14 ways to get more subscribers on your youtube channel

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How to get subscribers on youtube? If you have just started a youtube channel, it is not easy to increase the number of subscribers, even cause depression.

Do not worry, there are many ways to get more subscribers for free. In this article, I will share 14 ways to get the first 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel.

2.Create Playlist with Power Playlist

“Power Playlist” is a feature to create topic playlists based on search results.

It’s different from usual Playlist creation, just add the videos on the same topic.

It means that when you search for “EDM music”, the results will show the videos which is in the list of EDM songs. It is different from just typing “music”, it will show the songs based on music topics such as EDM, Rock, Bolero, …

The songs are in EDM genre
It helps everyone watch the whole list instead of watching one video on the same topic. Of course, users will subscribe to the channel to watch other videos on the next visit.

2.Upload longer videos (10 minutes or more)

You may have read many articles saying that uploading videos under 5 minutes is good, but according to a recent backlinko study of YouTube video ranking factors:

Of the 11 factors that can help videos rank up in YouTube’s search engine, long videos are always ranked high in YouTube search results.

It means that people tend to like to watch longer videos, the more times a video is displayed, the more views we get, and they are proportional to the number of subscribers.

The chart compares video rankings based on video length

3.Advertise other videos at the end of the video

The more users watch your videos, the higher the likelihood of subscribing to your channel.

So how to make users watch 2-3 videos or more?

It is simple to advertise your other video on the End screen of that video.

Take a look at the example below!

Advertise another two videos at the end of the video

You should spend about 10 seconds on the End screen to advertise your other videos, this way you will get more views and subscribers.

4.Create Subscribe Button = Branding WaterMark

Do you know you can add a “brand” button or call to action in your videos?

You can do that thanks to the “Branding WaterMark” feature.

If the user clicks on “Branding WaterMark” as the subscribe button as shown above, then the user will subscribe to your channel without having to exit the video screen.

That makes it easier for your channel to get more subscribers.

5.Focus on quality

What is Quality?

Do you know why users choose to watch your videos?

Your video must be worth watching, must provide enough information that the audience needs, the quality here is the video content and the characteristics of your channel. Instead of posting a series of videos without meaning, you should focus on quality.

6.Upload videos on a schedule

When you have a large number of subscribers, you should publish the video on a schedule.

Of course, audiences would prefer a channel that regularly publishes new videos rather than a channel at times.

7. Reply to all comments

Certainly, there are few Youtuber doing this.

Try it. It is the easiest way to get more subscribers.

Feel free to reply to the comments if you can, which creates more intimacy between your channel and audience.

8. Write impressive channel descriptions

If you are an audience, would you subscribe to the channel without any information?

On the contrary, look:

You see the difference, everyone knows the channel works with:

Channel theme

Channel information

The benefits of watching those videos

It is a sample of channel description you can refer to:

Put the search keywords in the description. It will make your video rank higher on Youtube.

9. Use Symbol and impressive cover image

Symbol channels are thumbnail images or signs that identify your channel.

So, if your channel is a brand, use it correctly, giving users an impression of your brand identity.

Besides, Youtube cover image is also one factor you cannot ignore.

See, you’ll know right away that the “Little Baby Bum” channel theme is children’s music through cover art.

Don’t wait any longer, create your own impressive Youtube cover image to get more subscribers on your channel.

10. Create a trailer to introduce the channel

A channel trailer is a short video you upload to make viewers quickly understand what your channel talks about.

Notice, most big YouTube channels have trailers.

The short and interesting channel trailers make viewers more excited because everyone usually wants to learn about the channel through videos more than reading text. Do not forget to add a call to action to subscribe at the end of the Trailer.


11. Optimize video with Watch time

Of course, Watch time is an essential ranking factor in the ranking of Youtube SEO.

Moreover, the videos with high watch time get always promoted and more recommended than other videos on the YouTube homepage.

But how to increase Watch time?

Keep viewers watching your video for as long as possible. It depends on your video content.

Or you can show action, insert funny icons, etc. to create excitement for viewers.

12. Embed videos in blog posts

Your blog is a quality subscriber source that you may forget.


If anyone reads your blog, they like your content. It means that they are willing to watch your video if it is on the blog.

That’s why you should embed videos in your blog wherever possible. Show your video content to people who are likely to subscribe to your channel.

13. Add Powerful CTA’s Into Your Videos

Create a strong call to action, or CTR, so users can come back or subscribe to your channel.

You think It is hard to do this, you are wrong. Youtube has made it easier by allowing video creators to add end screens to their videos.

End screens: A End screen like a screen in which a call to action will appear at the end of your video. You want to encourage viewers to subscribe, direct them to the next video, even promote your website or fundraising campaign. You can do all this with an end tag. The End screen allows you to choose from four different elements depending on your goals.

You should spend at least 10 seconds to display the End screen, as the example below the End screen consists of three elements: Click to subscribe to the channel, watch another video and watch the list of videos.

14. Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Search

It is a long-term and persistent way to get more subscribers on your channel. You need to search for quality keywords, optimize headlines, optimize descriptions, optimize tags, etc. If you do not know, read the Youtube SEO article that I wrote to better understand.

Through this article, I hope you will know how to get more subscribers on your channel. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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