The 7 best ways to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for YouTube channel

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For a person who has just started to build a YouTube channel in business or making money, is it is important to increase the views, subs, likes, comments,… Because it greatly affects the development of the channel later, such as whether your YouTube channel is enabled for monetization or not?

Attracting more people to interact with the channel will make it easier to make money. If you know how to take advantage of it, earning a huge income from Youtube is entirely possible. Previously, when Youtube had not tightened policies, increasing views, subs, or watch hours could be easily implemented. But now, YouTube has changed the policy to target videos that have truly quality content for viewers.

Perhaps as a YouTuber, you will find it difficult to spend hours sitting on your computer every day, but the watch hours and subscribers on your channel do not change.

However, it’s not like what you think, you just need to follow the ways below, through this article. EazyViral will introduce readers about how to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for YouTube channel effectively, safely, naturally in the long term.

1. Attract your audience with avatars and cover photos

Have you ever thought …

Will an impressive YouTube cover photo help you increase views for your channel …?

Of course, yes, besides posting and sharing videos, YouTube can also change the interface including avatar and cover. If you are a person who uses social networks, you will surely enjoy the impressive visual interface, which creates curiosity and stimulates your learning. People are more attracted to beauty.

Have you ever thought…

Everyone is different, they are diverse in thinking and hobbies, but they have one thing in common, that is, like to find, experience, discover beauty.

You’ve finished shooting and editing videos, but you don’t know how to convey the messages in the video to your audience. One of the advantages of owning an official YouTube channel is that you can upload your cover photo. It plays an important role in the face of the video and determines whether your video is viewed or not. Therefore, no matter how eager you are to present your video to viewers, do not forget this small but important detail.

These images will describe a certain message or channel content, and bring a unique feature of your own.

On ShutterStock you can find many great cover photo design

If you are a designer, so great. You will design your photos. If not, you should get help from some free tools to support this such as:

– Photoshop CS6
– PhotoScape
–, ….

The recommended size for photos:

– Profile image: 800 X 800 px

– Cover photo: 2560 X 1440 px

Read this post for more details about how to make the best YouTube cover photo

2. Quality content is very important

Today, YouTube is the largest video social network where users spend hours watching videos every day.

Will you take the time to watch a boring video …?

Or spend that time on doing something more useful …?

Therefore, you should update 1 video with attractive content. Users tend to watch videos that are new, unique, or appropriate to their needs. You need to pay attention to the gender of your audience to know a particular group on which they lean, find out the age of your audience, the geographic location of the country, or the city where your videos are watched. What is your audience (children or adults, …), or how time watches?

You need to come up with the idea for the topic you want to make a video like:

Video about product review: you need to experience the product, know what the product has, whether the product is good or not, …
Videos about regional cuisine: You must understand the characteristics and eating habits of each region, each dish has its own unique identity and characteristics …
Vlog: You will record all that you think will be viewed, such as daily diary, daily work, …

“Content is King” is the saying of Bill Gates

Have you ever thought of how to get 4000 watch hours or is how to get 1000 subscribers You think your video will have the best content when it is posted, and it will attract viewers? But with thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, will your video content be as informative and entertaining as other videos? Can that video provide an answer to many questions? Can it provide viewers with something that they can’t find in other videos? What is the value it brings to the viewer? We’re all very busy, so for our viewers to take the time to watch the video, its content must be cool and compelling.

Advice for you:

  • In the first stage, don’t be discouraged if your video doesn’t attract viewers. Keep trying to improve the video content. Just try and be determined, you will succeed.
  • Improve the quality of video through video editing software(images, audio, etc.), or video recording tools. This helps a lot to make a perfect video, which means you will attract many viewers.
  • A video that has good content often comes with a reasonable amount of time, not too long and not too short. Check each video, if the user drops at a certain point, edit the time to be more reasonable.
  • Video content should be constantly renewed because viewers often get discouraged if watching the same content over and over. You can make videos that tend to hit searchers’ minds on hot issues.

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3. The number of videos and time to upload

Once your channel has a certain number of followers, it is important to keep uploading videos. Viewers will be more interested in following a channel that regularly updates new videos on a certain schedule and maintains it. The more followers, the more number of videos uploaded to serve the audience.

