How to Do the Best Youtube Keyword Research for Video SEO?

Last updated January 09, 2021

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How to Do the Best Youtube Keyword Research for Video SEO

For those who get to know about making money with videos online, you may wonder what Youtube keyword research is? Generally speaking, this is the task of finding out keywords and key phrases that watchers are prone to use upon searching for Youtube videos. 

Accordingly, one of the most vital works of a Youtuber is to list out the most popular keywords on Youtube and address which one has a high CPC level.

The Importance of Researching Youtube Keywords

According to Brandwatch, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. This impressive spread makes it an ideal place for users to promote their influence via a Youtube channel, earn money from viral videos, and much more.

Every day, Youtube witnesses millions of fresh users from an enormous variety of backgrounds, along with thousands of videos newly uploaded. If a good Youtube SEO does not accompany you, there is no chance that watchers will find your videos.

The utmost purpose of keyword research is to optimize your video content to reach the search engine’s standards, achieve high rankings on Youtube, and from there enjoy great engagement. It also helps your Video to appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

Simultaneously, video marketing costs an arm and a leg while you are not 100% guaranteed that the campaign shall stick to your exact desire and strategy. With such a vast investment, you will go big or go home. Keyword research is thus a much smarter and safer move.

The Youtube algorithm’s three factors to rank your video are Video information, video title and video description. Unlike the SEO of website keywords, which depends mainly on Google, Youtube keywords work differently.

4 Steps to Carry out Youtube Keyword Research

Now you might have made up your mind to embark on serious research, yet the question of “How to research Youtube keywords?” remains. Though this task is not bounded within any framework, there are several basic steps to keep your attempt on the right track.

Draw Up your Intended Topics

The first and foremost step is to determine the right topics for your channel. You may arrive at broad topics with the belief that they will invite great traffic. But a jam is also where irrelevant audiences exist. On the other side, a super-narrow topic cannot attract enough people.

For example, you are building up a channel to share Makeup videos, then “Makeup” should be the starting point. From there, you might list popular styles. Under each style are different concepts, such as school, party, winter, etc. 

Feel free to go more detailed. Adding suggestive words like “hacks” or “tip” is also a good idea.

Explore Keyword Suggestions

After deciding on a good topic, namely the main keyword, you can move on to the next step, a keyword search. Of course, you can do it manually by noting down all relevant words that you think might contribute to the big picture. 

This way, however, depends mainly on guesswork, which is both time-consuming and inefficient.

With the ultimate support from specialized Youtube keyword tools, you can gain easy access to unlimited sources of ideas, search queries, long-tail keywords and other related factors to optimize your videos.

Analyze Your Competitors’ Keywords

It is essential to grasp the comparison between your products’ efficiency and that of your competitors. There must be successful channels with millions of views and admirable interactions in the same field that you are working. 

Studying them is also one of the fastest ways to generate target keywords.

After accessing a channel, choose the Video tab and sort by “Most popular” to see the most viewed YouTube video. Open a random video to see its description and title, etc.

To find that video’s keywords, right-click and go to “View page source…” to open the HTML code. Ctrl + F to search “keywords”, then you will see all tags used for that video.

Youtube Keyword Research

Examine the Success of Your Keywords

This step is to confirm the accomplishment of your research. A keyword set that is centralized by the right group of target audience and exerts high search volumes will ensure good engagement, attract more views, and bring your Video on top search. 

There are now many capable yet user-friendly Youtube keyword tools to help you conduct the above steps in no time. Please scroll down to take a closer look at them.

Tips and Tools for an Effective Research of Youtube Keywords 

The Basic Approaches 

Before going deeper into statistics and analysis, the first step you should take is to prepare a firm and realistic background. Although creativity is a must for content creators, factual data will provide a strong and far more centralized basis.

There are simple and handy tips that you can apply to produce many keyword suggestions and prevent your ideas from unnecessary divagation.

Using keyword suggestions of Youtube search Bar’s

Let’s begin with the most straightforward method. When you start typing a seed keyword into the search bar, Youtube will automatically make suggestions, which is a great source of keyword ideas.

Even if with a universal word, such as “how-to”, a long list of suggestions will pop up. To orientate the search results to match your channel, you will want to add a more categorial word, “makeup”,  for example. 

Now the landscape has become more apparent, but your topic is going to be specific to one of these keywords. So let’s discover “how to make up for beginners”.

You will see Youtube keeps encouraging you to dive even deeper into the topic by showing long-tail keywords. It is not a random recommendation but an analytical work based on popular topics that others are searching for.

As Youtube is your targeted platform, you should always land on its search bar first. After understanding where Youtube autocomplete is driving you to, you will know which topic is of interest.

Youtube Keyword Research
Youtube keyword suggestion

Google Search

Google will help you to address video keywords used for the title.

Like Youtube’s search bar, Google will auto-suggest relevant topics when you start typing the keywords, based on users’ searching tendencies.

