TOP 12 Best Customer Review Sites for Businesses in 2024

Last updated November 23, 2023

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Top 12 best customer review sites

A stellar rating on the best review site helps you push your brand’s credibility to a new height. Listing your company on these platforms can significantly enhance your online presence, effectively introducing your business to more potential customers. Below are the 12 best sites where you should create a profile to build trust and get closer to your target audience.

What Is The Best Review Site For Your Business? Top 12

TOP 1. Google Reviews (Google Search & Google Maps) – The Most Popular

Google reviews screenshot
Google is the most popular review site – Source: Charene Creative.

According to Hubspot, Google receives approximately 99,000 searches every second, making it the most dominant search engine so far. If your brand name appears at a high position in the Google ranking, customers tend to trust your business and make a purchase. 

Not only should you create a Google My Business profile, but also list your business information on Google Maps. Verifying your business identity and providing adequate information, such as your address, phone number, working hours, or photos, make it easier for local customers to find you, potentially driving more traffic.

Your rating, which is assessed based on a 5-star rating system, will be displayed on your business profile. Whether you earn a high or low rating will determine the customers’ first impression of your business. Therefore, do your best to gain as many positive comments as possible.

TOP 2. Trustpilot Reviews – Best Site To Connect With Customers

Trustpilot home page screenshot
Trustpilot is a famous review site

Another free review site you should consider is Trustpilot, which bridges the gap between businesses and their customers. This platform is open for everyone to share their thoughts on products or services while allowing you to respond to those comments. Up to now, it has gathered more than 167 million reviews for over 714,000 websites.

Customers can rate your business from 1 to 5 stars based on their hands-on experience. However, that’s not the whole story, as your identity will also have a say in their ratings. For example, if you don’t claim and verify your information or aren’t active for an extended time, your overall rating will be affected. 

Trustpilot commits to protecting your company’s trustworthiness by leveraging fraud detection software to detect fake reviews and allowing you to report shady comments. 

3. Yelp Reviews – Best For Local Businesses

Yelp screenshot
Yelp works best for local businesses – Source: Flickr.

If you are operating small businesses or running localized marketing campaigns, Yelp is the way to go. This site is mostly featured in search engines like Yahoo or Bing rather than Google. The registration process for businesses is free and straightforward, only requiring some details. What makes this platform the best fit for local businesses is its integrated map on the right side that supports users to search nearby stores or service providers.

Apart from basic functions like responding to customer reviews, business owners can collect useful data from this site, such as the monthly number of reviews or customer behavior after visiting your profile. For services that require bookings or appointments, Yelp even goes the extra mile with a reservation option on its website, streamlining the buyer journey and driving more leads for your company. 

What if you want to seize the top rankings on this site? Yelp offers paid advertising campaigns that push your listings to the top, which will be tagged as Sponsored Results.

4. Facebook Reviews – Best Social Media Platform

According to BusinessDIT, there are about 200 million businesses on Facebook. This whopping number is a testament to the effectiveness of this social platform in driving more sales. Besides Google, Facebook is another popular site that people turn to before making a purchase – all the more reason to polish your business page.

The only difference from other review websites is that Facebook users are unauthorized to rate a business but only leave written feedback and decide to recommend or not recommend it. With these insights, the platform will calculate your rating from 1 to 5 stars and display it on your business page.

That said, Facebook is not merely a review site; it creates a community where businesses can also post engaging content that resonates with their audience. Users can also reach out to your business directly via messaging so that you can address their needs more conveniently and personally.

5. G2 – Best For Technology Businesses

G2 reviews
G2 is the review site for software – Source: G2.

Are you planning a B2B marketing strategy? If yes, G2 can be of great help, especially for technology businesses. This site is the hub where companies list their software and are rated by real users. The listings on G2 are mostly web applications that businesses leverage to facilitate their operation and management, meaning that reviews on this platform are more trustworthy, as they mostly come from businesses rather than individuals. 

Comments will be based on a 5-star rating system, clarifying whether users like or dislike the software and what problems they are facing. While a free subscription grants you access to basic profile abilities, you have to pay for more advanced functions, like review promotion or data analytics tools.

6. TripAdvisor – Best For Traveling Services

Tripadvisor home page screenshot

TripAdvisor is no stranger to globetrotters, with about 1 billion reviews and ratings as of 2022, according to Statista. With such a massive user community, traveling services, like tour providers, hotels, holiday homes, spas, restaurants, coffee shops, and other entertainment businesses, will significantly benefit from it. Many search engines like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo feature Tripadvisor on their search results, potentially driving tons of traffic to your business. 

When listing your profile, pay close attention to the address and photos. The specific address assists travelers in finding the nearest destination, while high-quality and visually appealing photos may increase foot traffic to your business. TripAdvisor also integrates a booking function to facilitate visitors’ reservation process and allows you to run ads to promote your brand.

7. Sitejabber – The Most User-Friendly Platform

Sitejabber banner with stars
Sitejabber is an SEO-friendly review platform

Though not a widely known name, Sitejabber has been a long-standing review site since 2007. This site is praised as a user-friendly platform with easy-to-use features and a fair, transparent review system. You can easily report fraud or scams to keep fake reviews from ruining your brand’s credibility. 

