How To Sell On TikTok – Sales Trends In 2021

Last updated August 12, 2021

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How To Sell On TikTok - Sales Trends In 2021

How to sell on TikTok? Brands have a good chance to get into this diversified market of over one billion users. So, what should you do to get benefits? With the proper TikTok marketing methods, you can use this social network and reach out to a large potential customers.

You needn’t go anywhere! Most ideas and methods you’ll need to sell goods on this social platform are outlined here.

The Benefit Of Selling On TikTok?

Older social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, should still be part of your business strategy. But don’t overlook TikTok just because it caters to younger users—you’ll be losing out on a massive opportunity if you do.

It has an estimated 100 million monthly active users in the United States alone, with a global user base of over 1 billion. Not only is there a large audience, but its members are also highly engaged.

It doesn’t matter what kind of goods you sell on this network; what counts is whether or not you can integrate your brand into viral content. Your films may raise brand recognition by attracting the attention of thousands of prospective consumers if you add your unique spin to current Sounds.

how to sell on tiktok
Use TikTok To Reach Out To A Large Potential Customers

The Ways To Set Up A TikTok Account

Create A Business Account

Step 1: Register

Now, go to this link and then register by using your phone number or your email address. After that, verify your login information and agree to the conditions and terms of TikTok Ads. Lastly, click “Sign Up”.

Step 2: Creating An Account

To register, you will need to provide some basic information about your company, such as the following: 

  • Country/Region
  • Time zone
  • Business name
  • Currency

Once you have finished this page, just click on “Register.”

Step 3: Accessing Account Setup

Firstly, from “Dashboard”, you will access your “Account Info” in the section “Account Settings”.

Step 4: Entering Business Information

Fill in the following information to finish the “Business Information” section on the “Account Setup”.

  • Company Website
  • Business Industry
  • State/Province
  • Postal code
  • Business Verification

Step 5: Selecting A Payment Method

In the next step, you will choose one of the two following payment methods: Automatic Payment or Manual Payment.

Step 6: Submitting Account Information

Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page once you’ve filled in the necessary information on the “Account Setup” page. When you submit your account details, they will be reviewed. This procedure may take up to 24 hours to complete.

You’ll get a notification that your account has been authorized, and then you’re good to go. Your account is now active.

Complete Your Bio

It’s a big mistake if you create an ads account without your selling product link. If you have room for a link on TikTok, you should certainly make use of it. This is an effective method of directing visitors away from the platform and to other websites that you want to advertise.

update link in tiktok bio
Complete Your Bio

From that position, you might lead followers into a landing page or related e-book. Next, they can enter their contact information to be added to your email list, or you can also share the sales pages for the most recent products you mentioned in your video.

While there are various ways to add a link in your bio, one of the simplest ways we recommend you is right in this section. Just click here to know how to add a link to your bio.


One exciting part that is not absent in learning how to sell on TikTok is adding CTA into your profile. You need to direct users to execute the actions you desire. 

As a result, adding a CTA button to your profile will inform other users of what they should do next. To make it more transparent, you can utilize a CTA to lead followers to your blog, eCommerce shop, or other social channels where you will sell your products.

Your profile can also offer discount coupons or sales, and users will be more likely to click on your CTA button to make purchases from your web page.

How To Sell On TikTok In 2021

After you have connected your shop to your channel, you can begin producing content that promotes your goods on your channel, and this process is also an extremely significant step to learn how to sell on TikTok.

Here are a few tips on effectively advertising your product on this social media platform to increase conversions.

Make your material stand out by being innovative and producing content exclusive to your business or product. The process of building an audience is more straightforward than you may believe; all you have to do is step out of your comfort zone and get started!

Using TikTok Ads

Taking use of Tiktok’s advertising capabilities is an excellent approach to get into this new promising land.

Before you can begin producing advertisements, you must first understand the medium you will be operating. Its content needs to be followed by parameters and strict specifications.

  • Video files: MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, or AVI
  • Video resolution: 640640 pixels,1280720 pixels, and 7201280 pixels
  • Video duration: from 5 up to 60 seconds
  • Image files: PNG or JPG only
  • Image resolution: 1200628 pixels (just recommendation)
  • Aspect ratios: 16:9,16:9, and 9:16
  • Brand name: from 2 to 20 characters for a brand name. from 4 to 40 characters for advertising an app
  • Ad description: from 12 to 100 characters for your ad description

You are not permitted to include emojis in your description. From then, it is all about producing interesting, innovative, and entertaining advertisements that will capture the attention of young audiences.

When designing advertisements, be sure to include audio. Because this social platform has always been primarily an audio or video platform, it is critical to creating appropriate content for this environment.

Voiceovers, special effects audio, and background music may all assist in improving the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Bring your imagination to bear! TikTok is a social media network that caters to content producers. To attract new consumers, make sure your advertisements are entertaining, original, and intriguing.

Work With Influencers On TikTok

Just like Instagram, Facebook, etc., TikTok users center on the phenomena of influencers. Stars for users in each type garnering thousands of followers and views may suddenly become extremely appealing to marketers.

Without much detail, this approach has previously been utilized by Ralph Lauren, Walmart, Target, EA Sports, and Doritos.

Partnering with influencers on tiktok
Many Users Focus On The Phenomena Of Well-known Influencers

However, if you have the intention to work with or support an influencer, the approach must be carefully planned and researched.

