How To Create A YouTube Channel That Can Maximize Your YouTube Views?

Last updated December 29, 2020

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how to create a youtube channel

Let’ see; you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel that can not only satisfy your passion for video marketing but also earn yourself an extra income, right? 

Don’t be too surprised. Most people have reached this article for the same reason. Overall, it’s not rare for our generation to be independent and creative at the same time.

And don’t be surprised (again) when we tell you it’s not hard to get the most out of YouTube. All you have to do is be a little persistent in your project, have a fresh mind of an independent individual and a passion for observing people.

Below are 7 steps you should be familiar with to successfully enter the heavenly YouTuber community. Don’t rush yourself; let’s get started from the basics.

Steps To Create A YouTube Channel

Step 1. Understand the YouTube Rules and Policy

We’re here to make exclusive content and earn extra income, so how can we achieve both of our goals if we’re not following the YouTube guidelines? 

Most YouTubers often neglect this part. They think their contents are strictly following the platform’s policies, but you never know until your video gets flagged, banned or removed.

We often joke that writing Term of Service is not entirely a rewarding job since no one gives the time to read it fully. 

However, there are some requirements written in there that can greatly affect your channel. You don’t have to read it word by word, but getting the general idea is better than knowing nothing. Check it out soon; come on, don’t be lazy! 

Other than that, YouTube has a set of rules in its Community Guidelines, Copyright Policy, Age-Restriction, etc., that is worth your attention.

Step 2. Choose Your Theme

“Be unique! Create compelling content! Make something that no one has ever done before! It’s time to contribute something new!”

Choose Your Theme
Find an exising topic

No, no. That’s not how we are going to encourage you to do it. It’s true that to promote your channel and quickly get a thousand views on your videos require unique content ideas. 

However, it’s easier said than done, and not everybody can develop such original content like PewDiePie or Dude Perfect. People tend to copy the existing topics and adapt their style in the video production process.

Find yourself a proven topic – the one that has drawn many people’s attention yet still has room to explore. Many YouTubers have the same theme, same topics, same direction, but their way of presenting the topic will decide which one can move forward and which one is lagging behind.

Step 3. Create Google and a YouTube Account

Once you’ve determined your direction and theme. Now it’s time to enter the YouTube world.

To create a YouTube channel or account, you need a Google email address first. If you’re using YouTube on a computer, simply tap the Sign In button on the top right corner of the screen to log in or Sign Up to create an account. 

After signing in to Google, you can create a new channel of yours by clicking Create channel under the profile. YouTube will guide you from this step. It’s a very easy process, taking only 5 minutes to finish everything.

Step 4. Choose a Suitable Channel Name

Why does it have to be a suitable but not an attractive name? Because no one will waste their time remembering a unique YouTube name that has no engaging content. 

People remember either the contents that the YouTuber creates or his or her real name. Instead of going for an ear-catchy title, choose a name related to your video contents or a name that can spark you motivation.

Avoid putting numbers as your date or month of birth like “Youtuber1209” or “Youtuber97”. No, it does not have the right impression for this innovative platform.

Add the channel name

Step 5. Add Channel Description to Boost SEO

What’s the point of creating a YouTube channel with a great topic and glamorous presentation but remain undiscovered? It’s time to learn some basic SEO and marketing. Surprise! Apart from being a YouTuber, you can learn how to be a creative marketer!

Writing your channel description
Channel Description

Your videos’ visibility to the audience will be boosted to the greatest extent if you add a channel description. Getting people to click into your channel is a huge effort, but there is nothing to assure that they will watch your videos. 

On the other hand, they might soon exit if they can’t find anything interesting. A detailed description that covers what your channel is all about will trigger their curiosity and encourage them to stay.

A good channel description should be brief but contains enough information, especially if you have to add as many relevant and target keywords as possible. In this way, viewers can easily come across your channel through the Google search engines.

