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Last updated November 09, 2021

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how to go viral on tiktok

For new companies or creators, TikTok may be a confusing platform to navigate. But if you want to capture the affections of Gen Z and gain popularity on social media, it is surely a promising land worth exploring. 

These exclusive tips on how to go viral on TikTok will help you get the hang of this popular platform effortlessly. So, let’s get started!

Make The Most Of Your TikTok Content

1. Keep The Video Short Yet Outstanding

tiktok app
TikTok Is So Popular

One of the many reasons this platform’s popularity is that you can view fast-paced videos and learn something from them. You may have discovered a new dish, laughed, or invented a great dance. 

Short clips are more sought-after since users only have an attention span of 8 seconds. In other words, if you make a 1-minute video length, you should bear in mind that most people will be likely to watch the very first 8 seconds and then scroll down if it doesn’t attract them. So, your job is to keep it short yet appealing enough to retain the audience.

TikTok gets down to the point and shows the most crucial information. Viewers may browse for hours since the videos are brief and created to make them more vibrant due to the fast change of frame shots.

2. Consistent Content

Content from frequently active creators is always favored by social media platforms since it drives more attention to the app. However, this does not imply that you should publish every hour. 

Rather, locate a perfect spot that falls somewhere between twice a day and twice a week. Consistent posting will offer your fans something to look forward to and a feeling of commitment to new followers as they read through your site.

3. Never Forget CTAs

For those who do not know what CTAs are, TikTok would share revenue from ads with influencers to assist their creative efforts. The creator CTA advertisements are only available to a select set of agencies and advertisers. 

This new ad type would allow this app to recoup part of the money that brands presently pay directly to users for sponsored videos.

It is fantastic to have excellent content and funds, but what do you expect your audience to do with it? Perhaps you want them to start a company, cook pasta, comment and share the video, or purchase a beverage. 

CTAs will support you in increasing your followers as well. These features are vital because they encourage your viewers to take action after watching the clip. 

Remember that CTAs are not only for business; users want and appreciate them as well. Many users rely on the Calls To Action at the bottom of the page to prompt them to make the following action.

4. Edit Videos Before Uploading

Edit Videos Before Uploading
Apart From TikTok, You Should Use Other Editing Tools

Although this app allows users to edit videos within the app, regular influencers recognize that you need to edit the videos from outside the app to make your material genuinely stand out. 

There are hundreds of apps to pick from, some of which require payment and others do not. You do not need to buy pricey editing software if you’re just getting started, just like you do not need to purchase ring lighting or a costly camera for your first TikTok’s video. 

These third-party editing tools are the solutions to your TikTok virality questions. Filmora, VEED, and Beecut are some of the most popular programs. 

These programs, among others, are simple to use and meant to make the editing process much more manageable. Even if you’ve never edited a clip before, all the tools above will make it a breeze. 

Third-party apps provide a more extensive selection of editing tools, filters, effects, animations, and a more expansive music library.

Understand How TikTok’s Algorithm Works

1. Use Hashtags The Right Way

Use Hashtags The Right Way
Hashtag Is Powerful On TikTok

It would be best if you also used keywords in combination with the TikTok algorithm. Thanks to these hashtags, you can find your stuff easily in the Discover page. As such, your content can reach more potential viewers.

The majority of users use hashtags to find TikTok videos. As a result, incorporating your keywords in your description and the message is the quickest way to get found. 

Learning how to go viral on TikTok requires a solid hashtag campaign:

  • Check out the hashtags which are the most trending on the Discover and For You pages. 
  • Use suitable hashtags based on the material you’re attempting to promote. 
  • Look at what’s popular, but also see what hashtags your rivals are using. 
  • You might utilize hashtag discovery tools like TikTok’s hashtag creator or retweet your hashtags.

2. Find Trends On TikTok And Other Social Media Platforms

Every day, viral trends generate thousands of views. As a young content producer, getting on these trends must be your first focus to boost your visibility. 

You may either wait till a new trend emerges or work clever and detect it early enough to be considered a trailblazer. Does becoming popular on this platform seem like more work than you anticipated? 

Honestly, it takes much effort to ride the first wave of the trend, but there are some shortcuts.

  • Use the Discover section to learn about other people’s interests and preferences in addition to your own. Make use of this data to find patterns and new options. 
  • Take a while out of your day to investigate the types of material created by this app. You’ll begin to see trends in how the material is made. 
  • Finally, stay active on other social media sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, since what is popular there may become a trend on TikTok. Follow well-known innovators, teen celebrities, and influencers as well.

3. Take Your Time On The Discovery Page And Find Trends On TikTok

Discover trending content
You Can Find Various Trends From This Platform. (Source: TikTok)

TikTok has a plethora of trends, ranging from dances to words and everything in between. Several challenges are simple to complete, such as replicating your favorite cover or showing your latest cosmetic haul. 

