that they increase the overall hours of video watching, but video playlists tell viewers more about your channel’s purposes and motivate them to subscribe.

#7. Optimize Video Description for Search Engine

Like blogging, making videos requires as much knowledge of SEO as possible since many people find your content via the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) rather than directly type in the YouTube search bar.

Video titles and channel descriptions must be keyword-related while they are still natural and click-appealing. Even better if those descriptive titles can lend inspiration for future videos.

#8. Release Compelling Video Content in a Consistent Schedule

Your subscribers do not have time to check your channel all the time, except that they are very enthusiastic about your content and looking forward to the new releases vigorously. 

Therefore, you can establish a posting habit and notify viewers of the new videos.

Then, what is the ideal schedule?

Many experts suggest posting one video per week to start, and when you have a solid subscriber base, you can extend the time to three or four weeks.

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#9. Use Analytics Tools to Better Understand Your Viewers

You can expect YouTube – among the most popular products of Google, to be the expert at analyzing viewers with tools to train you from a green to ninja level. Thus, try to master those Youtube analytics first.

Besides, we suggest other third-party apps/platforms even to relieve your work more.

  • Unmetric: In-depth channel stats on the video views growth rate and subscribers growth rate, using AI functions.
  • ChannelMeter: On top, this tool provides features to monitor influencers’ performance and strengthen their contributions.
  • Video: Video creators can get information about tag analysis, relevant keywords, suggestions from social media platforms, etc., to increase SEO visibility.
  • Dasheroo: Another tool to get comprehensive of viewers’ behaviors such as most viewed videos, recent videos, engagement rate, and so on.


That’s all for our topic today, “How to start a YouTube channel?” from A to Z. We hope you already have some basic knowledge to plan your very next channel to share your hobbies and even monetize at the same time. 

If you have created a channel, promote it here in the comment box, so we know that our advice is helpful!


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