How do I get 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube?

How do I get 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube?

The very first step to start monetizing your YouTube Channel is to get 4000 Watch Hours. So how to get it? Let’s find out in this post.


How do I get 4000 hours on YouTube?

1. What is YouTube Watch Hours?

Before October 2012, YouTube’s primary factor in ranking videos was total number of views. However, when YouTube updated their algorithm shortly after, Watch Hours became the one and only factor.

Watch Hours (or audience retention, as it’s popularly called in YouTube analytics) is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos. Ideally, videos topping in this matric result in higher overall viewing sessions.

With an increase in watch hours, YouTube will be more likely to promote your video through search and recommended videos, which results in more views.


The higher your watch hours, the more views you will get.

Now that you understand YouTube’s watch time metric, let’s look at the tactics below that will help increase your total watch hours.

2. How do I get 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube?

We all know the importance of Watch Hours, but how to get this number up as quickly as possible is another story. YouTube startups, especially newbies, often have a hard time promoting their videos and usually struggle to find out the way. Us, EazyViral understands these difficulties, so let’s find out what you can do to boost Watch Hours on your YouTube channel.

#1. Focus On Valuable and Reviewable Contents

To get discovered on YouTube can be quite difficult. One of the ways to do that is for your content to appear in the search results. If you can answer questions, provide valuable information on topics people are searching for, especially if those topics are recent, for example, “Tips to get more YouTube Watch Hours”, “How to Build your Self-Esteem”,… etc, you can establish yourself in the search for those topics. Thus, the 4000 Watch Hours target will soon be reached.

And thanks to the practicality of those topics, your videos can last longer in terms of getting views, and Watch Hours. It may not be as “tempting” as viral content that gets lots of views in a very short period of time. But instead, your videos can boost views over a long period of time.

#2: Structure Channel Playlists In Interesting Sequences To Optimize Viewing Experience

Creating playlists for your YouTube videos is a way to guide potential viewers toward a longer viewing experience where they watch more of your best content.


How do I get 4000 hours on YouTube?

When you organize your videos in interesting sequences (as shown in the image above), viewers will be more likely to watch your other videos. This ultimately boosts watch hours, giving you a higher ranking on YouTube. 

If you use the playlist feature, be aware of your video’s intro and outro to avoid boring viewers which causes them to stop watching.

Tip: YouTube lets you link to related videos at the end of each video. To increase watch time, link to a themed playlist instead. When viewers click on the playlist URL, they’ll quickly be redirected to the playlist player.

#3. Optimizing your videos’ Titles and Thumbnails to get 4000 watch hours

The titles and thumbnails of your videos impact greatly your video views and rankings. More than 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnail images (Thumbnails have been selected, redesigned, not using the default cut from videos selected by Youtube). They serve as the primary trigger for viewers to click, and give a brief introduction of your contents. Choosing the right combination of thumbnails and titles can help you increase your watch time.

YouTube’s Creator Academy offers these suggestions for creating clickable thumbnails:

  • Choose an image that accurately reflects the content of your video so viewers know what to expect when they click. It’s important not to mislead viewers, because they’ll be more likely to be disappointed and stop watching.



A captivating thumbnail will draw viewers to your YouTube video.

  • Design an image that will compel viewers to click and see more.
  • Use both the thumbnail and title to tell an intriguing story.
  • Make sure your thumbnails will work effectively on both mobile and desktop.
  • Look at the Audience Retention reports for your videos to measure the effectiveness of your thumbnails. If you see a sharp drop off in the first 10-15 seconds, your video may not be delivering on the expectations suggested by the title and thumbnail.Your thumbnail, title, and description should give potential viewers a good reason to watch your video over others in your niche.

#4. Use Video End Cards

With this feature, your video must be at least 25 seconds long to be able to enable. The end  feature allows you to insert up to the last 20 seconds of the clip the elements suggesting the viewer to jump to another video – the linked one. This is relatively similar to the tag – however, the end card has a more intuitive, optimal, and easily switchable display.

Video ending cards are being limited with the monetization changes; you can still link to other videos on your channel, but you can’t link to off-site pages anymore. Still, end cards are like the poor man’s playlist; they lead the user to other videos or other options to watch, which can keep them circulating through your content for longer.


How do I get 4000 hours on YouTube?

Just keep in mind that posting a five-minute video with a 30-second end card means a “complete” view of the video is only 4:30 instead, so make sure to calculate potential watch time appropriately for people who skip out early.

#5. Support from EazyViral’s 4,000 Hours YouTube Watch Time Combo

If you’ve already applied all of those tips above but your channel still didn’t reach 4000 Watch Hours, or you want to monetize your channel as soon as possible, make sure to consider our 4,000 Hours YouTube Watch Time Combo. It’s super fast, super easy. All you need is to contact us through the hotline [hotline] , or make your purchase online via our website. Click [Link] to find out more!

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