How To Have The Best Youtube Video Title? – 5 Tips To Nail The Title!

Last updated January 07, 2021

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How To Have The Best Youtube Video Title

Any video creator would love to see their Youtube channel grow every day with many subscribers coming up, huge numbers of likes and comments under their videos. For a Youtube channel to succeed, many things need to be nailed from the beginning, and one of them is having the best Youtube video title

How to achieve that, you may ask? Well, we will give you five tips on how to get the best Youtube video title. Believe us! You don’t want to miss this article. Read on!

What is the importance of a great Youtube title?

Click-through rate

Click-through rate is one of the algorithms to count how many viewers click onto your video and watch it. Many videos go viral because of viewers clicking through their thumbnail image to see their content, so if you want your videos to be popular as well, you must be aware of how important to raise the standard for the click-through rate, specifically the title and the thumbnail image.

youtube video title
How to have the best Youtube title?

Usually, the click-through rate will be determined by how well your title and thumbnail image are executed. With these two features being popped out and emphasized in the search bar, you can attract many foreign video viewing.

 The importance of titles is also highlighted, as well-written titles will be the first factor to decide whether a person will watch videos and share them; or scroll right past them.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO is a crucial factor that can decide whether your video will be a bomb or a flop. For those of you who don’t know What is SEO, it is a term for the process of receiving search volume using keywords referenced by Google. 

To make it easier to understand, let’s take a look at one example. Covid-19 is a huge problem worldwide nowadays, and you want to make a video of it. Your title must include multiple keywords related to Covid-19 so as when viewers do a Youtube search for those keywords, the chance of your videos being suggested will be more significant. 

To make your videos seen by many people, you must make sure that you have a great title, along with an appropriate video description. 

5 tips on how to have the best Youtube video title

Now that we all know the importance of a nice, cohesive title to your videos, how can we create the best titles? Here are five tips that you can apply on any video file you upload to have the most triggered headline title:

Focus on keywords

As we have discussed in the previous part, keywords are one of the most vital details in a great title. When a person reaches the search engines for one thing, if you have the title with her keywords, your video will have a high chance of being clicked and watched. 

And if you are trying to earn money on Youtube, these details are the tools! Here’s how you can detect which keywords are good for your title by using the keyword tool:

How To Have The Best Youtube Video Title
Put in keywords in your Youtube title
  • Step 1: Understand the content and details of your video and list out all of the possible keywords and search terms.
  • Step 2: Use keyword tools such as Google’s AdWord or Wordtracker to get all relevant keywords you have input in to have more suggestions.
  • Step 3: Find out the phrases with the most search volume results and put them into your title.

When you have successfully found out the keywords thanks to the keyword tool that go well with your intention, try to place them at the beginning of the title and in your video description. This video platform usually recommends those clips to viewers and blog posts more than the clips whose titles are not keywords-and-details-emphasized. 

And don’t forget a great thumbnail image will make your video file even more tempting. 

How To Have The Best Youtube Video Title
Place your keywords at the beginning of your title

Another thing to remember is that you must put in the correct video SEO term of the keywords to ensure that the Youtube’s algorithm perceives your single video as one in the list. Do not try to change its tense or add plural details to the given video SEO; simply keeping the phrase will benefit your video most. 

You should read this article: How to Do the Best Youtube Keyword Research for Video SEO?

Be descriptive

A good title does not stop at having enough SEO keyword phrases. More than that, it should be descriptive enough so that viewers can understand what you are trying to do in the video file and decide whether they are interested or not.

For example, if you are doing a makeup tutorial, make sure to input this phrase in the title so people who need to learn how to make up can click on your clip. Or, if you are posting something funny, the title must have some words related to humor. 

Viewers spend their time on this video platform regularly and won’t waste their time clicking on foggy titles. So, it’s your job to state your title well about the video’s content. Utilize the title to rapidly sum up what is the issue here to attract viewers clicking in. 

Use stimulating words

Another great tip to have viewers click on your video file is by using stimulating words in your title. Bear in mind that these are not keywords but words that can trigger or make users curious about your content. Here are the words you should use in the title if the content is suitable enough: without, too, amazing, wow, how-to, etc.

Besides words, numbers can attract viewers as well. Between two videos titled “How to lose weight fast?” and “10 minutes every day to lose weight!”, of course, users will be more intrigued by the second title as it is more detailed and straightforward. They might think that watching the second video will help their process of losing weight faster and more effectively.

Beware of the title length

Your title cannot be longer than 70 characters as YouTube will turn the remaining characters into dots. This situation makes your audience unable to see the full title, which may refrain them from clicking into the video file. The best length for a title video should be below 70 characters with full video content and keywords provided. 

Avoid clickbait titles

Clickbait titles, such as “How to be rich in 24 hours?” may be very stimulating to the audience that causes them to click on your video file right away. However, once viewers find videos with such inappropriate content, they will leave the video immediately, which can cause your viewing time to decrease significantly.

And if this situation continues, Youtube’s authority will start to recognize your video file containing no helpful video content, and your channel will be penalized. Avoid using click baits in your title since it is not a good component to a great title.


And that’s everything we can cover about how to have the best Youtube video title. Like Google, the Youtube world can be tricky, and not everyone can have a successful Youtube channel in a blink of an eye.

It takes effort that can start easily by knowing how to title Youtube videos, along with a well-executed thumbnail image and a great video description. We hope that you have learned all the tips you need for your title to be loved. Thank you for reading, and we will see you again soon!


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