How to Optimize YouTube Playlist to Grow Your Channel?

Last updated December 29, 2020

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How to Optimize YouTube Playlist to Grow Your Channel

YouTube Playlist is one of the most effective tools to organize your YouTube videos as well as allowing viewers to find their favorite videos that are relevant to a similar topic they are looking for.

But do you know that optimizing playlist helps to grow your YouTube channel faster and better?

Down here and find the answer now!

How Do You Make a Playlist on YouTube?

Creating playlists on YouTube is quite simple. Just enter your Profile, search for the Video Manager, and then click on Playlists. Or click here for a clearer view.

Why Create Playlists?

As mentioned above, YouTube Playlist allows you to group a collection of videos and ensures YouTube visitors can easily find suitable content.

The next benefit is the “watch time” and “session duration.” When playlists automatically play all the videos in that playlist, more viewers watch time and a longer overall session time will be counted that is good for growing your YouTube channel page.

Last but not least, playlists play a vital role in video SEO because they can rank for the main keywords that audiences often search for on YouTube’s search bar.

Create a new playlist
Create a Playlist

How to Optimize YouTube Playlists?

For obtaining the benefits above, you need to read all the steps below in order to optimize each playlist perfectly.

Use 4-7 videos about a topic together with an intro in every playlist

If you are going to add videos to your playlist, about 50 ones or more, please stop this idea instantly, or no one will watch it.

In fact, sticking to 4-7 favorite videos per playlist is better because this provides viewers enough content to achieve the aim you outline in your playlist title.

For the best results, each individual video needs to link to the next and be relevant to a specific topic. That might make viewers binge-watch your videos as watching an episodic TV series. Additionally, you should add a video as an intro or teaser to your playlist to attract more visitors.

Add your best videos to your YouTube playlist

When adding a new single video to a playlist, YouTube will automatically bring it to the bottom. But if you want to organize the videos strategically, you can totally change it.

  • Use the Creator Studio to examine the stats on every video in the playlist at first.
  • Then concentrate on the videos with the best watch time, audience retention, etc., or videos with a good conversion. In case you catch a video that comes with a higher watch time than others, you should bring it in front because more watch time means higher rankings.
  • Replacing the order of the videos in the playlist is a piece of cake. Just navigate them in the Video Manager and drag the necessary video into a suitable position.

Write attractive titles and proper description

Do not create generic and boring titles for your playlist like “Birthday Cake Recipes” or “Hip Workouts.” Instead, it’s best to write captivating titles that can emphasize the benefits someone will find from your playlist; for example, “1-minute Birthday Cake Recipes” or “How to Get a Curved Hip Within 4 Weeks.”

Since YouTube cannot get information from the video itself, it mainly relies on the information in your description to know what it is. So, you need to write a description that supports your title and summarizes why this playlist is worth watching.

Write attractive titles and proper description

Keep in mind that the more information you write out, the better the result is. Here are some suggestions that you should include:

  • Shoot a summary of 200-500 words
  • Add powerful call to action
  • Add a “Subscribe Here!” link
  • Link out to external URLs and social media
  • Channel upload defaults
  • Select the proper category

Create thumbnails

Like creating a thumbnail for every YouTube video, you should make one for your playlist to help get your next playlist clicked. 

Think of the thumbnails like the cover of a book, and you need to consider eyes, excitement, and emotion when creating them.

  • Eyes – Visual factors are the first and foremost thing audiences will notice.
  • Excitement – How the thumbnail attracts viewers to click.
  • Emotion – How the thumbnail makes a connection with your audiences.

Or you can use the thumbnail from your video and then set it as a playlist thumbnail to make a consistency between your videos and playlists.

Optimize keywords to playlists

By optimizing keywords to playlists, your playlists can rank in YouTube’s search results and then lead to more views. Additionally, they provide YouTube insights on the content of each video in the playlist.

For instance, assume you just created a video about making a birthday cake. Based on your video’s title, description, and tags, YouTube might have an idea of what your video is.

Although writing tags doesn’t seem vital as titles and descriptions, they still help provide valuable information about every video.

If your video is about baking a cake, here are some tags you should include like cake, baking, bake a cake, how to bake a cake, cake recipe, frosting, best cake recipe, etc.

Check privacy settings

Like YouTube videos, you are able to set your playlists as either unlisted, public or private.

  • An unlisted playlist can be seen and shared by anyone who has a playlist URL link.
  • A public one can be watched and shared by everyone.
  • A private one can be seen by only you or anyone you invite.

Additionally, don’t forget to examine your account settings by tapping on your profile icon and select the gear icon in case you want to show activity feeds when you update or add a new playlist.

Do You Think That You Can Do Well?

Definitely YES. As long as you follow what we discussed how to optimize the YouTube playlist above, you soon grow your YouTube channel successfully.

Once again, we hope this article was helpful, and we’d love to hear any thoughts or any comments or any advice from you. Don’t mind sharing them here so that we can help other YouTube creators optimize their YouTube channels.


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