Checking out the keywords on the Discover page is a terrific method to uncover the latest trends. Here you will discover the most popular hashtags, as well as clips that come with them. 

Another excellent method to identify trends is to look at what people are posting on your own “For You” page. TikTok is a highly social platform. It’s enjoyable to put your touch on a trend. 

Because it is such a fast-paced app, viewing the For You tab is the shortest way to see what is hot right now.

Giving credit to choreographers while performing dance videos or utilizing someone else’s humor is a good piece of advice. However, if you follow a pattern and get your own opinion about it, anything goes.

4. Use Popular Song And Your Own Audio

finding trending song
Using Trending Songs Will Be Beneficial

TikTok’s sounds and melodies are an excellent resource to utilize. Try to find sound that’s in vogue and pump it into your videos People will frequently click on trending audio and then watch videos on that sound. 

Make a note of your favorites. Then, tap and hold the clip to save it to your favorite tracks. Alternatively, you may click on the music or audio, and a bookmark “Add To Favorites” will appear at the top, beneath the song name. 

Using trending sound is beneficial for three main reasons: it’s personal, targets your audience, and increases the likelihood that your content will become viral. 

Another practical way to go viral on TikTok is to record your own sound! Whenever viewers can hear your voice, they get the impression that you are speaking directly to them. 

By recording your audio on TikTok, you provide the app with additional information on your video, which will help them promote it with the right people. 

Your TikTok account might appear on the users’ page based on key terms you’ve stated in the past that somebody has looked up. And, your content can go viral if enough people utilize your audio in their TikToks. 

That isn’t to say you can’t use popular music and trending audio. Instead, it would be best if you recorded voice-over music or sound that you enjoy.

5. Posting Video Regularly

One of the best aspects of the app is that you can often upload while still increasing your interaction. Posting more on this app allows you to experiment with new trends or concepts. 

You may experiment with a dancing video, a vacation film, or a tale to determine which one your audience prefers. If a video isn’t going well on TikTok, it’s common for TikTok users to remove it. 

Remember to hold off on deleting for at least some weeks since this platform will emphasize older material. While TikTok statistics show you whenever your followers are online, there is no other solution. 

To expand your TikTok, be regular and update at least weekly, if not every day.

6. Watch Videos On FYP Everyday

Tiktok FYP
FYP on TikTok

FYP stands for ‘For Your Page.’ It relates to the site that TikTok populates with videos that it thinks you will appreciate based on what you have viewed and engaged with in the past. 

To give an idea of what it is like, think of ‘FYP’ as the same as ‘homepage’ on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

While it is tempting to be economical and merely come into TikTok to submit your videos before leaving to do other things, it is crucial to spend some time on the FYP every day. 

This way will assist you in generating fresh ideas and keeping up with the latest trends. Both are critical to developing high-performing content. 

Because this app will restrict the frequency with which these videos show, you will have fewer opportunities to discover fresh material and ideas if you do not do so. 

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Community Building

1. Engage With Audiences

Engage With Audiences
Engage With Audiences

Your job as a video producer is not done after your videos have been uploaded. Besides, you must strive to keep your viewers engaged at all times. 

Connecting with your viewers by responding to their comments and live streaming is the most practical approach to engage with them. Everyone in public will appreciate the interaction and engagement of their favorite people.

2. Collaborate With Other TikTokers

Collaborate With Other TikTokers
Collab With Other TikTokers

Even if you’re not a huge fan of drama, you should develop connections with other influencers and creators. 

We’re not suggesting you leverage these relationships to get viral, but when you collaborate on a TikTok influencer or share a photo of you two having breakfast on Instagram, your partners’ audiences will most certainly notice. 

Pro tips: Become friends with creators that don’t share your target audience. For example, work collaboratively with a singer if you’re a dancer! If you’re a scientist, cooperating with a character will broaden your horizons, increase your profile, and aid you in going viral.

3. Make Q&A With Audiences 

Make Q&A With Audiences
Q&A With Audiences May Boost Your Follower Numbers

Audiences will only interact with you if you are honest with them, regardless of the type of content you create, share, or are renowned for. Honesty is a must  for success on any social media platform. 

Make a Q&A, and do not be afraid to share your worries, doubts, and challenges. It personalizes you and demonstrates to your audience that you are a grounded, genuine person.

Final Words

Becoming viral on TikTok is all about the numbers. We hope this article will give you helpful information on how to go viral on TikTok. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all method for becoming famous. What works for others may not work for you. 

So, make content since you like it and want others to have a great time, not since you want to earn an advertising contract. 


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