LSI keywords are also listed at the page bottom for your reference, while FAQs will give you some variations of the chosen topic. This assistance is super helpful and simple for generating keyword ideas.

A small tip is that Google usually spares high rankings for videos that are optimized with keywords, which include: How to, Guide, What is, Which is, Ways to, etc.

Keyword Research on Google

Interestingly, if you run a good video SEO for Youtube keywords, your product will achieve a higher ranking on Google.

Paste one of the keywords in your list into Google. If there is a video carousel in the result, you have chances to get traffic both from Youtube and Google, creating a dual power to boost views, likes, and subscribers for your channel.

Youtube Keyword Research

Because this is only an entry-level step to support your preparation, it cannot breed detailed information as well as an assessment of your work. A Youtube keyword research tool will offer a more professional and reliable entrance.

Specialized Tools for Detailed Analysis

Google Trends

Google Trends is a trends search tool that shows the popularity of a word/term in Google. Also, it informs you of the way people search on a global scale.

There are five types of search supported by Google Trends’ statistics system, including Web Search, Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping, and Youtube Search.

After inserting your keyword, remember to choose the appropriate filters. The tool will then display the keyword’s popularity over time within the selected period and region.

Using google trends for research keyword
Google Trends

Besides the line chart, Trends also helps you refine keywords by ranking people’s interest by regions, suggesting related topics and search queries. Thanks to these statistics, you can adjust the video content to best suit its target audience.

Another interesting feature of this tool is that it allows you to compare keywords in the same category. For example, you can add “hairstyle” or “nail arts” in the boxes to see their chronological relationship and trends. You can add up to five terms.

After combining all information, what you receive from Trends is a precise picture of your topic’s popularity, efficient target keywords, and many informative data for further steps of video SEO. As it is free of charge, Google Trends is quite handy and helpful for marketing.

Youtube Keyword Research

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is among the most favorite assistants for Youtube keyword research. It provides practical support for Youtube, Google, and many other social platforms.

You only need to type in the main keyword, and the tool will send back complete results covering sub-keywords, long-tail keywords, their respective search volume, trend, CPC, and competition.

You can also see relevant questions, prepositions, and hashtags that Internet users tend to bring up for the major topic. The sorting order is customizable upon your liking, which is either ascending or descending.

To maximize your utilization of Keyword Tool’s ultimate features, you can purchase its Pro version.

Keyword tool


vidIQ is a powerful Youtube keyword tool for video SEO support and information checking. By adding the free vidIQ extension, which is available on Chrome Store, you can access the following efficient features:

  • Optimize your Youtube video and show detailed SEO score, description, tags, channel information, engagement rate, etc.
  • Check the competition of the keyword, count monthly searches of the term. 
  • Check the video’s recommendation sources and inform you which websites have embedded your video link in their post.

With its pro version, vidIQ offers more functions for keyword analysis and listing. The higher the SEO score of your video gets, the better it is optimized for search engines.

Not only can you use vidIQ to analyze your videos, but it also works for your competitors’ products.

vidIQ tool

Despite the tool’s optimal capability, its performance shall go void if you do not invest a sufficient amount of time and effort to take advantage of the valuable target keywords provided. 

Undeniably, Youtube keyword research is not the idea of getting as many keywords as possible; it’s about setting up a capable collection of target keywords that can cater to many of your videos. Once you find the spot-on niche, the Youtube algorithm shall become a piece of cake. 


TubeBuddy is a browser extension approved by Youtube to be compliant with Youtube’s standards and activities. 

As it is plugged in the right on top of Youtube’s website, you can manage your channel without having to go elsewhere. All statistics of your channel and videos will be precisely shown on the extension.

TubeBuddy deserves to be a specialized tool for professional Youtubers with a total of 65 features to elevate the authority of your videos on the Youtube algorithm. The most outstanding functions must contribute to:

  • Youtube video SEO
  • Thorough analysis using detailed numbers
  • Tag explorer: auto-suggest target keywords along with their scores regarding search volume or competition
  • Performance boosting features
  • Thumbnail generator
  • Best time to publish

In addition to a specific analysis of your video and its SEO effectiveness, TubeBuddy also suggests ways to create better content ideas to match users’ search intent. Above all, this Youtube keyword tool even enables technical customization such as comment formatting or end screen template.

TubeBuddy proves its huge benefit in all steps of your keyword research. From keyword suggestion, competitor analysis to re-confirmation before uploading video, the tool always shows you the best direction with proven results.

The free version of TubeBuddy is qualified enough to satisfy all of your typical needs. You are also presented with a pro version to explore and get more.

TubeBuddy tool


Having your video on top 1 Youtube will, without a doubt, blow any Youtuber’s mind. It’s even greater if you acquire the same achievement on Google.

Youtube SEO features a complicated process, in which Youtube keyword research is a small yet indispensable step. An ideal research result is a perfect balance between the keywords’ search volume and competitiveness.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Our support is always available!


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