How To Use TikTok Filters To Set The Tone Of Your Videos

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How To Use TikTok Filters To Set The Tone Of Your Videos

In addition to brilliant recommendation algorithms and niche communities, fun TikTok filters could be the reason behind viral trends and challenges on this short-form video-sharing platform.

If you have mastered another social media service but haven’t yet played around with the library of filters on TikTok, read on to find out the similarities and differences you should pay attention to.

What Are TikTok Filters?

Most users and even newspapers think filters and effects in the TikTok app are the same thing and use these two terms interchangeably.

But in reality, they add vastly different details to your videos, and as a result, have different buttons on the camera screen.

The Effects feature offers a wide range of special transformations or additions to your clip, opening up unique possibilities for storytelling.

By leveraging modern technologies such as real-time music processing or augmented reality (AR), TikTok makes responsive and interactive effects available to their users.

Notable examples of TikTok visual effects include brightening the eyes, reshaping the faces, turning you into a hologram, or having raindrops falling down in your videos.

On the other hand, filters are much simpler presets that aim to change the look and feel of your TikTok videos by applying color overlays. If you have used filters on Instagram or editing apps such as VSCO, you will feel right at home.

TikTok puts its filters into four main categories for better discoverability: Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. Designed specifically for each type of content, each group consists of several filters with easy-to-remember names.

tiktok filters
Before and After Using A TikTok Filter

Filters are one of the most popular features on TikTok, commonly used by both small or big profiles on this social media platform.

While effects are more about adding fancy, creative, and dynamic visuals to TikTok videos, these simple photo filters allow users to make subtle changes that are enough to reflect the mood of their videos. Whether you fancy a cute pink tint or a retro vibe, TikTok filters are the fastest way to achieve your desired look.

How To Use Filters On TikTok

Filters are a straightforward feature of TikTok, especially if you are already used to other social media services like Instagram. Just a few taps away, and you will notice a new, fun look of your video.

How To Apply TikTok Filters Before Recording

Launch the TikTok app and go to the camera screen by tapping on the plus (+) symbol at the bottom.

Tiktok fillters on app
Select the plus symbol to create a clip

Choose the Filters icon on the right side of the screen.

tiktok fillter icon
Choose the Filters feature

A pop-up panel will appear, listing groups of filters alongside the bottom of your TikTok app. Each of them has a preview thumbnail above its short name.

If the filter you’re looking for belongs to a different group, switch to it by choosing the group name.

There is also a slider allowing users to adjust how much of the color effect they want to apply to the video. Drag the dot to decrease or increase the chosen filter’s intensity.

You can see a live preview of how the current filter would affect the look and feel of your video. If you’re happy with it, tap the checkmark icon to go back to the main screen.

tiktok filters catalog
List of TikTok filters grouped in different categories

Add other details to your TikTok video, such as captions or music. Finally, start recording your clip.

How To Apply Filters To An Existing Clip

In addition to picking a filter before making your video, the TikTok app also allows its users to apply a filter after recording it. It’s extremely useful if you need to edit a clip you’ve made somewhere else or want to record the clip first and deal with its color tone later.

Open the TikTok app and tap the plus symbol. Tap Upload to search for the desired clip on your phone.

Once you pick the clip, choose Filters in the upper-right corner on the preview screen. Choose the filer you would like to add from the panel at the bottom.

Make other edits and click NEXT to proceed to the final screen, where you can publish the video to your TikTok account.

How To Remove Filters From Draft Videos

As you could add multiple filters and effects to a single TikTok video, it’s normal to change your mind and remove one of them when you feel like the editing overwhelms the content.

Note: this method doesn’t work on filters added before recording.

Open the TikTok app and tap the Me tab at the bottom, which will bring you to your TikTok profile. Locate and select the clip in the Drafts folder.

The TikTok app will open up an editing screen for your clip. Tap Filters on the right-side panel and choose Normal. This action will undo any filter you’ve added to the clip.

How To Manage Filters In Your TikTok App

TikTok has produced a plethora of color filters over time. They offer a wide range of options for users to make their videos more eye-catching.

But most TikTokers only repeatedly use some of them, and the long filter list could be too overwhelming to scroll through.

- How To Use TikTok Filters To Set The Tone Of Your Videos
Manage your TikTok filter library

Luckily, TikTok has introduced the ability to manage personal filter choices, allowing users to hide the unnecessary options and keep only the filters they use often.

To organize the filters in your TikTok, launch it and open the camera screen. Tap Filters on the right panel and scroll past the filter categories. Then you will see the Manage feature at the end of this list.

Tap it and uncheck the options you want to hide from your TikTok app.

There are some built-in filters you can’t uncheck and temporarily remove with this method. But all other options will no longer appear in the filter list when you apply filters to your video.

You can always go back to this Manage feature later and add the filters you want to have back in your app.

Best TikTok Filters You Should Try Out Right Now

Whether you’re managing a professional brand or just a newcomer, there are plenty of simple yet effective TikTok filters that you can use to level up your clips in just a few seconds.


Also known as the Brew filter, it’s a perfect choice if you’re a diehard fan of the retro-vintage look and feel.

G6 Filter
G6 Filter

The G6 filter is the fastest way to add a warm glow and depth to your content – one of the reasons it has become a staple for TikTok users. In fact, it’s the color preset behind the “G6 Filter Challenge” that once took over this social media platform.

In this challenge, people use it in combination with the bling effect while wearing no makeup. Some even go as far as putting on having messy hair or unattractive clothes to show the “before and after” contrast.


The F3 filter in the Portrait group lightens the mood by brightening the dark areas of your clip. It can also improve the contrast and provide a warmer look, adding a bluish tint to your content.

F3 Filter
F3 Filter


The S5 filter adds a blue tinge and creates a dramatic atmosphere for the videos.

This preset is also the focal point of a viral TikTok trend where people change the color of their eyes by using the front camera and flash to take their selfies.

Also known as the “true eye color” trend, it grabbed the attention of TikTok users when a TikToker named Maliabroon posted a clip explaining how the S5 filter could make brown eyes look like blue ones.

S5 Filter
S5 Filter

However, many have reported that the S5 couldn’t have such an effect, and the only change they could notice was a weird feeling in their eyes from the flash. So be careful if you want to make an attempt at this trend.


Your videos will have a slight purple glow with the V6 filter in the Vibe group, which creates an impression that you have filmed them under a purple bulb. If you need a party vibe for your content and warm up your TikTok clips, this is the go-to choice.

V6 Filter
V6 Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and concerns TikTok users have regarding filters in the app, especially when they recently migrate from other social media apps.

How To Get More Filters For My TikTok Videos?

If you feel the available filters (and even effects) provided by TikTok can’t help you express your message, you can opt for third-party tools to create videos outside of the TikTok app and upload them later.

For example, Snapchat is a popular choice among Internet users due to its vast library of unique effects.

Save the clip you’ve recorded with Snapchat to your smartphone’s camera roll and import it to the TikTok app.

- How To Use TikTok Filters To Set The Tone Of Your Videos
A Snapchat filter

What About Lens Effects? Why Can’t I Find Any?

Lens effects in TikTok fall into the separate “Effects” section instead of regular “Filters.” On the recording screen, tape Effects and browse through the lists of visual effects TikTok provides.

Can I Remove Filters From Videos After Posting Them To My Profile?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove filters once you have published the videos on your TikTok account.


While other platforms usually provide a limited set of filters, users of TikTok could enjoy a never-ending library of fun color presets.

With proper TikTok filters, you could make your clips pop, set the right mood for your content, and even participate in some of the challenges that are taking over the world.

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