How To Use TikTok – Top Best Guidelines For Beginners

Last updated June 17, 2021

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How To Use TikTok - Top Best Guidelines For TikTok Influencers

If you wish to become a famous TikToker, you need to learn how to use TikTok properly. Nowadays, TikTok is amongst the most popular social platforms with Facebook and Instagram.

Despite being a new social network, TikTok quickly gained attention among users worldwide thanks to its appealing content and marketing strategies. Many people download TikTok to participate in this social network, where they can share creative videos and gain popularity.

Wonder how to make the best out of your TikTok account? Worry not! We are happy to share with you the best tips on how to use TikTok effectively. Let’s check it out!

How To Use TikTok

How To Set Up A TikTok Account?

First of all, let’s find out how to properly set up your TikTok account before going into advanced viral tips.

Sign Up And Spruce Up Your Profile

Upon finishing your TikTok installation, tap on “Me” on the menu bar below and choose “Sign up.” You can either sign up with your existing Facebook/ Google account or a new phone number and email address. Provide your information and a noticeable username for easy recognition.

After creating your account, tap on “Me” again to go to your profile. Tap on “Edit profile” and make adjustments, including profile picture/video, bio, website link, and link to Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. You can change your name if you have a second thought about the initial one.

Depending on your personality and interest, make changes based on your preferences. Adding a YouTube or Instagram link will allow your audiences to follow you on multiple platforms.

Your profile photo and bio description are very important because they give your audiences the first impression of you. Therefore, it is advised to curate your bio and profile pictures while remaining creative and true to yourself.

How To Use TikTok
Sign Up And Edit Profile

Create Content And Upload

Now that you have finished setting up your profile, it is time to brainstorm and get used to TikTok content.

FYP Videos

TikTok features FYP (For your Page) function, where users can find the first video clips that appear on their newsfeed based on the TikTok algorithm. 

Find out about the types of video that you are interested in or aim to make in the future so you can create and browse content according to your preferences.

The algorithm system will ask for your favorite topics, then automatically select popular videos for your newsfeed. It will also provide you with suggestions on creating content that is appealing to your targeted audiences.

You can also pay a fee for TikTok to advertise your content. It will help reach the users faster with less effort, providing that your content is outstanding. Getting a PRO TikTok account also helps you with advertisements.

Trending Search

Usually, the videos on TikTok follow a particular trend that goes on for days, weeks, or even months. A content creator must stay up-to-date and become well acquainted with that trend to maintain their popularity and increase their influence.

To identify the trending activities, you should spend time on the platform, exploring what the world is being crazy about. It would be best to look into other themes that you didn’t notice to discover new trends and apply them to your videos.

TikTok content creators should be updated about what is going on in the world. Most TikTok trends are influenced by major events that have a critical impact on daily life. They should also know whether to stop or continue, providing that the trend may become irrelevant after a while.

For instance, bottle flipping used to be THE trend that everyone copied but had become trivial these days. Long-term COVID-19 pandemic-related trends are still on due to prolonged pandemic periods, a potential source of ideas.

Accurate Timing

Picking time is a crucial element in forming TikTok strategies. Based on time zone and type of content, you want to pick the busiest moment of traffic on TikTok to upload your videos to ensure the highest rating. 

The tip here is to try to figure out the right time to upload using the “Analytics” function.

Based on common sense, the best time to upload content is before work and during break time when people rest and use TikTok. 

For example, the best time to post videos on Wednesday is between 7 AM to 8 AM or 11 PM. On Saturday, the time for uploading is 11 AM, or around 7 PM and 8 PM.

Moreover, you want to evaluate your fanbase carefully. Some elements to consider are territory, age, and habit. For example, when most of the audience are teenage girls who tend to do makeup early in the morning; then, makeup videos will gain more views.

tiktok posting time

How To Get Viral? – Top Tips

Now you have earned yourself a significant number of followers. The question is how to attract more viewers? Let’s find out.

Hashtags and Hashtag Challenge

Hashtags are the best trend indicator on TikTok. Creating content and adding relevant hashtags to your video can significantly increase the number of viewers. To find videos that are trending, open the search bar and tap on the hashtags.

Note down the hashtags and add the related content to your video. Try to add creatively, so it does not look boring. Follow the trend, but be unique and authentic.

If you wish to promote your brand name on TikTok, try to create a hashtag challenge. You may introduce a new challenge for your customers, make videos, offer give away, and spread out, encouraging more people to join. Popular challenges are easy advertisement tricks in marketing.

Trending Music Or Sounds

To make your video catchy and interesting, use popular sounds or music at the time to entertain your viewers. Add visual effects to make your video look fabulous! Some background effects you can use are slow-motion, heart button, playback speed adjustment, and speech bubble.

TikTok offers a wide variety of music videos and sound options. You can choose directly from the application or add sounds from other sources. Editing features are also plentiful.

Frequent Uploading

It would be best to have a balanced schedule to keep your audience updated on your status. Creating a timetable for posting content without issues is advised. 

Many influencers recommend posting one to three times a day. However, celebrities may post more, up to 10 times at max.

The more you post, the higher the chances that your video clips get viral. In the beginning stages, you want to work harder and publish more to gain more popularity. The TikTok algorithm will push your videos over time, and more videos will gain more audience for your account.

While frequent uploading is recommended, you want to avoid being dull and repeating a single theme over and over. Use editing tools and diverse music genres for better effects.

How To Use TikTok
Using Trendy Music

Audience Interactivity

Not only should your content be excellent, but you should also know how to take care of your audience. 

Frequently check out the comment section and find out what your audience is thinking, learn from comments and improvise weaknesses. They can be your greatest source of ideas.

Interacting with your audience will get you closer to them. It helps you understand what they want and strive for higher content quality. Maintain a friendly and cooperative attitude toward the viewers to gain their trust.

Occasionally, you can choose to perform according to the audience’s requests. Creating a Q&A session and being candid while sharing is also a great idea. 

Multiple Platform Sharing

To maximize your influence, you also want to publish your content on other popular social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Add a link to your video’s description so your followers can interact and discover more of your content.

If you keep on uploading content on TikTok only, you will miss a large proportion of the potential audience on other platforms. To increase your reachability and widen your fan base, they are the ultimate goal of this action.

How To Use TikTok For Business?

Wondering how to use TikTok for business? Worry not! With TikTok Marketing, you will utilize your content for business purposes, providing that you have a PRO account.

TikTok is a resourceful social media platform for business activities, including marketing activities. With a good marketing plan, you can successfully introduce your products to the consumers.

Aside from all guidelines above, you will need to utilize all of your resources. We recommend creating a good influencer marketing strategy against other competitors to increase the chance of going viral on this platform. 

Cooperating with other popular creators is a great option. You can contact and work with other influencers to promote your products to their fan base.

As an influencer who seeks to promote products, you need to be updated about TikTok trends to design your video content in the most appropriate way; this statement is especially true for businesses.

Picking the right moment to upload is even more crucial in this case. Remember to check out the “Analytics” to view your recent performance.

How To Use TikTok
TitTok Marketing


Originating from China, TikTok offers its users a wide variety of convenient and effective functions to satisfy their entertainment demand. Therefore, TikTok is currently one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world.

To fully take advantage of this amazing application and build your virtual empire on social media platforms, you need to keep in mind the best guidelines of how to use TikTok efficiently. 

We hope this article will be helpful for you as you brave the adventure to reach the top of the best TikTok influencers.


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