Design a beautiful and professional youtube cover in 2020

Last updated December 29, 2020

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Design a beautiful and professional youtube cover

YouTube is the largest video social network today, not just a place to store and share entertainment videos for everyone. Aside from making money on Youtube, Youtube has now become an effective advertising-marketing way because of its enormous users and community, where everyone can watch videos anywhere and anytime around the world. 

Now, many advertisers and business owners have begun using Youtube as a potential channel that promotes their brand. Most of the big businesses have a separate youtube channel to attract target audiences and increase brand identification like Coca-cola, Apple, Samsung, etc.

And the fastest way to approach customers is through the images, of course, those images must be impressive and involve all the messages that want to convey to the customers. 

Therefore, designing a unique, simple, eye-catching YouTube banner to promote the brand is becoming more and more difficult.

YouTube banners in general and Youtube covers, in particular, are an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression on first-time visitors. It acts as the face of the video.  If the idea of a YouTube banner design stands out, it makes no small decision on whether your video is viewed or converts visitors into your channel’s subs faithfully. 

For small businesses, the demand for creating YouTube banners is becoming essential, since this is a factor that represents the competitive advantage of each enterprise.

The first good impression of the target customers is a condition for promoting your brand on YouTube, which means you’ve fascinated a lot of audiences that interact with your channel. 

So take advantage of this foundation and use the best ways to plan effective marketing. But firstly, you need to read through this article to know how to set up a beautiful Youtube banner or cover.

1.Standard size.

The display size on a computer, phone, or tv is different, so you must select a reasonable size to upload the most beautiful image. 

Here is the standard for Youtube cover files and sizes:

  • The best size for all devices: 2560 X 1440 px
  • The minimum size for uploaded photos: 2048 x 1152 px
  • The minimum safe zone for text and logo: 1546 x 423 px. Larger images may cut on some views or devices. 
  • The max-width: 2560 x 423 px. With this width, the “safe zone” of the images is always visible regardless of the screen size. The areas on each side of the channel image may be visible or cut depending on the browser size.
  • The file size: 6MB or less.
youtube cover
Channel art template 

2.Designing logo bases on these above standards:

You have already known the standards of Youtube cover image size. What you need is to design an image based on that and adjust the graphics appropriately to prevent your banner from losing its aesthetic.

You should let all the components that you want customers to see don’ t lose when Youtube changes the display size on different devices to the safe Area (Text And Logo Safe Area). 

Safe area (Text And Logo Safe Area) is an area that images display fully and optimally on all different devices.

3.Identify brand and target customers.

What brand do you want to reach?

You need to identify accurately the highlights of the brand you want or the messengers you want to convey to the users.

What happens if your youtube banners don’t convey a specific brand message?

You will lose the opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers and followers. The perfect YouTube Banner not only shows who you are but also shows the highlight of the brand you own. 

Considering target customers is an essential element if you want to design a Youtube banner successfully.

When you understand which groups of customers are most likely to buy your products or use your services in the market, you have more chances to design banners that satisfy them. 

Therefore, you should have detailed information about your target customers.

Researching the market to have a look at who is the ideal customer of your products/services is the best method. 

4. Choose a suitable design.

Make it impossible for your customers to see Youtube cover images without clicking. Increase your viewers and subscribers on your YouTube channel through cover images. 

What do you want to show to viewers? What fields or styles you want to reach?

Banners should design so that images, colors, or symbols must harmoniously coordinate to have the highest aesthetic to attract viewers.

You can design your own Youtube cover by

youtube cover
 A beautiful design will impress the user

5.Add the social network link and brand logo.

You can add links to your social networking pages on your channel banner. 

On your computer, go to “Your Channel” and click “Customize channel“.

Hover over “The link” cover image, then click the Edit icon.

Click + (the add button).

Enter the title and URL of the website you want to link. You can add up to five links. 

Click “Done“.

youtube cover

  The links you add here will appear below the description, along with the icon from the respective social network. Viewers can click on these buttons to visit websites and social media accounts to learn the details.

6.Simple design.

Whatever the design you make it simple, let’s focus on the core, eliminate unnecessary things. 

Whether the viewer has wasted time viewing a banner with too many elements (multiple colors, images, or text)?

Simple but effective… Firstly, attention must be given to the viewer, followed by the stimulus to learn and ultimately make the viewer take action.

Therefore, design a banner that indicates your purpose, not only focuses on many target customers but also reach as many customers as possible.

It’s all done, how do you post it to youtube? 


Sign in to your Youtube channel account.

Click the thumbnail icon in the upper-right corner, then select Your Channel.

Click anywhere in the cover photo area, then load (or drag and drop) the image you’ve designed.

 A preview will appear to show you how the selected YouTube cover will be visible on different devices. At this, you can adjust the crop (zoom in and out) to change the size.

Click “Select” when you are satisfied with your image. 

Here are some ways that can help you to set up a professional Youtube cover that makes an impression on your customers with your brand. Let’s find out about this carefully!


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