How To Sell On YouTube? 4 Steps To Be The Best Seller Products On YouTube

Last updated January 09, 2021

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How To Sell On YouTube

YouTube has become one of the most popular search engines for videos. Do you know how to sell on YouTube? 

Here, we’ve prepared 4 steps to help you create the best sellers on YouTube. You should start by creating impressive content, then optimize videos for driving traffic to your websites. It’s important to increase loyal audiences in your channel and build a prominent brand.

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Why is YouTube one of the effective selling channels? 

YouTube Impacts Local Search on Google

Nowadays, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after Google. Internet users spend over several billion hours watching videos on YouTube. Videos on YouTube also help improve the website’s SEO value, so that your website’s rank will be higher in search on Google.

Using your business name or other keywords regularly in your videos or your video descriptions help searchers find your videos more easily on Google.

Furthermore, high-quality videos can enhance the business’s prominence. They can also make your business outstanding on search results of Google and Youtube.

YouTube Become More Popular Among Viewers

YouTube operates like broadcasting on the TV. Here, you can find various TV networks, from news to live sports. As the viewers increase on YouTube, it becomes a standard cable package that serves diverse viewers’ tastes. 

Rather than that, it also works as a streaming service like Netflix, where you can share multiple accounts with your family members. Besides, it can stream cloud-based digital video recorders (DVR)

Not only do viewers watch TV on YouTube, but they also find and view videos of other YouTubers’ channels. Therefore, the influence of marketing is on the rise, and YouTube video creators can help drive sales for your brand.    

YouTube Provides Information To Make A Purchase Decision

YouTube is a channel for customers to learn more about products before making any purchases. For example, how-to videos or product reviews are the types of videos that can help customers understand its features and functions.

Suppose you were a mechanic. You would create a how-to video instructing the process of changing a flat tire. If you had a hair salon, it would be great to attract potential customers by sharing the clients’ before and after videos. 

#1.Creating impressive contents

Content is the first and foremost element to build an audience community, no matter what channels you are promoting the products. You can try four types of videos: how-to, product reviews, vlog, or unboxing videos. 

The How-to Videos

How-to videos deliver the content to teach viewers how to use the products. These videos can bring you many benefits. 

For example, they help you establish your reputation in a specific area. Your YouTube channel can become more informative and entertaining with the presence of these videos. 

So, what makes an interesting how-to video?

You should start from a niche topic to create unique content. Title is the next element you should keep an eye on when creating how-to videos for the YouTube channel. A specific title will be more effective than a general one. The title “How to make a gluten-free cheesecake” is better than “How to make a cheesecake”.

You can refer to Google to consider the keywords used in your title. Finding your specific topic and looking at the top searches can bring you ideas of the popular content. `You can then depend on this research to narrow down your focus to the desired content people want to watch.

The how-to videos should keep the balance between informative and engaging. Not only do you focus on the content, but you should also take care of the elements to engage audiences staying longer in videos.

You can prepare a nice and clean background to film videos and delicate sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere. Another tip is to break down a topic into bite-sized (one to two minutes) videos and arrange them into a playlist.   

The Product Reviews

You can build brand credibility by authentic product reviews. Statistics showed that 84% of consumers believe in product reviews as they believe in their friends or families’ recommendations. These videos are important as 67% of viewers look for YouTube videos to learn more about products before making a purchase decision. 

Product review videos can help engage with your audience. Please keep some things in mind to create the best product review videos.

A good product review video shows viewers the reasons why they need this product and the benefits it brings into their lives. The product reviews should concentrate on delivering solutions, not selling merchandise.

The purposes of these videos ought to focus on information about:

  • Product name
  • Product features and functions
  • Product reviews from the YouTubers

YouTubers often have a formula of education, story-telling, and recommendation to generate successful product review videos. All the information in the clips is consistent with promoting the brand and product.

If you want to build a partnership with YouTube influencers to review products, make sure to look for the YouTubers suitable for your brand. Suppose your products are woman clothing, a Youtube influencer reviewing toys won’t be compatible with your audience. 

The Vlog Videos

Vlog means “video blog”, which includes content talking to a camera instead of writing a blog post. You can categorize vlog videos into two types: a “talking-head” video and a “follow-me-around” video. 

The talking-head video’s set-up includes a camera on a tripod or a stack of books to film the clip. The follow-me-around video is recorded while the vlogger takes the camera to film clips wherever they go for a day or week. 

If you own a podcast or a blog, a vlog can enlarge your brand’s audience pool. Audiences prefer to absorb information from diverse ways like listening, reading, or watching. However, audiences like to consume content visually because of the easy access and time-saving reason.