Established itself as an SEO-friendly platform, Sitejabber optimizes review content with relevant keywords to boost your ranking. Your profile listing is now like your business card, increasing the brand’s reputation and driving more leads.

8. Amazon – Best Site To Reach More Customers

Since its debut in 1994, Amazon has become an industry-leading e-commerce platform, empowering hundreds of millions of users to share their feedback about various products. This is a promising land to cultivate more traffic and lead to your business. In fact, some people browse Amazon instead of Google whenever they want to buy a new product. 

Therefore, the more positive reviews and higher ranking your product listing gains, the better chance it can reach more potential customers. Amazon has done a great job maintaining its transparency by marking real buyers as Verified Purchases; your business will be better protected from scams or fraudulent comments.

9. Foursquare – Best To Drive More Foot Traffic

foursquare screenshot
Foursquare features a map for easy navigation – Source: Geoawesomeness.

Foursquare is a review app developed to assist users in finding a suitable local business or service provider. Like Yelp, this platform also features a map on its right side but sets itself apart with a check-in feature, which encourages users to check in at your business using incentives. This way, your business’s physical location can witness a surge in foot traffic if your listing on Foursquare comes out on top. 

The app will calculate your rating on a 10-point scale, factoring in not only customers’ reviews but also the number of likes and dislikes on other social media platforms. 

10. Judy’s Book – Best Paid Review Site

Designed with customers in mind, Judy’s Book is free for buyers, while businesses have to pay to get their profile listed. However, you’ll get what you pay for, as the paid membership enables you to run promotional ads, add media and keyword analytics, track your competitors, etc., to increase your ranking and credibility.

On this Social Search tool, people can search for recommendations, reviews, and coupons for better deals. The best part is that users can add their favorite businesses to their “book” for future reference. The website assesses your trustworthiness based on a TrustScore, ranging from High, Medium, and Low. Even better, there is a KidScore from 1 to 100 to evaluate how kid-friendly your business is. These attempts are to offer users a more personalized and seamless experience.

11. Better Business Bureau – Best To Boost Your Brand’s Credibility

Better Business Bureau screenshot

Better Business Bureau evaluates your business based on various factors – Source: Search Engine Land.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is designed to evaluate a company’s credibility as a whole, as the website takes into account various factors to rate your business from A to F. Some notable considerations to name are:

  • Customer reviews
  • The complaint history of the business with BBB
  • The category of the business
  • How long your company has been running
  • Your commitment to BBB
  • Business transparency
  • Advertising issues
  • Licensing or government actions

These best practices set the standards for the rating system, adding a layer of trust for customers, especially those in America, Mexico, and Canada. BBB says no to paid ad options to eliminate the bias in the dynamic content. Therefore, receiving a great rating on this review site is taking you a step closer to your potential customer.

12. Angi – Best For Home Service Providers

Formerly known as Angi’s List, the website now targets the home care industry, equipping homeowners with enough information to find the best home service providers, ranging from roofers, electricians, landscapers, plumbers, and more. Only registered users can leave comments, and their names and contact information will be public, reinforcing the authenticity of customers’ reviews. 

Your business will be rated based on an A-to-F scale, and those with excellent service that passes a background check can earn a Super Service Award as a testament to their credibility. Angi will notify you of negative reviews so that you can address customers’ issues and allow reviewers to update their feedback afterward.

How To Increase Positive Customer Reviews On These Sites

Be Transparent And Verify Your Business

Consumers tend to be on their guard against companies with unclaimed or unverified profiles. So, we recommend providing all the required information, as leaving your listing incomplete can raise suspicion among customers. For review sites like Google or Trustpilot, remember to verify your identity to increase your trustworthiness. This way, buyers are more likely to write a good review on your profile.

Respond To Customers’ Review Professionally

Responded a customer review on Trustpilot
Reply to customers’ reviews politely and professionally

While you can simply ignore customer feedback, it would help if you responded to them nicely. Start by expressing your gratitude to reviewers for choosing your products and spending time giving feedback. 

Don’t send everyone the same template; instead, try to personalize every response to make customers feel valued, like using their name and mentioning specific details in their comments or addressing their problems. At the end of the response, don’t forget to invite them back and encourage them to purchase more, which helps increase customer retention. This way also gives potential buyers a positive impression that your business is professional and reliable.

Send Invitations With Incentives (If Possible)

Never be afraid to ask for constructive feedback! Take the initiative by sending your customers an email or SMS invitation to review your product or service. However, there is a good chance that these invitations will go to spam, so it’s advised to keep your message short and sweet. It’s even better if you can offer them incentives as a token of gratitude.

Learn How To Deal With Negative Reviews

We all agree that negative reviews take a great toll on your rating and trustworthiness. So, how can you deal with them? First, respond to those comments in a calm and professional tone, showing your genuine apology and acknowledgment of their problems. Then, you can negotiate with them on how to solve the issues. 

However, not every business can respond to a large number of bad reviews, and some buyers might be aggressive and not want to reach an agreement. In such cases, you can buy reviews to overshadow those negative ones. Authentic positive reviews from organic users can go a long way in handling nasty comments while boosting your overall rating.


Above are the 12 best review sites you should consider to add your business listings. They are the gateway to build a closer connection with customers, potentially attracting more traffic. It’s best to list your profile on various review platforms to expand your online presence.


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