8 Best Ways to Get 1000 Youtube Subscribers

Last updated January 15, 2021

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8 best  Ways to Get 1000 Youtube Subscribers

You must ask the way to get 1000 Youtube subscribers if you are taking serious steps on this journey.  Upon looking at tons of great channels out there, 1000 may be only a tiny number. It is, yet, the foremost goal of any Youtuber before benefiting from this platform.

This article is going to provide a straightforward guide on this trending topic.

Why do the first 1000 subscription hits matter?

Youtube Partner Program

There would be nothing to say your Youtube channel is only to share and save your improvised videos. But to monetize your products, 1000 subscribers is one of the two prerequisites.

Youtube has clarified that their eligible partners must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours over the past year. These requirements intend to avoid imposters, spammers, and videos with low-quality content.

Then, you can sign up for Google AdSense and customize your monetization. Youtube will check whether you attempt to buy subscribers or play tricks against the metrics.

Quality proof

Regardless of the obligations, 1000 subs is a unique milestone in your Youtube career. There are uncountable channels with around 100 subscribers. But not everyone can make the 1000 ambition come true.

Having one thousand followers is convincing evidence of your deliverables’ quality. There can be several sub4subbers or random followers, but not 1000. They must be real users who love what you showed and watch your videos on a regular basis.

How To Get 1000 Subscribers On Youtube

Good things take time, but only when they are on the right track. You can find a million answers to the question “How To Get 1000 Subscribers On Youtube”. Certain fundamental steps will ensure your work is not a sudden fortune.

#1 Make Quality Your Focal Point

Many beginners rush to think about how much Youtube will pay them, rather than what they can bring to their audience. The prioritization of profit over content will distract you from producing good values.

An audience-driven mindset will lead you to create responsive content to watchers’ needs. Once you liberate your attitude from quantified goals, true inspirational content will emerge.

You may start from 10 or 15 subscribers per week, but that incremental progress will allow you to nourish your content. Serious perception will spare you a straightforward direction without puzzling about money-making.

Liziqi is one of the most typical examples of a Youtube channel that touches the audience’s heart.  The Chinese vlogger creates her distinction by recording her rustic life. That tranquility amazingly ‘rescues’ watchers from this over-modernized world.

8 Best Ways to Get 1000 Youtube Subscribers
Liziqi Channel

With over 18,000 subscribers, “Be My Travel Muse” has become a popular channel about solo traveling. Kristin’s videos receive thousands of views each, thanks to their high-quality content.

Be My Travel Muse channel

If you have visited famous channels such as 5-Minute Crafts or Cocomelon, their similarity is quite obvious. It is the direct approach to watchers’ needs that defines their values. Every video is a serious work of content and quality commitment.

#2 Research And Stick To Content That Works

Of all your published products, there must be certain videos with outstanding performance.

Researching is less expensive than any task you could do with your Youtube channel. Start by sorting the top 10 popular videos and find their mutual patterns. Comments asking for follow-up videos or sharing their thoughts can be a great source of ideas.

Don’t try to create as many topics as possible. You might think that it helps to diversify your content to save the audience from getting bored. But that mess will make them confused more than interested. Watchers always expect consistent content from a single channel.

You would appreciate the consistency if you know that there are over 500 different content uploaded to Youtube per minute. Such tough competitiveness does not allow any creator to low-quality content. Focus on your strength and be an expert in that field.

Take a closer look at vlogging channels, such as Bryan and Missy Lanning. The family only focuses on showing their daily life but in various aspects and events. This example explains why the way you tell a story can determine its aftereffect.

#3 Differentiate Your Channel From others

Creativity is a must for Youtubers. You can’t attract new engagement if your content duplicates existing products. The crowd will drown trivial individuals before you realize it.

Learning from others can bring new ideas, but it can also turn out to be a mimicking product. Try to think out of the box and stay weird! Interesting content will urge people to click on them.

Some of the most simple personalizations are custom profile pictures and cover art. A unique appearance will leave a profound impression on your audience and let them see you out of the crowd.

You should include a schedule and a short description on your homepage to tell more about what you do. Accordingly, you can get a higher search when people want to watch the same content as in your channel.

#4 Work Hard On Youtube SEO 

Besides a video broadcasting platform, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine. To get more subscribers to your channel, you will need to boost its popularity. Then a serious approach to Youtube search engine optimization (Youtube SEO) is indispensable.

YouTube keyword research is the first step to optimize your video. This task helps you address what people are looking for, how good is your current ranking, and how to improve all relevant statistics.

Before showing your work to the audience, you need to boost the click frequency on your video link. No one wants to discover stuff that comes with no information. That is why an appealing title and a detailed description is necessary.

