YouTube SEO: 5 optimal Steps to rank Youtube videos in 2020

Last updated December 29, 2020

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Youtube SEO

Did you finish a video with impressive youtube content? Do you think your video can attract millions of viewers? Youtube SEO is very important to optimize the search engine youtube.

If you want your video to get more views, subscribers, and increase traffic from YouTube to rank top, it means that reaching more people. In addition to having great content, this article has everything you need.

Do you know how to optimize youtube videos?

If not yet let me help you, there are many ways to do that and I will share with you all ways to optimize youtube videos that I have successfully applied.

What is Youtube SEO?

Youtube SEO is a technique that includes many actions to make your videos more friendly with the YouTube search engine. Thereby helping the video to rank higher when users search for the corresponding keyword.

 STEP 1: Research the keywords for Youtube SEO

First, keyword research is the step you need to take. You must know what keywords users are interested in and want to find out. Here, we will show you how to find the exact keyword for YouTube videos:

Write down a list of potential keywords:

Write down a list of keywords and find the best keywords on this list.

One of my favorite methods is to use YouTube’s Search Suggest feature.

What to do is to type a word or phrase into the search bar on Youtube, it will show a series of suggestions.

Create a list of keywords from YouTube’s search suggestions

These are the keywords you can use to optimize YouTube videos for SEO and make money on youtube thanks to them. Because the search demand for these keywords is very high.

How do you feel? Very simple, right?

The suggested keywords are very reliable. Because these keywords are based on a high number of searchers. Therefore, it is unnecessary to care whether these keywords are popular or not. Definitely yes.

You can see videos which are hot in the same field and copy the keywords that videos are optimized.

Keyword optimization is very important in YouTube SEO tips. If a video has a lot of views and it’s always been recommended, it’s likely that the video is optimized for exactly one popular search keyword.

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So how to know which keywords are optimized to copy? I will explain it now.

Search for keywords which are optimized for Video

To do this, go to another channel in the same field.

Then arrange the videos in the channel according to the “Most popular” option. The video is displayed in the order of the views from high to low.


Next, select a video from the list, of course, that video is related to the topic you choose.

Finally, look for optimized keywords in this video. Check keywords in the title, description, and video tag.

You can add some impressive keywords from the Youtube report. “Traffic Source: Youtube Search”. This report shows all the keywords that YouTube users use to find your videos.

These may be keywords that you already know and have optimized. However, sometimes you will find keywords that you forgot.

Step 2: Choose the most appropriate YouTube SEO keywords from the list

After you have a list of keywords, you need to choose the keywords that work best.

You should optimize keywords with low competition. It is very important if your channel does not have many subscribers. These will be the initial keywords to help you make money on Youtube.

If you try to optimize highly competitive keywords, your video may be so hard to appear in the search results on Youtube.

Look for the less competitive keywords. Are you wondering how to find them? I will explain it below.

Look for the less competitive keywords

How to find them? You just need to type your keywords and check the “About results” section.

The higher the number, the higher the competition keyword. In contrast, “About results” is low. The low or high ratio will depend on each field you make.

Tip: find keywords with Google

High views often come mostly from the YouTube channel itself. Your videos can increase views many times more if you can rank high on Google. Thus, you can increase the ability to make money from Youtube.

How? I will reveal it to you shortly.

Optimize your video with Google search. If you notice, you will see that Google only shows videos with certain keywords. Google only uses a part of the front page for videos.

How to identify these keywords?

You just need to type your desired keyword into the Google search bar. Then you check to see whether the keyword appears in any YouTube videos.

After finding the keywords of the video, see the number of keyword searches. Look for keywords that have a number of searchers at least 100-1000 times per month on Google. Use Google Keyword Planner to find key keywords.

Why look for keywords which have a high number of searchers?

If you can get to the TOP video on Google, the keyword with a high number of searchers will bring quality traffic to the video and then to your channel.

These are the ways I usually do and it has brought me unbelievably effective.

Step 3: Increase high-retention to optimize YouTube channel and increase the ability to make money on Youtube

If you want to rank your videos, besides attracting users to your channel. You need to keep viewers watching the video. The more time a user spends watching your video, the better Youtube appreciates your video.

The user’s watch time on your video is called Audience Retention.

Youtube has stated:

  • “Audience Retention” greatly affects rankings on YouTube.


  • “Your goal is to get the audience retention number as close to 100% as possible. Because it means that users stay to watch your entire video. if the video has sustained high audience retention and watch time, the chance that it appears in the YouTube search bar is more often and recommendations are higher.

YouTube simply wants to keep users from watching your videos longer so that the opportunity that users click on ads will be higher. That’s what YouTube wants, if you can do it, YouTube tends to rank your video higher in search results.

Have you thought of the right way to keep users watching your videos?

Or how to create high-retention for videos?

Of course, video content is really valuable and interesting, that is all you can create high-retention videos.

Remember that if your video is sloppy, even optimizing for youtube SEO, your videos will not rank high.

Audience retention is one of the factors that greatly affect YouTube’s ranking algorithm.