The vlog videos help increase engagement with audiences. Vlogs allow you to demonstrate your brand personality via a YouTube influencer. Viewers can get involved at a personal level more efficiently with someone on screen. You can convey the brand personality directly rather than trying to express it in written form.   

The Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos have become more and more popular on YouTube. These videos are a record of video creators opening brand-new items. The unboxing video origin comes from high-tech and fashion products. 

Many YouTube channels compete fiercely to provide unboxing tech gadgets like the latest gaming consoles or iPhones. These videos are spread over other products such as beauty products, food, luxury goods, toys, etc.  

The videos allow viewers to experience a product sufficiently. This chance helps people consider among products before buying the most suitable item. The videos leave viewers the feeling of owning something new and enjoying it. 

If you want to create a Youtube channel focusing on unboxing videos, here are some tips to note:

Pick an unboxing niche

The unboxing content you want to pursue relies on your area of expertise or passions. If you love automotive, the unboxing videos focusing on gear, tools, or car gadgets would be suitable. A fashionista can also create unboxing videos with new seasonal clothings. 

Speak clearly and slowly

Not only do the unboxing products affect the result of the videos, but narration can also make or break them. It’s essential to speak more slowly than you do in everyday conversation. 

You may want to include your thoughts or evaluations on the unboxing products. So, speaking fast will make it difficult for viewers to understand all the information. 

Subtitles and captions are necessary on the videos to help your content be easier to follow. You can also have someone to narrate the entire video with the prepared script. 

Unbox the products at the right time

The unboxing area is immensely competitive among YouTube. Your rivals may be other well-known unboxing channels. Viewers would not expect to watch the videos of last year’s items. You’d better keep the content up to date of the product release.

Right after any product releases, you should publish these items’ unboxing videos to attract curious viewers. They will rely on your videos to make purchase decisions. 

Plus, don’t forget to put effort into adding value to your content. This effort will be well-paid by the followers on your YouTube channels.   

#2.Optimizing Videos, Increase Traffic Into Websites Via YouTube

Links In Description

One of the most common methods to attract viewers to your YouTube channel is to use links in the description. You can apply this method to any YouTube channel, no matter how old it is or the amount of subscription it has.   

Viewers look forward to having links in the description of topics discussed in the video. These links help them continue to watch and explore the topics more. 

You can see the first three lines of the description on any YouTube videos. If the description is longer than three lines, viewers need to click “show more” to read all. Make sure to create an imperative description for the first three lines. 

Pinning the post with links in the comments is another option. You can leverage this function on YouTube to keep this comment on top of the video. Viewers can see it anyway. The pinned post would be like this:

How To Sell On YouTube
Pin the comment of the channel owner on the top of the video

The guide to add links in the description is easy to do. All you need to do is add captions and links inside the Description box after uploading the video. 


  • Shorten links to make the longer ones to make the description clearer and easier to read. You can try to use or
  • You can link a landing page from your website in the description to get more traffic to your online store. 

Custom Link On Profile Banners

You have a cover banner on the YouTube channel page and the icons you can choose to display. This data helps viewers feel the brand personality of your channel. It’s also a page that viewers may come to find new content for the next watch or when they consider subscribing to your channel. 

An example of a link on a profile banner is below:

How To Sell On YouTube
 A link on a profile banner

You can add up to five links to display on the top of your profile banner. These links can be a combination of external links, like websites, online stores, or social media platforms. 

These linkings drive your followers to let them know the products you can offer and other information benefiting them. Here are the steps you can follow to add custom links to the Youtube profile banner:

  1. In the top right corner of your YouTube channel, click on the profile image and select “My Channel” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the “Customize Channel” button
  3. Direct to the “About” tab of the profile and move to the “Links” section
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit links
  5. Select the “Add” button, and provide the URL and text you want to display
  6. Save the progress by clicking “Done”.

YouTube Cards

How To Sell On YouTube
YouTube Cards 

YouTube cards pop up as a small letter “i” in the right corner of the video. When you click these cards, they open a slide of other videos on the right-hand side. 

Cards can include titles, images, call-to-actions, which direct you out of the current video. You can add different types of cards, for example:

  • Channel cards – direct you to a different channel
  • Donation cards – call for a donation from the viewers
  • Poll cards – collect viewer’s opinions directly in the video
  • Link cards – direct viewers to an external link
  • Video/playlist cards – direct viewers to a different video/playlist 

The most effective option is the “Link Cards”, which send users directly to your store. This direction can help boost the sales of your websites. However, you should keep in mind that there are some links you can add to link cards. They consist of websites from the approved list. 