Influencers should be relevant to your product categories and have a market for what you have to provide. Researching every niche and spending time learning about using community may lead to more remarkable outcomes than trying to work with the top renowned influencers if they aren’t a good fit for your goals.

For example, when you want to sell bicycles, you should look for an influential artist who regularly posts films on bicycle maintenance. The same will also be extremely true for every other category: TikTok users are looking for material that seems to be trustworthy and valuable.

Combine Other Social Channels

Your Instagram, TikTok account, or stories should include some links to the products available in your shop. This will assist you in redirecting your followers to the appropriate location and informing them of where they can purchase the goods you are advertising. 

As a bonus, combining Other Social Channels is excellent for increasing awareness and developing your following, as well as for improving your video quality, but it may also be a fantastic content opportunity.

Online merchants and sellers who already have affiliate marketing or drop shipping expertise would benefit significantly from this method.

Ultimate Tips For Selling On TikTok

Use Correct Hashtags Or Hashtag Challenge 

Using hashtag challenge
Use Correct Hashtags And HashTag Challenge Is Also Necessary

Getting your brand exposed to as many people as possible is essential to make money from selling products on TikTok.  

For example, sponsoring a branded hashtag that encourages people to produce user-generated content may be one of the most successful methods of accomplishing this goal (UGC). 

It is the Hashtag Challenge Plus on this network, and it enables users to buy items linked to a sponsored hashtag on the app.

As soon as you’ve established your challenge, you can build a paid-for hashtag that will lead your followers to a particular landing page where they can make a purchase. The challenge will appear on the Discovery page, which will increase views.

In addition to making use of user-generated content, it promotes brand awareness. If it reaches influencers, it can become more viral than other marketing strategies. According to TikTok, these advertisements have the highest involvement ratio, with an 8.5 percent engagement rate.

A fun hashtag challenge helps to advertise your company and encourages user involvement and engagement with your brand.

Engage With Your Audience

TikTok comments are a fantastic way to have a discussion, communicate, and explain yourself. Jump into the comments section as frequently as you can to interact with your visitors.

Engage With Your Audience
Don’t Forget To Make A Connection With Your Customers

Respond to comments at scale when your articles acquire momentum, and responding to them takes too much time. Create a paper that breaks out common remarks and the kinds of comments you may adequately reply to. 

Then, in a lengthier video, a live stream, or a video answer, reply to recurrent remarks. TikTok also has many filtering options to simplify your jobs, such as automatically deleting comments that include specific keywords or phrases.

It will become unwise if you only focus on selling. Instead, you had better spend your time connecting with your customers by having a small chat with them, organizing a livestream, or replying to their comments, etc. Check out this link to explore more!

Believe us, you will be astonished at how effective it is in building long-term reliability with your potential customers and thus, affecting your sales.

Start Creating Viral Content

Surely, you wonder how to sell on TikTok effectively. Are you ready for your product to become the next viral sensation? Begin making money with your ad account!

Now is the time to start generating content! Within the initial few seconds of your video, try to capture the viewer’s interest. They’ll go on to the next one if you don’t.

Make material that is engaging and enjoyable without being overly sales. The goal is to keep the audience interested in the video long enough for them to want to watch it again or perhaps share it with their friends. TikTok will recommend your content to other users more often as more people watch and share it.

Hashtags, music, and personalities that users frequently share are typical examples of viral content. You could also look for hashtags like #smallbusiness, #smallbusinesscheck, and #entrepreneur to see how other businesses are marketing themselves.

Don’t duplicate other people’s material verbatim; instead, give each video your distinctive twist and branding. Don’t be a perfectionist, however.

Its beauty is that you may upload as many times as you want during the day to improve your chances of becoming viral. At least 1-3 per day is recommended.

Make a challenge with a particular hashtag for your product that will entice others to join. For example, if you sell spicy sauce, you may use the hashtag #hotsaucechallenge to challenge your fans and viewers to use it on odd dishes.

Viral content should, of course, be disseminated on media and other channels outside of the TikTok site.

Follow Music Trends

Surely, you wonder how to sell on TikTok effectively. Use sounds!

Sounds on your TikTok is another vital consideration to keep in mind. Ít started as a music app, and it continues to be such today. As a result, it is understandable that famous and viral videos include music that is currently popular.

trending music on tiktok - How To Sell On TikTok - Sales Trends In 2021
Another Special Consideration To Bear In Mind Is TikTok Sounds

 Source: Tiktok Newsroom

Additionally, discovering popular sounds is simple. Navigate to the “Discover” section of the app. When you submit a video or picture to make your own TikTok, you will have the option to add “Sounds,” which will include options such as top 40, viral, new, and suggested sounds and tunes, among other things.

Use the sound as a hashtag to draw in additional viewers, and search for “viral” to discover the most popular audios at the time to attract even more views. Utilizing trendy music increases the likelihood of your video going viral.


Certainly, this article will mainly address the question of  how to sell on TikTok that has been circling in your mind for a while. 

Participating on this platform may prove to be an excellent marketing tactic for your company. This means it will increase eCommerce sales as well as attract more devoted viewers.

TikTok Offers Most Ideas And Methods You’ll Need To Sell Goods 

In addition, we need to keep an eye out for news on its entry into the eCommerce sector to get a more detailed plan. This activity will enhance the more successful ability. Stop hesitating to start right now!


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