5 other factors affect YouTube ranking

Comment below the video

If someone interacts, comments under your video, then YouTube will rate:

  • This is a quality video, users are interested in this video.

Subscribe after watching the video

Subscribing to your channel after watching the video is a good signal. It shows your videos are great, and your channel has lots of great videos for them to watch later.

My experience is that if you encourage viewers to subscribe at the end of the video, you can often get a lot of subscribers.

Share the video

Are your videos shared by users on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Do you think users will share a boring video?

Therefore, when someone shares your video, YouTube will appreciate your video content, which means your video will rank up.

So link your video to various social networking sites to increase shares and “viral” for video.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

What does it mean?

When someone searches for your keywords on Youtube, what results will they click on? Is your video or someone else’s?

The clickthrough rate for your video when searching for a keyword is called “Click-Through-Rate”, and the higher the number, the better.

Youtube analyzes and evaluates your video because this is a useful video, consistent with the intent of the viewer, so makes many people click.

If people skip your video, your rankings may drop. One way to increase the CTR is to design the thumbnail and give the video a prominent title.


Raising the CTR helps videos get good ratings on Youtube.

Thumbs up / Thumbs down

Thumbs up / Thumbs down will show the user reaction to the video.

Thumbs up show users’ favorite, satisfied with the video, press “like” for your video. In contrast, Thumbs down shows that the user does not like the video.

As a result, user reaction also affects rankings and recommendations for your videos.

Video length

This is also a factor that affects the ranking of your video, long videos often provide enough information that users want.

In fact, most of the TOP videos on YouTube are mostly long videos.

We should not impose the length of the video, we should do good content for the video. As long as the video has impressive content, matching the search, the user will watch.

You can track all of these metrics in Youtube Analytics, so you know how to improve your videos better.

Now, all we need to do is to search optimize your YouTube videos. 

Step 4: YouTube SEO Optimization to get high rankings

Optimizing Youtube SEO here makes Youtube recognize the topic that the video you want to talk about by mentioning the main keyword in the video.

Where do you think the main keyword should be inserted?

Pay attention!

Video title

The video title (title) should contain the main keyword that needs SEO Optimization and have at least 5 words. Write exact keywords that need SEO and do not write keyword stuffing.

The advice for you is that you should put keywords in the first position of the title.

The description

The description is very important.

Video description helps Youtube and Google identify videos better. From there the video ranking will be higher and the video will be highly recommended.


Optimize the description to increase video rankings


  • Use keywords within the first 25 words.
  • The length of at least 250 words
  • Repeat keywords with relevance to avoid being rated as spam by google


Tag is not an important factor but should have.

You should tag the main keyword, the keywords related to the main keyword, tag the topics that the video talks about.

In short, just tag a few keywords to support Youtube and Google to identify your video topic.


  • Tagging with the main keyword not only helps to compete for the main keyword but also helps your video appear in the related video section.
  • Do not use tags like competitors. When the video is viewed with the same tag as your video, it will be added to the sidebar.

That is all the knowledge to optimize Youtube Seo. And this is the last step and also the step that many people overlook – Promote video.

Step 5: Promote youtube videos effectively

All the factors mentioned above are essential. However, for YouTube to measure those factors, it must first have views for the video.

Here are some ways to get views for your video:

Mention your videos on Quora and other Q&A forums

Quora, forums are popular sites on the web. But be careful.

If you access the web only to post spam content, you will be immediately locked out of your account.

That’s why you want to connect to Youtube videos. You will increase the amount of quality views.

You should think:

You post videos where users are searching for the topic you’re talking about. Users who have watched one of your videos will see more videos to better understand the topic.

Link to your video in the email signature

The audience who wrote you an email must be very interested and expect to receive interaction from you. Every week, I also receive emails from subscribers about the videos I post.

They often ask some questions or review videos, suggestions.

And if you receive emails similar to that, don’t forget to add the latest video link to your email signature in order to get more clicks and quality views.

Embed videos in blog post

If you’re writing a blog post, don’t forget to embed the video anywhere in the post. This is also a revolutionary way to bring quality traffic and views.

Youtube Playlist 

Has your video been added to the Playlist yet? If not, your task is to create and add your videos to the appropriate playlist group.

Youtube Playlist can put videos together on the same topic that are not your videos. Creating a YouTube Playlist can bring a lot of views.

You can do the following:

  • #1: Watch videos on the same topic as yours
  • #2: Find videos with the same topic
  • #3: Create Playlist
  • #4: Add playlists to your Youtube channel

Do you understand? Create a Playlist with the same topic as other videos, you will get no small benefit.

Optimize your channel page

Optimize Youtube channel to have better rankings:

  • Your channel is rated better by YouTube
  • Good optimization channel means that your channel has many subscribers so that the video improves your rankings on Youtube

The important thing is the channel description, write your content well! Do not forget to put the main keyword in the description, avoid “Spam” or stuffing keywords.


The above article is all of the experiences that I have drawn. I hope this article will be helpful to you, help you know how to optimize YouTube SEO effectively.

Thereby increasing your video ranking, contributing to supporting the work of making money on Youtube.

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