How to Get 4000 Watch Hours On Youtube Fast?

Last updated December 29, 2020

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how to get 4000 watch hours on youtube

Since YouTube has recently changed their Partner Program policy, many new creators and even the old ones are wondering how to get 4000 watch hours to enable monetization on their channels.

The good news, it is not too difficult to attain this as long as you read this article till the end. Here we will be talking about the possible ways to get 4000 YouTube watch hours with up to 1000 subscribers.

Let’s get started!

How to Get 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube Quickly?

#1 – Make your videos longer than 10 minutes

This is one of the most important things all creators must have to do.

Remember that we need 4000 hours of watch time. And if you turn 4000 hours to minutes, you will have 240,000 minutes.

Now, suppose you create a 10-minute video. When a person watches about 30% of this video, the watch time will be 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the 1-minute video only gives 18 seconds of watch time.

So, you know why you should create longer videos to get more views per video, then you easily obtain the requested hours.

One more benefit of making the long videos is that you are able to place many ads and breaks on the videos to make more money

But you might wonder how to create videos that are longer than 10 minutes?

In this case, list videos will be a good structure. For instance, you talk about the top 10 extraordinary cats in the world, top 10 expensive cars, etc. Additionally, if you can create a combination of trending and evergreen content, you will soon get those 4000 watch hours.

#2 – Take advantage of playlists

The next crucial thing is to create at least one playlist and take advantage of it to gain lots of views.

When a person clicks to watch your video as part of a playlist, a few seconds will pass when that video ends, and YouTube automatically loads into the next one in the list, even the upcoming ones belong to other YouTubers. As long as the viewer doesn’t turn it off, they can end up watching different types of videos in a row. That watch time still counts.

For every YouTube video, you should create a new playlist with synonym keywords to get more watch time. Ever so wonderfully, the playlist helps to create individual streams of content and make an organized channel. And this allows all kinds of videos to be found by audiences interested in the content.

A small yet effective tip in using the video playlist is to share playlists instead of single video links. So, HOW?

  • Look for a playlist that has the video you want to share.
  • Open the playlist and choose that video.
  • Then copy and paste the URL into a new tab.
  • Make sure it plays your video and continue with other videos from the playlist.
  • Share this link far and wide.

Although there is no guarantee that not all people will watch your whole playlist, if some will, be ready to get more watch time for your channel.

#3 – Dress up your YouTube channel and videos

Do not let your channel look like spam without a profile picture, header image, channel logo, channel descriptions, and links. So, you need to improve the channel to obtain the attention of your audience as well as gain more new subscribers.

  • Always add links to your online networking sites and pages.
  • Remember to add channel pictures.
  • Subscribe to similar channels to retain the viewers’ attention.
  • Give a long description of your channel

Also, you should do some tricks on your videos to encourage potential viewers to continue watching rather than turning it off too quickly.

  • Use the YouTube Cards features to include an on-screen link at any point in the video to link to another video, playlist, or channel. But first, you need to find out the point at which most audiences click off the video and then put a card a few seconds before in order to give them a chance to watch a different related video. If you do it properly, this keeps those audiences on your playlist or channel longer than ending their watch time.
  • Or use End Slates to add a link to subscribe to the end of your video.
  • Or include links in the descriptions of the video or share them in a comment and pin it to the top to retain the attention.

#4 – Start with a great hook

If you don’t get your audience’s attention in a heartbeat, they won’t spend time watching your videos.

According to a statistic for video content marketing, about 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds. And this number continues lowering by the minute, particularly 45% loss by the first minute and 60% loss by the second one.

That’s why the first 15 seconds of the video should be exciting and engaging to inform your audiences of what they can expect from the rest of the video.

Keep in mind that this video is for viewers, so avoid talking about yourself, your accomplishments, or your business too much at the beginning. It’s because if viewers find there is no value to them, they will lose their interest in it and then stick with that mindset for all your videos.

People love to watch new video content on YouTube every day, and if you share a relevant one with them, it’s going to be viewed, liked, and subscribed. And watch time will keep on adding when you regularly upload new videos.

Try uploading at least 20 different YouTube videos at the beginning. Then check which video is getting the highest watch time hours, comments, etc. After that, continuing making more videos relevant to it.

#5 – Post your videos on other social channels

other social platforms
Remember to upload your videos on social media

Another effective way of how to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube is to promote your videos on social media.

As you know, social media is a good way to obtain more video views and subscribers for your channel on YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Reddit, Whatsapp, and Pinterest are the best platforms you definitively use.

Additionally, you can share your YouTube videos via an email list.

#6 – Try live-streaming

As mentioned above, creating a long video is important to attain enough 4000 hours YouTube as expected. However, if you cannot upload long-hour videos on a weekly or monthly basis, why don’t you go LIVE on YouTube?

