How do you make money on YouTube?

YouTube is a giant platform developed by Google that allows you to post videos for storing and sharing with others, the community to watch, or keep them private for you.

With Industry 4.0 and the popularity of the internet, the impact of YouTube is huge for us and it is considered by many young people to be the fastest and easiest way to make money from video content. 

If you now type in the Google search box the keyword “YouTube money”, within 0.35s you will get about 39 million search results on countless websites, sharing blogs, videos,… on how to make money on YouTube. This statistic shows the attractiveness of making money on YouTube today, especially for young people.

Can you make money on YouTube? Of course…

Nowadays, watching online videos has become an indispensable habit for users in the world, leading to the formation of the YouTube content development community. Since then, the potential of “making money with YouTube” has become wide open and attracted a great deal of interest from many age groups. Many people are willing to give up a job with a stable income to follow the path of “starting a business from YouTube”.

Although this is not a very promising job too much,  certainly everyone wants to make money and achieve success by doing what they love freely and achieving an unlimited income. Above all, this form of making money often has very little risk if you fail.

If you want to know how to make money on YouTube, read this article carefully to find out!

1. Make money from the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner has always been one of the most popular forms of monetization because it is easy to get started with little or no capital. Besides, this form has the durability, potential income & a high reputation. To participate in the program, your channel must be approved by YouTube to enable the monetization function.

First, to get started, you need to have a YouTube channel, if you still do not know how to create a channel, learn here:

Next, update videos on your channel, but to start making money, your YouTube channel must be eligible to enable monetization.

Following YouTube’s current policy in 2020 to enable monetization, the user must be a YouTube Partner and must ensure minimum conditions:

  • Your channel gets 4000 watch hours and has at least 1000 subscribers (in 12 months).
  • Users must have an Adsense account to receive payment (you will have this account during registration to enable monetization).

It is the first condition to be registered to enable monetization on YouTube, if your YouTube channel meets the above two requirements, you can enable monetization, but you need to wait for about 15 – 30 days for YouTube approval, maybe faster or longer.

=>>>>> Learn more about the 7 best ways to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for YouTube channel?

However, for your channel to be approved, your videos must be clean and not violate the YouTube Partner Program Policies.

YouTube Partner is a program that helps you make money by placing ads on the videos you upload.

Google Adsense allows brands (website owners with visits or views) to place ads (including banner text, images) on your website or video and they will pay you when users Click on that ad. You will receive money with:

– Every 1000 impressions (CPM)

– Each click on the ad (CTR)

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views or every click on ads?

The amount you receive depends on the video content (such as in the field of finance, beauty, cars often get more money) and the country of the people who click that ad. (Countries like the US or Europe will bring bigger income).

It’s simple right? The more people watch the videos you upload, the easier it will be to make money. With this form of making money, I recommend that you focus on video content (unique, creative, on hot topics…) or you can shoot and make your videos (vlog, product review video, or everything you think will be watched by many people…).

How much money do YouTubers make?

You think… Making YouTube videos can make a lot of money, but not really if you do not have a plan and careful preparation.

PewDiePie is a famous YouTuber in the world, he earns millions of dollars a year, thanks to his YouTube channel, but to do so, he must constantly publish videos with impressive content to serve hundreds of millions of viewers

2. Make money from YouTube with Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a form of online business similar to the model of collaborators. In other words, it is a collaborative model, but it is “optimized” and “technologized”. With this form, you can find product distributors that use affiliate programs, sign up, and promote their products, you will get a commission.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is a form of promotion in which you, those who have a YouTube channel, will promote products and items of brands such as Amazon, Shareasale, eBay… When customers buy through your affiliate link, you will be paid a commission for that order. YouTube content creators can make videos with review content, product experiences, and provide viewers with the most genuine product information. If the customer is watching the video and wants to buy the product, you can suggest placing a link in the description of the video or letting it appear naturally in your video.

In short, combining Affiliate Marketing with YouTube can be said to be an extremely effective and potential channel. You see the growth in the number of users and the time they spend every day watching YouTube, it can be seen that this is a market with a lot of potentials to exploit and develop when the competitors are not too many, pioneers will have more opportunities. 

Choosing a niche market and dominating that market will help you succeed in this affiliate marketing field.

3. Make money from business or sales on YouTube.

You can see that YouTube is a social network of videos with a huge number of viewers and is considered the second search engine behind Google. This is a great opportunity for you to combine your business, sales, branding, and advertising your products with little (or no) marketing cost. Thanks to YouTube, you can introduce your products honestly, easily, … Thereby reaching out and persuading more customers.

It’s simple right? You just need to create videos with attractive content about the products you want to trade, regularly update the videos about your products to have a stable customer base and find more customers.

 Above is the culinary YouTube channel of Gordon Ramsay, who is a famous chef and has a great influence in the UK’s food industry. He often shoots culinary videos uploaded to his channel and sells cooking courses through the link in the video’s description.

4. Make money from the support of the viewers

If you decide not to advertise at all, you can ask viewers to donate money directly to you via video content, or through description with links, but this is an unpopular way to make money for YouTubers.

We hope the article will help you better understand how to start a YouTube channel and make money from it, how YouTubers make money, and what you need to do if you want to become a YouTuber.

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