Subtitles help the algorithm to determine your videos’ context. This addition is also a huge plus to make the video content accessible to foreign audiences.

There are a lot of Youtube SEO tools to assist you during this step. Depending on your needs, you can go for a free version or a specialized paid tool to take the best advantage.

Google trends tool
Google Trends

#5 Develop Great Engagement With Your Fan Base 

You can’t increase your subscriber count’s existing number without caring for audience retention. A loyal fan base is a valuable proof for your video’s quality, thus showing your gratitude for them is essential.

To improve subscription achievement, you need to promote good interaction with your fan base. A close relationship will also keep watchers informed about your upcoming products.

One of the most direct ways to show your appreciation towards the audience is replying to every comment. Feedback is an excellent source of information as you can see your video from an objective viewpoint. It enables you to know what is lacking, and collect new ideas for future content.

Hosting social events also triggers excellent engagement. Most YouTubers have other social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using these platforms, you can connect the followers by organizing interactive activities like give-aways, Q&A, etc.   

#6 Don’t Forget Periodical Analytics Reviews

Reviewing your Youtube channel’s performance will help analyze your products’ pros and cons. The detailed numeric information is also a reliable basis for future development plans and strategies.

After collecting the video’s interaction data, you can identify which content exerts good results. Promoting the best niche and cutting down on unpopular options will optimize your quality consistency.

This step requires a great deal of time and effort. You may have to resort to many skills such as data collecting, summarizing, analyzing to problem-solving. But believe me, your hard day will end up with a wealth of discoveries.

#7 Produce A Catchy Channel Trailer

If you are a movie fanatic, there must be many times when you decide whether to put your eyes glued to the screen after watching a trailer. Things work similarly for Youtube video production. A captivating introduction will encourage the audience to explore your entire channel.

Make sure to keep it short and moderate. A lengthy trailer will depress any viewer and force them to quit, and what’s worse, switch to another channel. A 60-second trailer or shorter ones are what you want to create.

Above all, the trailer is an ideal place to promote your best stuff. You should use the middle 20 seconds to highlight the most outstanding content to let people know about your works. Don’t forget to write an engaging tagline for boosting effect.

#8 Subtle Tips With Mighty Effect

  • Along with bottom-line steps, there are super simple techniques to enhance a video’s popularity.
  • Embed videos on your websites/blogs: Encourage readers to explore your channel upon reading the same content on your posts.
  • Share video links on social media platforms: Get more views and subscribers from users of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc.
  • Power Playlist: Unlike regular playlists that organize videos based on topics, a power playlist works on video results. Thanks to this renovation, users can access the final value of what they will watch.
  • Produce longer videos (above 10 minutes): Long videos have better performance than shorter ones. The average length of Youtube videos in top rankings is 14 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • Promote other videos on the End screen: Spare around 10 seconds on the end screen to display other videos. This combination will encourage watchers to keep exploring related content.
8 Best Ways to Get 1000 Youtube Subscribers

Besides the listed tips, there are many more techniques to help you tackle the question of How to get more Youtube subscribers. After fulfilling the early stage with 1000 subscribers, you will need to retain and increase them


Q1. What happens when you get 1000 subscribers on Youtube?

Firstly, you will receive a congratulation email from Youtube. A GIF image is attached to present Youtube’s recognition of your achievement.

8 Best Ways to Get 1000 Youtube Subscribers

Sometimes, the email won’t reach you right away. This late arrival is not a big deal because the main system is in charge of too many emails a day. Another possibility is that Youtube wants to check the authenticity of your hits.

The next amazing thing is that you will become an Opal member – a club for creators with 1000 to 9999 subscribers. Though there won’t be any material benefit, this honor proves your big jump to an upper level.

If your channel collects 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours, you can sign up for the Youtube Partner Program and start monetizing your videos.

Last but not least, the achievement of 1000 subscribers is powerful proof of your products’ quality. The number is more persuasive than any word to gain new watchers’ belief and future engagement with your channel.

Q2. How to get monetized on Youtube without 1000 subscribers?

Making money from Youtube videos without 1000 subscribers is still possible. The difference is Youtube will no longer be the one who pays for you.

You can get monetized on Youtube through affiliate marketing. This is a service where you sell other people’s products to receive a commission. After completing the application on affiliate program websites, you can find product links that need you to promote.

Instead of posting your content, you need to produce videos about the assigned products. After that, upload them to Youtube, and paste the buy link in the description section.

For each successful order, you will receive a certain percentage of the product’s listed price.

Final Verdict 

Whether you are fresh members or professional creators, you must have come up with many ways to get 1000 Youtube subscribers. However, quality is always the utmost factor in developing a channel that can give away actual values and bring back true benefits.

Please leave a comment to tell your own experience or let us know if we share the same path!


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