How To Write The Best Youtube Description?

Last updated January 08, 2021

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How To Write The Best Youtube Description

A successful Youtube channel takes a massive amount of time to be recognized and defined. If you are working on your channel and wishing it to be viral, you need to take even the smallest things into consideration, specifically the Youtube description. 

Irrelevant as it may sound, a friendly, cohesive Youtube description is an effective stimulant for the audience to come to your place. Here’s how you can write the best Youtube description!

Why Is a YouTube Description Important?

Before jumping into how to write the perfect Youtube description, we must answer the question “What is description in Youtube?”. There are two kinds of description on this platform: Youtube video description and channel description.

How To Write The Best Youtube Description
An example of a video description

Channel description is where you get to show your audience what the channel is about, what you are going to bring to this channel, etc. In contrast, the video description is a small passage under your video to reference your content and showing the video’s personality. 

So, why is it so essential for us to notice and put these sections into consideration? Well, the three most obvious reasons are:

How To Write The Best Youtube Description
An example of channel description
  • First, it is the most instant and straightforward way to grab the audience’s attention to your channel and videos. Your personality will be shown through the keywords, the sentences you are using, along with your images and surrounding content. If you have an appealing writing style, you are capable of writing descriptions that can turn a random visitor into a subscriber just by effective and cohesive channel and video description.  
  • Secondly, a well-constructed video and channel description will help Youtube comprehend your video’s content more effectively. In other words, the more detailed and well-executed your Youtube descriptions are, the higher chance this platform recommends your channel and videos to many other audiences.
  • Thirdly, let’s not forget that Youtube is one of the most successful social media platforms in the meantime, just slightly after Google with 2 billion viewers every month. For each time your videos and channel are searched, you get an opportunity to outcome and presented to many other users.

How to write the best Youtube description? 

Now that you have known the importance of an effective Youtube description, let’s dig in to find out the best method to write the perfect Youtube channel description and video description:

1. Make the benefit of watching your videos obvious

If you want to have an audience watching your videos, the last thing you can do for them is showing the benefits they can receive once they watch your video for more views in the future. This content can be shown from your channel description and video description, and it is an obvious feature, so your audience will know what you are presenting. 

The first thing to bear in mind for a great Youtube channel description is to let your content be as specific and brief as possible. Refrain from putting on vague statements as they would make your audience confused. 

For example, an educational Youtube channel like Ted Talk will have their descriptions full of statements regarding their goal to inspire viewers to become more knowledgeable and comprehensive.

2. Focus on the first 125 characters

Your Youtube channel description’s first 125 characters are the most crucial part of your description because they are the only part that gets a full display. 

For this reason, you have to put the highlights right in this section to make sure that even if your readers drop off halfway through in the middle, they can still get a general understanding of your channel and video. This is the most effective segment of your channel portrayal. It will be shown in a greater number of spots than some other part, so ensure you use all important information in the channel description to grab most audiences’ views.

3. Include keywords that your ideal viewers search for

Using the correct terms and right amount of relevant keywords according to Youtube SEO in your description box will help more users find your video and playlist since they tend to search for those keywords. The more related-to-keyword phrase you put into the description, the more chance your video gets exposed to numerous viewers. 

For more keyword research, you can use Google trends, one of the largest search engines, to search for the related keywords to yours. Or even simpler, you can type in your main keyword phrase into the Youtube search engines. Following your search results, Youtube’s algorithm will suggest some other long-tail keywords. They all make sense and contribute to searching, so make sure to include all of them in your description section. Here are some examples:

  • If your video or channel is about makeup, your description must provide general keywords and sentences such as makeup tutorial, makeup for beginners, makeup in 5 minutes, Korean makeup tutorial, etc.
  • If your video and channel have sport and fitness content, the description section should include valuable high-search keywords such as how to lose weight, weight loss, workout, diet, tips to maintain a nice body, how to have a strong body, etc.
  • If your video and channel surround dance, you should include terms such as dancing, dance tutorial, dance for beginners, dance training in your description box to increase your video ranking.

It’s very straightforward to create and add more keywords to your description box so as Youtube can understand your video content well enough to spread it out to viewers who might need to contribute video views to it.

4. Announce the type of videos you publish on your channel

Every viewer has a different taste and need while watching videos. Some would love to learn the contents of a lifestyle channel, or some would love to subscribe to a channel for self-training and development. 

To acquire more potential viewers to your channel, make sure to state the lists and types of videos you will make, mostly in your channel. For example, suppose you intend to produce video clips about makeup tutorials solely. In that case, stating that fact cohesively in the description box will grab viewers’ attention who are looking for the same content. 

This strategy will also help your subscriber understand clearly about what you are and will be doing to keep following you and advertising your brand to many other people.

5. Add your channel’s upload schedule.

A video upload schedule being broadly announced will make your subscribers and external viewers feel that your channel is profoundly made and executed. Viewers are guaranteed to receive back value when they subscribed to your channels. 

With the pre-upload schedule, you can gain the awareness of your subscribers and get them to receive notifications every time you upload videos. Every time you publish the videos, a large number of viewers will access the clip, making its result worthwhile.

Youtube Tips: When is the best time to upload Youtube videos

6. Remember your calls to action.

No video creator wants to have Youtubers watch their videos and then leave without any encouraging action. Examples are: “Make sure to like, comment on my video, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!” As a Youtuber, your job is to shout out for likes, comments, questions, and subscribe to your channel all the time.

image 1 - How To Write The Best Youtube Description?
CTA in the description

If you forget to state this part in the video, putting it in the description box will encourage the users to leave great comments or many likes on your videos.

7. Add links and metadata for more reference.

Links and metadata are also effective components in making your video and channel more widespread. These links and data can be the reference in your video, or simply the links to your other social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, etc. 

If your subscribers love you and want to find out more about you, your other social media channels will help them stay closer to you to create a much stronger bonding. 

Also, suppose you receive money to make a Youtube video about advertising a product, for example. In that case, you must include links to the product in the description below is a must, not an option, so that your viewers can continually access the link.

8. Add hashtags

Like other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, hashtags play an essential role in making something go viral. In the Youtube SEO context, the same theory applies. 

Putting highlight hashtags in the description box will increase the chance of your video being searched along with the original videos with the same hashtag. Remember that only the three first hashtags are represented on the video title, so ensure that you practice selecting the three most valuable tags on Youtube to place them in a priority manner.

9. Use default description with an add of personality

In case when you cannot think of any way to start a video description or channel description, you can always Google for the default template. Normally when you use these default settings, you have to change a few details to match your video and channel. However, it is your own channel and video, and you need to let the personality out. 

Using one of the youtube description templates is perfectly fine, but feel free to adjust some keywords to be more playful, making your audience feel the vibe you are giving while entering your channel and videos.

The final word

And that’s our instruction on how to write a good Youtube description! Consider Youtube SEO description as one of your channel’s most vital elements and follow the tips given above to practice writing your personalized description that can stunt and attract many viewers. 

We wish you the best skill in your video career, and we will catch up with you soon!


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