How to Get On TikTok FYP – Latest Algorithm Update 2021

Last updated August 16, 2021

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How To Get On TikTok FYP

TikTok is the most accessed social platform in recent years. People are heading towards this application for business opportunities, sponsorships, or simply entertainment. 

If you want to be an impactful influencer, gain fame, or support your start-up, you have to know about TikTok FYP and how to get on TikTok FYP. This article will help you with that.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform developed by Bytedance, a China tech company. First launched in 2016 for the Mainland market under the name Douyin, TikTok was all the rage to the youngsters in the second most developed country in the world. 

Soon, ByteDance had a plan for the international market, and in 2017, TikTok got introduced as a platform for idea sharing and a variety of content. 

what is tiktok
What Is Tiktok?

This application has secured its spot after just a few years out and about. In 2020, TikTok was the second most downloaded iPhone app, which had almost 700 million active users monthly, which is impressive for a new social platform. 

For comparison, Facebook has almost 3 billion users per month, Instagram has one billion, and YouTube has 2.3 billion, but they launched at least ten years ago. 

Why Is It So Popular?

With a very similar purpose, TikTok had to compete with giants in a seemingly saturated market. However, speaking from reality, there’s something that sells about this particular app. 

how to get on tiktok fyp - How to Get On TikTok FYP - Latest Algorithm Update 2021
Perfect Combination

Some say it is innovative and striking; others say it is a perfect combination of other leading platforms. TikTok has completely video-based content like Youtube short, digestible feeds like Facebook and Twitter, and engaging creators and influencers like Instagram. 

On top of that, machine learning and algorithms make the users’ experience on this app just as customized as Netflix. 

But the true science behind TikTok taking over the internet is the bite-sized content. Each video on TikTok ranges between 9 seconds to 3 minutes, while the average attention span of millennials is 8 seconds. 

See the similarity? We’d say this app is the only one with a compatible period suitable for younger people from 16 to 24 years old. 

Recently, TikTok has surpassed YouTube for the amount of time that people spend on the app. 

Even though it doesn’t have a search engine implanted, TikTok still hooks people in longer than the other video-sharing platform. Meaning in the future, when users can search for things in TikTok, it will be bigger, even the biggest global application ever. 

What Is FYP In Tiktok? 

FYP is the acronym for For You Page, the first page that users land when they first go on TikTok. On this page, they’ll see content they’ve never liked before but related to the interesting topic they chose while signing up for the account. 

tiktok fyp
Tiktok FYP(For You Page)

Let’s say a user chose music and dance as their interest; TikTok will take that into account and suggest to them, later, a lip sync video. But this is not solely about personal preference! 

Because the main concern of TikTok is how to keep you scrolling as long as possible, they want to put out their strongest competitors to flock you in. So all of their recommendations are videos that the algorithm thinks are attractive and engaging.

And how does it do that? Simply, it picks the most viral video in the niche. 

There’s a lot of rumors about the unequal chances of people getting enough exposure on this platform. How frustrating it is to see a poorly put-together video to have more likes and follows than yours. But we will touch on that at another time.

How Does The FYP Work? 

What Determines The Suggestions?

FYP reflects the user’s unique taste and liking. It is based on multiple factors. And as TikTok mentioned in a blog post in June 2020, those factors include:

  • User Interaction: What type of content users prefer, accounts they follow, comments they wrote, their videos, and even how long they linger on one post. 
  • Video Information: TikTok will make the most out of whatever users give it. Out of those interacted videos, TikTok will study the hashtags, captions, sounds, length, stickers, and all other seemingly insignificant details to create future suggestions. 
  • Device and Account Settings: This factor consists of language, country setting, and type of device is minor compared to others. 

Every detail matters! This application is mindful of curating its feed to personal partiality. It pays heed to whether users finish the video they have clicked on because watching a video from top to end shows enjoyment. And this is what the algorithm will value the most. 

Using hashtags is a way to get recognition on the platform. The story goes about how hashtags don’t do anything with exposure, but users’ experience proves the reverse. The app studies this, and if you don’t find hashtags help, try to learn to use this effective tool properly. 

What Doesn’t Affect The FYP?

The company claimed in the past that the number of followers and previous videos quality of a creator doesn’t directly affect the visibility of a particular video. But don’t bite on this too hard. 

Though these elements don’t directly impact on how TikTok grades your videos irrespectively, more followers mean better interaction. 

And when this inevitably goes into TikTok’s account, it will be recognized as quality content and pushed to other users. Hence, it has become more popular. This is a “big-get-bigger” situation. 

However, focusing on your video content is a must. This way is the only way you can be a true contributive content creator regardless of your initial circumstance. 

How To Get On TikTok FYP? 

What Benefits Does Getting On FYP Give You? 