To strengthen your profile, how about adding a short introduction teaser video? Even though this channel trailer also needs to have a good video description, viewers who prefer visual explanation than texts will love this idea!

Step 6. Custom Video Thumbnails Decides Everything

Speaking of our own experiences, many YouTuber users rarely read the headlines while browsing YouTube videos. Why? Because reading the text overlays on the YouTube video thumbnails is easier and faster. 

YouTubers can custom and use their thumbnails as a secret weapon to capture followers’ attention with different fonts and colors. And for us busy bees, who don’t prefer to capture the information in the most convenient way?

Create video thumbnails
Custom Thumbnails

Whenever you upload videos onto the channel, the thumbnails will decide the 60% chance of the video’s popularity.

Step 7. Dive in And Observe The Process

Be prepared. Your first to tenth videos might not receive lots of views. It’s common-sense since you haven’t been able to catch all the main points of optimizing video and content. 

Furthermore, this industry transforms every single day, allowing other new, creative creators to enter. Don’t rush or give up easily. All you need at this point is a little observation.

According to scientific research, observing gives us the opportunity to see unexpected things that stimulate curiosity and lead to new ideas. You can also spot the mistakes and flaws that other YouTubers make and drive a conclusion or warning for yourself.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated by getting low views in the beginning. Keep your head up and look forward. Your time will come!

How To Maximize The Views?

If you’re confident at achieving your goal, please continue reading this article. If you’re not confident, there are no tips that can help you. Making a YouTube video requires lots of effort both days and nights, and you can never know if the contents are enough for your viewers.

get more views
Maximizing the views

Afraiding if your viewers will like what you find interesting is the most stressful part of being a YouTube content creator. 

But worry not, here are several ways to help you and your viewers understand each other more, thus develop your YouTube channel.

#1. Create YouTube Cover

Just as important as the channel description, the platform channel cover or banner is “your” visual face on YouTube. Rather than using words, this visual image enables you to effortlessly communicate your feelings on your YouTube channel.

Since it’s the first thing viewers see on your profile, you would want to grab their attention by adding some topic-related templates. No need to stress yourself over designing a banner; through this website you can access a million high-quality illustrations and images.

#2. Arrange a Playlist

Auto-play is the key. Most people find exiting a current-playing video to be a great effort. Therefore, in most cases, they let the videos continue running until the end of the playlist.

If your content is good, viewers often neglect the chance of switching to another video or channel and keep watching.

#3. Use End Screens and Pop-Ups Cards

There is no way this step can be forgotten on the list of ways to maximize YouTube views.

When potential viewers are truly curious about a certain topic, you can recommend similar popular video content by randomly adding the card feature during the video. 

Card is clickable and can direct the target audience to your other video. However, please don’t take advantage of this tool since it can make viewers feel like they are swamped in spam.

Youtube end cards
Youtube End Cards

On the other hand, End Screen is a visual CTA (Calls-to-action) that you can add to the ending of your video. It’s a very powerful tool to promote your video series. 

Any viewers that reach the ending of your video show a certain interest in your content. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply this feature on your channel.

#4. Adding Links and Partner Up with Other YouTubers

It’s time to use your other social networks’ power! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and even Google email marketing are your best bet. People know what YouTube is, but not all of them use YouTube daily. 

Your job is to lure them to watch videos by promoting the links on one of those social channels. You can even link your channel to a brand account or cooperate with other YouTubers and influencers (on Facebook or Instagram) to make a guest appearance on your channel. 

In doing so, your connection is widely expanded, creating a positive impact for your social channels and enhancing your virtual social status.

The Bottom Line

There are many more ways to create a YouTube channel and maximize your video views; however, too much information presented in an article might be overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve only listed essential and friendly beginner tips so that you can easily follow them.

After all, making YouTube content is the joy of presenting useful advice, thoughts, and experience to people. We hope after reading this article, you can determine your path, create, and follow your plan.

We wish you the best of luck on the YouTube journey!
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