Youtube ideas: TOP creative video ideas to try when making Youtube 2021

Last updated December 29, 2020

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youtube ideas

If you are a new Youtuber, success is not easy, most people have no idea or content for their Youtube channel.

With this article, I hope to help you solve the difficulties you encounter when starting a Youtube channel.

Read carefully, here are some interesting Youtube channel ideas, is the current trend.

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1.News aggregation Video

News is a big topic and has a great number of searchers all over the world.

You can choose this topic to make a Youtube video, then synthesize video content from newspapers such as The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The People’s Daily, … Next, you cut, edit, dub music as you like.

There is a creative trend that you can voice based on the content of an article or the article that you have compiled yourself. An important requirement for this topic is trendy, meaning if the news is both hot and fresh, you release the video as soon as possible.


2.Review technology equipment and its features

Have you ever bought a new device without watching at least a few review videos and reading review articles on the internet?

Of course, your research and learn a lot to make smart decisions on whether to buy or not.

The evaluation of technology products and its features is a popular, potential, and competitive field. If you’re good at explaining complex features and making your point, starting a review Youtube channel is something you should consider.

youtube ideas


3.Youtube channel idea about Toplist

If you pay attention, the topics of the video, articles about ranking, articles about listing, TOP, or BEST/MOST (most beautiful, strongest, weirdest …) are always viewed a lot.

 If you’re good at researching and can add voice-overs, creating a top-ranked YouTube channel won’t be a difficult task anymore. There are tons of channels including top 10, top 5, top XXX for something.

In general, you will have to collect videos and pictures of what you want to say and add explanatory voices or annotations on the screen (not recommended.)


4.Advice on health and fitness

The first place we usually get some health advice or workout plans is Google and Youtube.

However, if you need some better exercise, you should watch the videos with the guidance of the coach via video instead of written instructions.

Channels that are related to fitness and health are a huge success and if you have a story that connects with viewers, you will be able to rank high.

Remember that in case you guide people yourself, you need the professionalism and beautiful body,…

youtube ideas


5.Making a video to open the product box (Unboxing)

The unboxing videos are one of the most popular videos on YouTube and people love to watch them. 

“Unboxing” new products is a great video idea to make money, the implementation is also very simple.

You record a video with the new item or new product you just bought and open its box, accompanied by comments, actions that elicit curiosity and interest from viewers.

Thousands of channels make the same product and they get views and subscribers. If you’re good at discussing features and have some video editing skills, then this segment will be gold.

Some popular unbox channels such as toys, phones, and technology, …

youtube ideas


6.Review about restaurants and food

Are you a person who likes to eat interesting food?

However, don’t you know where to go to enjoy the dishes you want?

As a foodie, I spend hours looking at reviews of local places and food from different YouTubers. It makes me well-informed about recent restaurants or good food so I can go somewhere next time if I want to eat.

If you’re also a foodie and like to try new places and restaurants where you live, start your food review channel. It is easier to target the city you live in and the nearby local area.

bFfWlEH - Youtube ideas: TOP creative video ideas to try when making Youtube 2021


7.Cooking videos

Being a gourmet and being able to cook are two completely different things. If you have a passion for cooking and love making new recipes, this YouTube channel idea is for you.

The next time you cook something delicious, take the camera and start recording the food you cook. 

If your instructions are clear and the recipe is unique, it won’t be hard to get loyal followers and you may sell cooking lessons, for example.

youtube ideas


8.Video about “How to”

Start a YouTube channel that includes instructions on how to do something you think will get viewers. You can teach children how to draw an apple, how to fry an egg, or how to plant trees, etc. However, to do that, you need some experience and knowledge in that field.

youtube ideas


9.Jokes and swindle

If you are creative, confident in public, and can make funny jokes, that is a great opportunity! Prank and Troll videos are very popular on YouTube and if you can make someone laugh or get angry, make a video with this idea.

You should make harmless and non-violent jokes. You may have legal problems if your neighbor or someone complains and it’s hard to explain to the police. Jokes can be wrong and someone could get hurt, so plan for the right videos.


10.Make-up and beauty

Are you the kind of person your friends usually ask when they need makeup for special occasions? Or are you a person who understands different beauty products and has its secrets to improve your appearance? If the answer is yes, start a YouTube channel about makeup tips, beauty product reviews, makeup, etc. That’s what you should do.

Listen, everyone wants to look beautiful, and there’s no denying that a little makeup can make them more attractive and pleasant. You will have a huge audience with make-up videos. This type of YouTube channel idea requires you to face the camera to connect with viewers.

youtube ideas


11.Vlogging travel

Traveling the world is a dream almost everyone wants to realize. And what is better than making money when traveling thanks to the videos you record. 

Starting a travel YouTube channel is a great idea for those who want to wander around the world, mark their experiences, create beautiful memories, and make money at the same time. You are not bound by time and can work from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection, of course.)

Think that nobody takes the time to watch a video where they already know all.

You need to plan, learn carefully about the places you are going to, and practice some filming skills to create videos that interest viewers.

Besides, you need to have an investment to buy cameras, pay personal expenses to start making videos. Give it a try !! What could be better than traveling while earning money?

youtube ideas


12.Video about the Game

 Do you know who is the biggest star on YouTube?

At the time of writing this post, none other than PewDiePie, a famous streamer with more than 104 million channel subscribers. What does he do? He is a game streamer, he plays many different games and records his gameplay by live-streaming or recording.

There are thousands of YouTubers who are still active in this field and have a huge audience.

If you’re a good gamer and you’re not afraid to share your gaming experience with others (by recording a voice or video), starting a gaming YouTube channel will be a great job for you…

With game genres such as PUBG or league of legends – both of which can be played on smartphones, it is even easier to be a game streamer.

youtube ideas

Example :

  • PewDiePie
  • EliteShot

13. There are many other ideas you can refer to

  •  Stylish fashion tips
  • Ideas for hair care and hairstyles
  • Sports videos
  • Videos about pets and animals
  • Challenges in life
  • Educational knowledge
  • Vlog yourself
  • Motivational and inspiring videos
  • Advice in life
  • Magic
  • Review useful software and applications
  • Discovery and survival
  • Children’s animation
  • Review of storybooks
  • Video about Restoring discarded equipment
  • Funny video ideas
  • Cover song
  • Follow the hot trend

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