This is the true FYP meaning on TikTok. The FYP is like a podium for content creators where your work gets presented to the world. Getting on FYP doesn’t only mean that your work is appreciated but will hand you some incredible opportunities. 

  • Free Exposure: Your videos will not only be on the page of users who have an interest in your content category but also who’s new to the app. Others may think this doesn’t add much, but trust us, it makes the difference. 

Talking about how good TikTok is at hooking people to the app, all new users will soon become addicted. When their initial video interactions get analyzed, your video will also be included. 

  • Platform Development: Your account will get bigger than ever! More interactions lead to more followers. 

About 10% of viewers hit the follow button after watching a short video, so that you can expect 10,000 followers out of one million views. And with a consistent posting rate, soon you will have more than a million followers.

  • Sponsorships and Sales: With more exposure, sponsors will notice your potential and how powerful your guidance is to users. They will have contracts for a one-time promotion or even an endorsement deal with creators. 

If you’re selling on TikTok, your products will have a broader customer radius as it reaches millions of potential buyers all over the platform daily. 

What Benefits Does Getting On FYP
They Even Have An Endorsement Deal With Creators

There’s a theory about the Batch Effect that was a prevalent mechanism explanation among TikTok users. That says a video on TikTok will be delivered to a different group of people in a different time span. 

The app sees how your video works with one group to see whether to push it to the other groups. This explains some substantial growth. 

To make it to the FYP, you have to make viral content. Based on the grading factors described above, we recommend you to (make your video searchable and make it interesting.

 Using FYP Hashtag

Randomly putting on hashtags like #FYP or #foryou won’t do anything. Instead, it would help if you utilized specific keywords closely related to your content and niche. 

Also, don’t use a long list of hashtags. It can’t carry your video. Creators should rather pick out a small set of trending and relevant keywords and are most descriptive of your content. 

That way, not only will the algorithm recognize your work more easily, but you’re also ditching your followers who might feel revolted for the excessive hashtags. 

You also want to get into hashtag challenges to promote your video.

To sum up, this is how to pick a good hashtag:

  • Use popular hashtags
  • Pick a small set of relevant keywords
  • Don’t abuse FYP hashtags
  • Take part in challenges 

Create Shorter Videos

Ideally, a video should range from 9 to 15 seconds on the shorter end and 30 to 45 seconds on the longer end. If you want to deliver more content, consider chunking your video in several parts. This method is very famous for keeping the audience engaged and making them come back. 

Create a short video
Create Short And Engaging Videos

Shorter videos also mean that there’s a better chance for your video to be finished, and this, like mentioned above, promises viral success. 

Use Trending Effects And Background Music 

TikTok has a sound library for you to leverage. Choose and use trendy songs or soundtrack. You can follow a trend or pick a song from your old playlist; there is a chance people will find it appealing, and your new trend will spark like a torrent. 

Post When The Audience Is Active 

When to post is vital when it comes to videos. TikTok traffic is brutal. So either you join the traffic, or you get kicked out of it. 

Researchers and analysts suggest TikTokers browse from 10:30 am to 11 pm on weekends. On weekdays, you should post from 10:30 am to noon, 2 to 4 pm, 6 to 7:30 pm, and lastly, from 8 to 11 pm and wait at least 30 minutes between posts. 

finding the best time to post on tiktok
It Is Wiser To Post When The Audience Is Active

These are ideal time frames for the most effective user interaction. However, it is not fixed. Because content can vary, and so do your audience, you should study what time suits best for your primary viewers.

It is also suggested that if your account has under 100,000 followers, 5 to 6 videos should be launched per day for you to get bigger. With bigger accounts, 1 to 3 videos every day is enough to sustain your success. 

However, don’t be stressed or feel obliged to follow that rule. Keep things at your pace as long as you can guarantee a high-quality product for your viewers.

Compelling Captions

Captions matter! It can be a tag of your Facebook and Instagram account if you’re a business. It can be a question about clothes if you’re a stylist. It can even be emojis. 

High-quality Videos

Keep your videos high-quality. This is one of the fundamental requirements that should not get oversight. It would be best if you kept it preferably 1080p or at least 480p. 

Go Live

Going live helps to attract more views. It is recommended to be about 30 minutes after you post a new video. And as you’re doing this, you’re showing the algorithm that you can keep people on the app for a long time. This increases your watching time and also the pervasiveness. 

Green Screen

One of the most popular TikTok filters these days is the green screen. Try to make videos using this filter about trending topics. 

Not All Ideas Work In Reality 

Remember, there’s no one-fit-all method. To go on FYP and gain success, you should follow all tips above and find more from the internet. As an experienced user, you’ll know what works best for your account and your audience. 

The Bottom Line

Above we gave you the blueprint on how to get on TikTok FYP. All the tips should work, but don’t be surprised if they don’t, as the Tiktok algorithm alters all the time. The last thing we want you to keep in mind is to make your video searchable and interesting.


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