I have a tip for you …

When the number of videos is high, add related videos to the playlist. A playlist may not have installed or many videos. And it’s also important that this playlist may contain only videos on your channel, or even videos are not on your channel.
As such, you can add many videos that have many views from other channels or top trending video to your playlist. The goal is to help videos on your channel to get recommendations from videos that are likely to gain more views during this time.

The videos are added to a list of 238 videos

Pay attention to the time to upload the video. You must publish your video at the best time to make your video available to the people, and make them watch your video anywhere. It is this moment that will help your video reach the maximum audience, help Youtube appreciate your video. From there, your videos have a better chance of getting recommended.

According to statistics of Frederator Networks, the company manages over thousands of YouTube channels that reach hundreds of millions of views each month. After analyzing uploaded videos and aggregating data, it draws the “golden time frame” for the highest YouTube views (in North American time).

  • From Monday to Wednesday: 2 pm to 4 pm
  • From Thursday to Friday: 12 noon to 3 pm.
  • From Saturday to Sunday: 9 am to 11 am. As such, the best days to share videos with high views on YouTube are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Those are for reference only. To know more precisely, you have to spend a little effort and time to try.

This is the way you should use to increase the watch hours or subscribers for youtube channel effectively, safely, and at a low cost. But note that you need to avoid the times that competitors often post to avoid competition.

4. Long-lasting effect with Youtube SEO

After Google, Youtube is the place with a very high number of searchers. It is like a website, you need SEO to optimize YouTube channel. That helps your channel get high rankings when everybody searches it. When your channel is at the top, it increases your chances of reaching a large audience.

Simply when you search for the keyword ” Buy iPhone 11 pro max ”. If your video is in the top search, you are more likely to sell than your competitors.

To SEO a YouTube channel to the top, the factors you need to optimize:

    • Optimize keywords: The title should contain the main keywords, keywords with a lot of searchers so that the search engine of YouTube is easy to identify, and tag the videos with keywords describing the content of it. Insert the main keywords that describe your video, but avoid abuse, don’t make it look like spam.
    • Optimize channel description: The video description must be short, and provide all the information that the video wants to convey to the viewer. In this section, you can put some information about yourself (name, email or contact phone number), or links to websites, social networks

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5. Through social networks

In the era of technology 4.0, major social networks are free to use such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, … They have a large number of users, so through that to promote their channel. You can share your videos on personal pages, groups, or forums that have a few thousand or a few tens of thousands of members. As long as your video attracts viewers, it will be shared more widely.

Think: Do users share a video if it is of poor quality?

So when your video is shared, Youtube reviews it as a video with quality content, which helps your video to be more recommended.
So, you should link your youtube channel to social networks to increase trust and viral to the audience, thereby increasing sharing


One more thing, social networks are strong and fast spread in the user community. If you make good use of it, it will bring a great source of traffic to your channel.

6. Giving gifts and discount codes to the audience

You have a large number of followers, and you want to become friendlier in the eyes of fans …

How to do that?

First, you can give them gifts, vouchers or documents. It helps you become more sympathetic and closer to the audience. People often enjoy it when they get more benefits than others, but it is less expensive. Thereby increasing interaction with your channel through comments, like, share, which helps Youtube evaluate channel rankings better.

Second, you need to create live video sessions for your channel. There, you can talk, confide, or ask the audience questions. People will understand you, and you will understand what people want. Thereby, you improve better to serve the wishes of the audience.

For example, if you are a blogger, your updated videos are usually courses. Sharing some instructions or discount codes just for your followers will make them excited, trust, and maybe they will recommend your channel to others. And if you are a famous artist, you need to interact with fans in real life, so is it in the Youtube community.

7. Get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers fast via the service

If you’ve tried all of the above but it doesn’t work, that’s okay because we can help you through the service “buying watch hours and subscribes.”

This is the way Youtubers often use. However, YouTube is increasingly tightening the policy. So if you want to use these services, you need to research carefully, choose reputable places to avoid spending money, and only get worse.

You can refer to our service here:


Apart from the ways above, there are still many ways to increase the views, subscribers, and watch hours for YouTube channel. But the best way is that you should prioritize your investment carefully in content. That is the most durable and effective way to develop the Youtube channel. I wish you success in developing your Youtube channel and making much money from it.



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