How To Add Q&A On TikTok And Be Closer To Your Fans

Last updated August 28, 2021

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How To Add Q&A On TikTok

Q&A is among the newest features TikTok has recently added to its platform, and for active content creators, learning how to add Q&A on TikTok would naturally be their next step.

Social media is constantly evolving, and this communication tool could help elevate your profile and boost engagement. Read on to find out what TikTok’s Q&A feature could do and how to activate it.

What Is TikTok’s Q&A Feature?

Q&A is the question and answer feature that TikTok added to its app in 2021 to make interactions between content creators and their fans on the platform much more efficient.

Available on both live streams and pre-recorded videos, Q&A provides creators with tools to answer questions from their followers seamlessly.

Viewers of a TikTok video can write a comment and label it as a Q&A question. All they need to do is to tap the new Q&A option right beside the regular comment textbox. This step will mark the comment with a special label “Asked by,” followed by the viewer’s name asking that question.

tiktok Q&A feature
The option to post a comment as a question

These designated comments make it easier for the clip owner to spot fan questions when they scan through the plethora of comments under their post.

Content creators can choose to give an answer via either a text or video reply, just like how TikTok users have been able to do ever since. They can also add those questions as stickers in the video reply, which can be linked back to the original question.

This Q&A feature is also available on LIVE videos. During a live session, the host can see and select marked fan questions in the chat stream from a dedicated panel.

tiktok Q&A feature
The panel where creators can find questions during a live stream

On top of that, each TikTok profile now also has a separate Q&A page that aggregates all the earlier questions and answers occurring on that account.

Anyone can browse through them and even submit a new question directly from this page. Followers can find the link to the Q&A page in the creator’s bio.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The TikTok Q&A Feature?

Questions and answers are not new, either to the broader landscape of social media or, in particular, TikTok.

They have always been a big part of all conversations on TikTok, where viewers can use the comment feature to pose questions and learn more about the content and the creators themselves.

In their part, creators also find in these comments a new channel to connect to their followers. By directly answering those questions, TikTokers can address fans’ concerns, satisfy their curiosity, or call for action and promote their brands.

q&a feature
Many platforms have built dedicated questions and answers features.

However, unlike other platforms like Reddit, Snapchat, and Instagram with dedicated questions and answers features, hosting a Q&A session and responding to fan questions on TikTok has been an unpleasant experience.

A popular clip could easily get swarming with thousands of comments. Keeping track of actual questions from followers is tricky and having it in one place is pretty much impossible before the existence of the Q&A feature.

The clip’s owner would have to sift through comment after comment and interpret what each of them means before deciding whether to make a response.

The task is even more challenging during LIVE sessions, as the chat stream moves quickly and older comments get buried easily.

The introduction of the Q&A feature aims to resolve those nuisances by formalizing the whole process of taking and answering questions for content creators on TikTok.

It’s easy to get lost in thousands of comments.

Influencers with a significant fanbase now have more streamlined ways to identify and respond to questions from their fans. Additionally, the Q&A page enables a new way for followers to learn more about the creators at a more personal level.

The Q&A feature also ensures that brands and businesses do not miss out on important concerns and queries from their customers.

Overall, this new questions and answers feature from TikTok makes the whole experience more enjoyable for all sides while creating new opportunities for them to engage more closely and create a deeper connection.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Use Q&A TikTok?

When first spotted in January 2020 during its test phase, the TikTok Q&A feature was only available for some Creator profiles. The requirements for joining the testing were having at least 10,000 followers and 10,000 cumulative views within the last 30 days.

But when rolling out this feature worldwide, TikTok dropped all those conditions, and any user with a Creator account can opt-in.

How To Add Q&A On TikTok Bio?

Make sure you’re using a Creator account first. If not, make the switch by going to your profile on the TikTok app.

Tap the three-dot menu on the top-right corner and choose “Manage account.” Scroll down and choose “Switch to Creator account.”

Now, return to your setting menu and select “Creator.” Choose “Q&A” and activate the feature by tapping the “Turn on Q&A” button.

Choose Creator

Select Q&A

Tap this button to turn on the Q&A feature

How To Add Q&A On TikTok
Add Q&A Feature to Tiktok Bio

Tips On Hosting A Q&A Session On TikTok

Doing a Q&A session during a TikTok live stream might sound like a straightforward concept, but as a first-timer, you could feel worried and overwhelmed.

Here are some tips you can follow to carry out a great Q&A session:

  • Choose the right time: host your Q&A during peak hours for maximum engagement. This optimal time is when most of your followers are online and can join your live stream.
  • Promote it: create a clip on your profile that serves as a reminder of when you’re going to host the Q&A. Post promotional materials on other social media platforms as well.
  • Be engaged: keep track of your fans’ questions during the live stream and answer as many as you can.
  • Be thankful: before concluding your stream, thank your followers for joining the session. Insert your prepared calls to action as needed.
  • Make follow-up content: not everyone could join your live stream. Many of your followers will appreciate it if you upload your entire Q&A session or highlights of some questions to another platform such as YouTube.


Learning how to add Q&A on TikTok can drive more engagement to your content and channel. 

The tools are already there, and with some effort, you can build a closer connection between you and your followers by creating a chance for them to learn more about you at a personal level.

We hope this article has encouraged you to try out this new Q&A feature; you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to.


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