This is one of the greatest video ideas to help you have a high average view duration because viewers who join live streams typically stay longer than watching traditional videos.

And if you can have a schedule for live-streaming, for instance, every Saturday evening, your viewers are able to create a habit of joining.

#7 – Collaborate with other YouTubers

This is also a great way to help you have 4000 viewing hours by leaving your video link on other channels with a high number of subscribers. But remember that this might not be possible for all the YouTubers because you don’t know whether other YouTubers want to collaborate with you or not.

If you want to increase this opportunity, the first thing you need to do is to promote your videos on as many platforms as possible in order to get more potential audience. Then try to request other YouTubers for collaboration because who knows you can get approval one day.

#8 – Watch your own videos on your friend’s phone

That’s only a small hack, yet effective if you have lots of friends. Ask them to watch your new YouTube channel on their phone and convince them to watch the entire video.

How to Check How Many Watch Hours I Have on My Channel?

To know whether your channel gets enough 4000 YouTube watch hours or not, you need to learn how to use YouTube analytics first.

Youtube analytics dashboard
Use Youtube Analytics to check watch hours

On your computer/laptop

  • Login to your account.
  • Then click your profile icon in the upper right corner and choose YouTube Studio.
  • After that, choose Analytics from the left-hand menu.
  • Switch between Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue.
  • For a more detailed analysis, click on Advanced Mode.

On your mobile phone

  • Enter the YouTube app.
  • Then tap your profile icon and then YouTube Studio.
  • Download the YouTube Studio app, open it, and sign in.
  • Tap Dashboard and click View More under Analytics.
  • Switch between Overview, Revenue, Discovery, Audience, Interactive Content, and Playlists.

By landing on YouTube analytics, you will get all YouTube metrics about your channel. In this case, you should check:

  • Channel Watch Time allows you to know the total amount of time, particularly in hours, that viewers have spent watching your videos on your YouTube channel over a given period.
  • Watch time is the cumulative amount of time viewers have spent watching your video(s). Try to click See More to get a clearer look at how this figure varies over time.
  • Average YouTube views per video provide an average of the number of times that a viewer watched the videos on your channel. This metric consists of both multiple views of the same video and views of multiple videos.

Analyzing YouTube data to understand watch time hours

From the Reach tab of the Analytics dashboard in YouTube Studio, you will see a data funnel of Watch Time stats, click-through rates, and impressions. Click the information icon to find out how you can boost the opportunity of YouTube suggesting your video by increasing your video Watch Time and click-through rates.

In terms of Watch Time, you are able to analyze each video in detail by seeing audience retention. And through this graph, you easily catch where you might have pain points. For instance, your intro is so long or bored that you lose audiences before starting.

Every now and then, keep in mind to check your audience retention on your last videos (5-10 ones) and decide whether or not there is a steady pattern of viewers clicking off your video.

Another vital thing is not to fall into the trap of making longer videos to get more hours of watchtime. Make sure the video is as long as it needs to be for your viewers.

For instance, you shouldn’t create a video on how to cook a dish for over 20 minutes or it loses the audiences’ attention. Make shorter videos yet ensure they give the viewers what they want. This also delivers YouTube positive signals and then they will launch your video to the top of the Youtube video ranking.

Generally speaking, monitoring the YouTube Analytics for videos you upload to the channel is a MUST to help you accomplish 4000 watch hours soon.

How to Obtain 4000 YouTube Watch Hours FAQ?

How are YouTube watch hours calculated?

YouTube will measure the last 365 days of watch time from your YouTube channel. For instance, let’s say today is December 12, 2020. So, YouTube will track watch time all the way back to December 13, 2019. And the next day (December 13, 2020), YouTube will trackback to December 14, 2019, and so on.

What happens if you don’t get 4000 hours within the past 12 months?

If you do not complete this in the first year, you are only ineligible for monetizing your YouTube videos. In that sense, you don’t lose your channel or anything. Just keep promoting your videos to attain this number.

Will your channel get banned if buying watch time?

Of course NOT. You can buy 4000 watch hours on Youtube.

But make sure you find the prestigious sites that offer this service or you might get fake watch time and get banned by YouTube. 

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Believe that You Can Increase Your YouTube Watch Time Easily?

To hit success with the strategy above, you have to take a few attempts for sure.

Regularly post high-quality videos, organize them in playlists, share on social media, do live-streaming, and even force your friends to watch your YouTube on their smartphone. Soon or later, you have no worry about how to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube because you complete it in the given time.

After all, I hope you are ready to take on the world of YouTube and then make money from it. In case you still need some advice, don’t mind voicing your ideas or subscribing to check out my new YouTube articles, tactics, and strategies.


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