You can follow these tips to add link cards to your videos:

  1. Ensure to be part of the YouTube Partner Program
  2. Upload a video
  3. Click the arrow next to the “edit” button 
  4. Adjust the time maker to decide the time to show up the card, and click “add card”
  5. Select “link” from the drop-down menu
  6. Past the link and click “next”
  7. Fill the text, call-to-actions (CTAs), the suitable image, and click “create a card”

YouTube End Screens

How To Sell On YouTube
A template of an end screen

End screens are clickable buttons appearing at the end of the videos. They become a powerful tool to extend the viewer’s watch time on your channel by sending them to other videos. You can put end screens in the last five to 20 seconds of a selling video. They can show up on both mobile and desktop.

This tool lets you promote four elements:

  • A video/playlist on YouTube
  • Cross-promotion another YouTube channel
  • Ask for subscriptions to your channel
  • Link to approved sites

You should not use branding watermarks and card teasers in end screens as YouTube inhibits them on the end screens.

The process to add end screens is simple with the following steps:

  1. Login YouTube Studio
  2. Choose “Content” from the left menu
  3. Choose the video you like to edit
  4. Choose “Editor” from the left menu
  5. Click the “Add” element to select the end screen (The maximum number of end screens to add are four.)
  6. Click “Save”    

Call-To-Action On Videos

Call-to-action can drive viewers’ behavior. You should feel free to experiment with different CTAs in your YouTube videos

An end screen is one of the CTAs you can add at the end of your videos. Make sure your video lasts longer than 25 seconds. This end screen can target your viewers to other videos you added to it. Another tool to use as a CTA is a YouTube card. There is a step-by-step guideline in the YouTube Cards section written above.   

Cross Promotion On Other YouTube Channels

Cross-promotion videos are similar to product review videos as they explain the features and functions of the products. But, cross-promotion requires a win-win relationship between two channels. The channels cross-promoting your brand also expect you’ll do the same for their brands. 

It’s crucial to research carefully to get suitable channels to cross-promote yours. You can use Social Blade to check the compatibility of other channels in your niche.   

#3.Growing Loyal Audiences

Creating Interesting Content

Content is king! Like other channels, the video content plays an integral role in attracting audiences to your YouTube channel. Creating interesting content can add value to your viewers’ community.

You should think about the audience’s reasons for watching your channel, the relevant format for videos. It’s important to give audiences the reasons to watch, subscribe, and share your videos.   

Optimize The Videos For Search

YouTube ranks as the second biggest search engine after Google. Hence, users come to YouTube to search for specific things. That’s why Youtube SEO is important for your channel.

You ought to enhance the SEO of your content by generating smart descriptions and titles or including relevant keywords. These elements will help viewers find your videos in search results. 

Brand Consistency

Branding is essential. Create a consistent point of view throughout your content. It will help identify and position your brand in your niche. Your target audience will gain trust on your channel and return to find a specific type of content in the long run.  

Boost engagement

Viewers not only watch videos, but they also engage with you by liking, commenting on, and sharing videos via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can boost engagement by several tools that help your channel increase visibility on YouTube. Annotations are a powerful tool to increase the possibility of the videos being shared by a larger audience. 

Subscription is another Youtube feature to help increase engagement. There is a chance you can convert many audiences into loyal viewers for future videos. 

#4.Building A Prominent Brand

Brand building means generating awareness of the business by leveraging strategies and campaigns. The goal is to create a unique image to make the brand stand out in the marketplace. 

A prominent brand can take years to years to build. The process requires a clear and detailed strategy. However, the final result will help you build long-term relationships with the customers. This effort also leads to a stable increase in leads and sales, referrals, and advocacy for the brand. 

Other than YouTube marketing, you can use social media to promote your brand. You can also link the great videos from the Youtube channel to your website to increase user experience on your site. Email and PPC marketing are also other methods for brand marketing.  

You can follow the 10 steps to build a prominent brand:

  1. Define the brand purpose
  2. Research competitors
  3. Define the target audience
  4. Establish the mission statement
  5. List out the benefits of your brand
  6. Form the unique brand voice
  7. Polish the brand personality
  8. Create the brand story and messages
  9. Create the brand logo and slogan
  10.  Stay authentic to the brand building


Now, you should have understood methods to tackle the question “How to sell on YouTube?”. 

Creating a well-established YouTube channel takes time and effort. 

You can still start small by generating a short video of a product review or a how-to video. Then, focus on SEO to get your videos visible on the search results. All these steps will help you grow a large pool of loyal audiences and enhance the brand online.

Should you have any tips and tactics on doing YouTube marketing, please comment below! 

Now, it’s time to grow your YouTube channel now!


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