Buy YouTube Watch Time: Is It Worth To Pay For 4000 Watch Time?

Last updated December 29, 2020

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Buy YouTube Watch Time

Is it worth it to buy YouTube watch time? Yes, it is.

The watch time is an important factor to rank videos on YouTube. More importantly, once you reach 4000 hours of watch time, your channel can apply for YouTube Partner Program. 

Let’s follow this article to learn more about the importance of YouTube watch time, reasons why your channel should gain 4000 watch hours. You can also find several useful tips to reach this threshold in the last section.  

The Importance of YouTube Watch Time

Watch time is a critical aspect of YouTube’s search algorithm. YouTube tends to promote and rank videos that have more accumulated watch time. 

The longer you can keep viewers watching your content on YouTube, the more visible your content will be to users on the platform.

Many people get confused about the definition of “watch time.”  Watch time is the accumulation of how long people spend watching your videos on YouTube. It does not measure the length or the percentage of the videos getting watched. 

A side note, to enable watch time, your account and videos have to be public.

There are two examples for YouTube watch time:

  • A user starts searching on YouTube and watches a series of videos, including one from your channel. In this case, you, as the owner of this watched video, will have your watch time counted. If the user doesn’t click on any video and goes back for another search immediately, YouTube has no record of the accumulated watch time. 
  • The watch time is counted if a user creates a new viewing session. For example, a well-known YouTuber updates their social media platforms about the new YouTube post, stimulating their followers to go to YouTube and start a new viewing session. If these fans keep watching other videos, watch time gets accumulated.  

Why Do You Need 4000 hours For Your YouTube Channel?

According to YouTube’s policy, channel owners need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of hour watching time within the nearest 12 months to enter the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). One of the benefits of being in YPP is that you can get access to YouTube monetization features. Thus, you should reach 4000 watch hours.

Do you know the exact conversion of 4000 hours to minutes? 240,000 minutes is equal to 4000 hours in minutes. It is also the amount of time a person spends watching the content for 24 hours a day, continuously in 166.66 days. 

Once you meet the mentioned requirements and enable monetization Youtube, ads will appear on your videos. It means your YouTube channel can start earning money from viewers. 

The target of 4000 watch hours is not only for advertising revenue but also for engaging with your audience and more coverage on the platform. Hence, your YouTube channel can maintain the attention of viewers and attract new subscribers. 

Youtube partner program requirements

Can You Buy YouTube Watch Time?

Certainly, you can buy YouTube watch time via available service providers. You need to thoroughly research these sites’ credibilities before buying 4000 watch hours. 

We would recommend you to go for Eazyviral if you need to buy YouTube watch time. You will get views from real users by only providing your YouTube videos links. 

The service provides a range of watch time from 16 hours to 254 hours. There is an option to pick how many watch minutes for each session and geo-target. 

The results are quite impressive. You will get a 50-80% retention rate on YouTube videos. The Appsally former user, named Pincus Quiroga, reviewed that he earned more than 40:01 minutes for the last order’s retention rate. 

It’s a great idea to buy the 4000 hours watch time at the very beginning to activate the monetization quicklier. However, you should optimize the quality of the video content to keep the viewers entertained and interested. Hence, YouTube will be more likely to rank your videos on the first page of the search.  

Besides improving the quality of the content, you should also increase the number of videos posted on your YouTube channel. Using an attractive thumbnail image and trendy keywords is another touch point to catch viewers’ attention. 

Creating a playlist is not a bad idea either as it can maximize the viewer’s experience. You can also increase the watch hour’s quantity by promoting your videos on other social media channels and embedding recognizable links.

How to get more hours of watch time on YouTube?

Increase the subscribers

The number of subscribers is quite important for a YouTube channel. There is a benchmark of 1000 subscribers of which you can monetize your video content.

The more interesting your content is, the more subscribers may follow your channel. Hence, you should refresh your content and provide useful and entertaining videos for your viewers. They will be more willing to subscribe to your channel and look forward to your content.
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Increase audience retention

Increasing the audience retention rate is another method to boost the watch time. You can learn from the following tips to improve this rate:

  • Put effort into the video’s first 15 seconds: Viewers often evaluate the video content based on 15 seconds from the starting point. So, an introduction with hooking content is necessary to draw viewers’ attention and keep them from switching to another video.
  • Make the video interesting: Static videos make YouTube viewers bored easily. You can adjust the camera angles, turn on delicate music, or prepare an interesting background. These things can keep the content interesting and fresh.
  • Have the production process: It’s better to plan and outline the content before making the final product polished.

Boost session watch time

You can increase watch time by boosting session watch time too. Session watch time means the time viewers spend on YouTube during a session. YouTube prefers videos which can keep viewers spending more time on its platform to earn more money from the ads. The below strategies are useful:

Playlists: YouTube offers an option to make a playlist that can play videos automatically. As a result, the session watch time will increase. Viewers are free from deciding what content to watch next when in the playlist mode.  

Cards: You can add cards in one video to direct the viewers to other videos. It would be helpful if the cards are what viewers are searching. So, you will gain more session time instead of losing viewers from the previous videos. 

Video elements in the end screens: The video elements added in the end screens suggest other content from your YouTube channels, making it easier to select a new video without going back to your channel’s homepage. 

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Publish more videos

If you have more videos posted on the channel, you will need less watch time for each video to reach the 4000 hours goal. 

Imagine that you own 240,000 videos on the channel; you only need one minute of view time for each video in a year to reach the target. However, this number of videos is excessive and only an example.

Remember to post videos consistently and frequently to make your channel always active for search.

Promote the videos

You can still generate views (and watch time) by sending people from other social media platforms to your YouTube channel. In other words, you can promote your videos on your existing network of Facebook fans, Twitter and Instagram followers, or LinkedIn connections.

promote your video on other social media
Use social media to increase Youtube watch time

Your social media fans and followers may be curious about your posts and click the links directing them to your videos. That is how you can earn more watch time.

Use attractive metadata 

Metadata is an important factor to boost the watch time for including the video title and description, which are SEO-friendly. 

Thumbnails, which are consistent and appealing, increase the watch time as well. By consistent, we meant your thumbnails should relate to each other and the metadata (title, description) to create your brand on YouTube. Here you can have a look at the thumbnails as examples:

design a great thumbnails
An example of great series of thumbnails

Create unique content

Regardless, content is the most important aspect when building a YouTube channel. Your content should be fresh, unique that did not duplicate any sources from other YouTube channels or other platforms. You can stay creative by digging deep into your favorite or specialized topic, explain concepts easily with interesting camera angles, and catchy background.

There are two most common types of content: trending and evergreen. The trending content can create a significant spike of views yet dip down rapidly. Meanwhile, the evergreen content would not surge in views immediately, but it keeps your views growing steadily.

A video that makes 1000 views in the first week but 10 each month afterward can be useful. However, the one that gets you a stable 200 views a week throughout a year is more beneficial in the long run.

The bottom line

All in all, you can say it is worth buying YouTube watch time to reach the goal of 4000 hours. Achieving this target, you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program to make money on Youtube.

You need to carefully research the service providers before making any purchase for the watch time. We would recommend trying Eazyviral as a reliable source to generate sustainable YouTube view hours.

Besides, you’d better find the most effective ways to boost watch time customized to you by referring to the strategies above. They encourage more subscribers, audience retention, session watch time, and your content’s quality and quantity.


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