How to Monetize YouTube Videos: Tips & Tricks

Last updated December 29, 2020

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how to monetize youtube videos

You know it ain’t easy making profits off YouTube, especially when your channel is new to the platform. Back in the day, monetizing YouTube videos was as simple as creating great content or having a good number of subscribers.

Do you want to know how to monetize YouTube videos in the most effective way? Look nowhere further as we have everything covered in today’s article! Stay tuned!

How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos

Since YouTube has introduced some new criteria for monetization this year, it is somewhat harder and confusing for YouTubers to monetize their channel.

Youtube Partner Program requirements
Youtube Partner Program requirements

First things first, your channel needs to meet the four golden requirements to get monetized, which are:

About Google Adsense

set up a google adsense account
Set up a Google AdSense Account

Before you sign up for a Google Adsense account, make sure to meet the eligibility requirements Google Adsense to be a part of the program.

First of all, your content ought to be unique and interesting. These days, it can be hard to come up with exclusive content of your own. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis.

You have to give viewers reasons why they should watch your video, even though you have rather similar content to other creators. If your content is not anything special, why would people even spend the time to watch it?

Your videos edit may be different from the others, or you propose special traits that other creators don’t have, etc. It can be anything, but make it a reason.

Now, here’s the important part: does your content comply with Google Adsense terms of policy? After you’ve made sure everything is in the right place, sign up for a hosted Google Adsense account.

A hosted Google Adsense account is the one that got approved by Google third-party partners, including YouTube, Blogspot, or HubPages. In this case, you’ll be signing up for a hosted Google Adsense account with your YouTube channel.

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

how to monetize youtube videos
What is Youtube Partner Program

After fulfilling all of the requirements and guidelines, you’re qualified to be a YouTube Partner. Becoming a YouTube Partner is the most common and also the simplest way to get monetized on YouTube.

But the process from applying to getting an approval to be a YouTube Partner can take up to a month. The decision is based on those who review your channel, which are actual people, not computers. Therefore, it makes sense that this manual process takes up quite some time.

How fast your profile gets approved also relies a lot on your luck. Some profiles get approved after just a few days, whereas others have to wait for more than one month or even longer. It happens when your profile is buried in hundreds, if not thousands, of others applying to YouTube on a daily basis.

After you have successfully got yourself in the YouTube Partner Program, you can enable monetization on YouTube to make profits from your content. There are several ways you can try, such as:

  • Advertising revenue: YouTube will place ads on your videos, monetizing videos through pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll, and even displays!

The money earned from such ads will be split between you and YouTube. The creators receive 55% of the profit while YouTube gets the rest 45%.

  • Channel membership: This is when you let your subscribers sign up for a monthly membership in return for exclusive perks. Subscribers will have to pay a fee to maintain their subscription. 
  • Merchandise: Before you decide to make merchandise sales, test the waters first. At the end of a YouTube video, ask your fans if they have any interest in buying shirts from your channel.

Also, encourage them to make suggestions if they want anything else besides t-shirts and collect the answers in the comment section.

Once you’re done, turn on the merchandise shelf. This will allow you to showcase your official branded merchandise on YouTube. 

  • Super Chat & Super Sticker: These are the new ways to help you monetize your channel while interacting with your community. Super Chat & Super Sticker can only be used in live chats of you and your fan base.

Super Chat is a comment that gets pinned and stands out in a chat as you go live. The color and length of the pin time rely on how much viewers spend.

Super Chat has proven to be a win-win for you and your fans as it proposes an intriguing way of interaction and, at the same time, develops a new source of income for your channel.

Similar to Super Chat, viewers can also purchase stickers, known as Super Stickers, to use in live streams or premiere sessions. These stickers are animations or digital photos that help viewers greet, congratulate, cheer on, or express emotions at what’s going on in the lives.

Much like Super Chat, Special Stickers appear at the top of live chat and will be there for a while.

  • YouTube Premium: this is a platform allowing fans to pay money to support their favorite YouTubers without having to watch ads. Unlike the ones mentioned above, YouTube Premium revenue doesn’t have you involved in the process.

Simply earn money on YouTube by having content consumed by subscribers from YouTube Premium.

Other Revenue Streams

Besides the revenues mentioned above, which are the main revenues, there are other ways for creators to make money off their YouTube videos.

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Paid Endorsements

Once you have succeeded in building your own empire on YouTube, you can reach out to companies asking for paid endorsements. This is a lucrative way to earn more with your channel.

People like Jeffree Star or Logan Paul get paid up to thousands of dollars for their brand-endorsed YouTube accounts. If they can, you can too!

Make sure to have a good viewer base and a detailed plan on how you’re going to showcase the brands before you pick up the phone to call for paid endorsements.

Brand Sponsorship

Another profitable form of advertising is brand sponsorship, also known as influencer marketing. Companies will pay creators to promote a brand or product within their videos.

Unlike paid endorsement, companies and brands will reach out to you asking if you want to be sponsored. In order for this to happen, your YouTube channel must have a certain influence on people (e.g., a decent number of subscribers, plenty of Watch Time hours, etc.).

In 2019 only, there were more than 700 agencies to help brands match with influencers on different social media platforms, including YouTube.

Sell Video Rights

Selling video rights is no longer new to YouTubers, especially in recent years. When a video gets big, it becomes recognizable to many. Content creators can take advantage of this and sell off such videos to big brands. Since the video is exclusive, brands will have to quit something to own the video right.

Advertisers use these videos that have gone viral in their commercials to make them more accessible to viewers. People will feel the joy of using their product along with the joy they felt watching a particular video.

Can I Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel and Make Profits off That Channel?

youtube channel for sale
You Can Buy Monetized Youtube Channel

This is the question that gets asked quite often. It makes sense because to have a monetization YouTube, you will need to go through a lot of things.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your YouTube channel and buying a monetized YouTube channel makes a shortcut and saves you so much more time than starting from scratch.

In fact, buying multiple monetized YouTube channels has become a trend in recent years that even the biggest names in YouTube are starting to do so.

It all started in 2019 that YouTube made it even harder to get your monetized with its new requirements and guidelines, bringing about the frustration to creators with great content.

As stated above, the process of becoming a YouTube Partner Program can take forever for your profile to be accepted, and not everybody’s got the time to spend.

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Hustle Up

Getting monetization on YouTube can be somewhat tricky, but we think you can handle it after getting all the information needed from our article!

Despite the challenges, people who have a solid YouTube platform can thrive and make a substantial income from YouTube. Now that you know how to monetize YouTube videos, it’s time to keep up that hustle.

We can’t wait to see how it turns out for you after applying all the methods we mentioned. How about you let us know in the comment section?


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