TikTok Analytics: Understanding The Social Metrics

Last updated February 19, 2021

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TikTok Analytics: Understanding The Social Metrics

TikTok Analytics is a built-in tool that helps you go further on your path to become a professional influencer and make money on the platform. It is instrumental in controlling statistics and building future TikTok strategy.

As TikTok is now the number one growth social media network, many companies and KOLs are processing their marketing and media campaigns on this app. That’s why fully understanding all the social media metrics and audience insights are essential. 

In this article, you will find detailed instructions about activating this tool and learn how to check analytics on TikTok

What Are TikTok Analytics? 

TikTok analytics is a native tool that collects data about engagement, viewers, and followers from every video you posted on TikTok. It helps you judge the situation based on data, understand insights, then orient your content strategy individually.

It offers everything you need to know about your TikTok profile: which type of content viewers prefer, when you should upload videos, even audience demographics, etc.

However, this tool only helps gather data on your channel. TikTok can’t display detailed information of other profiles you don’t own. 

For instance, should you be curious about your competitors’ or partners’ performance, you won’t find their data on your TikTok Analytics section, due to the platform’s privacy protection policy TikTok.

what are tiktok analytics
What are Tiktok Analytics?

How to check tiktok analytics?

What is a TikTok Pro Account?

You can’t access TikTok analytics from a personal channel. This button is grayed out for standard accounts, which is the main difference between standard and pro ones. The question now is: is it worth it, switching to a TikTok pro account to discover this useful function?

TikTok started to launch the Pro Accounts function in 2019. It’s a free upgrade, with which regular users can access juicy details about their marketing efforts on the platform and grow their channels.  

As their names indicate, pro accounts are for professional TikTokers who want to measure follower insights and optimize their content performance. 

These channels work similarly to Instagram Creator profiles, which also provide analytics tools to help users monitor the engagement level, measure, and learn about their audience. 

Set Up Your Pro Account

  • On your profile screen, touch the 3-dot button to open the Privacy and Setting section.
  • Tap Manage My Account to go to the next page
  • Tap Switch to Pro Account 
  • Select a category for your account. This step will help TikTok customize your data in the future and doesn’t display the categories publicly.
  • Enter your phone number (It won’t be shown publicly). TikTok will send you a confirmation code via SMS. If you’ve already linked your account with a phone number, you won’t see this screen.
Tiktok Pro Account
Set up a TikTok Pro Account

Access The Analytics Screen

Once the setup is done, the page will reload and navigate you back to the Privacy and Settings screen. Now you will see the ‘Analytics’ button on the Account section. 

You can go to the Settings menu -> tap Analytics to explore the data on the mobile app. On the desktop screen, you can access this tool through a shorter path. Click on the upper right corner (your profile picture) -> choose ‘View Analytics.’ 

Both paths will bring you to a new page with 3 primary tabs, displaying all the data tracked on your TikTok channel. But only the desktop version allows you to export/download the reports. We’ll dive deep into these dashboards one by one in the next section. 

TikTok will start to generate data right when the Pro Account is enabled. You can imply that no historic data is recorded before that. You won’t see anything on the screen until the tool records enough information to analyze insights and display them under graphs format. 

This period usually takes up to 7 days. We suggest publishing as much content as possible during this period to get the results quicker. Besides, the larger number of videos posted, the more accurate your analytics will become.

TikTok Analytics
A typical TikTok Analytics dashboard

Understanding TikTok metrics

The Overview Tab

This page is the first to pop up when you click on the Analytics button. It displays the overall data on views and followers, giving you a general analysis at how your channel has performed during the last 7 days or 28 days. 

These are the 2 time period options, select ‘Last 7 days’ for short-term overview and ‘Last 28 days’ to see long-term audience growth. 

Video views

 This section showcases the total number of views all of your videos received during the chosen time. The data is displayed through a bar chart. To get deeper audience insights on a specific TikTok video, go to the ‘Content’ tab. 


A line graph will display your total number of followers over the given period. Visit the Follower tab for more details about your audience insights. 

Profile views

It shows how many times TikTok users visit your profile and is expressed in a bar chart. You can point out which day you get striking traffic, then find out what kind of content entices users to visit your channel the most. 

All in all, these 3 data are broken down by day and have a strong correlation to each other. Together, the graphs let you calculate the conversion rate of your content. 

In other words, you can estimate how many users who watch your videos visit your profile and how many of them follow your account. 

By tracking each day’s data, you can determine whether your content is adequate to turn view count into follower count. You can also adjust your content and plan the publishing schedule to fit your TikTok channel’s data growth patterns. 

The Content Tab

Trending Videos

This section is a collection of the 9 fastest growth videos on your channel. They are the most popular content you gained recently. You can also see how many new views and engagements these videos got during the appointed 7 days.

Individual Post Metrics

This segment allows you to have an in-depth understanding of each video posted on your TikTok channel. Tap on the video thumbnail, and its analytic dashboard will appear. This page includes 3 boxes as below:

  • Views: This box displays the total time watched (to hours, minutes, and seconds), the total views, and the average watch time (the average seconds TikTok viewers watch that video) that piece of content has gained up to now. 
  • Traffic sources: Showing the countries where the video traffic comes from. 
  • Audience Overview: Separating the total audience into traffic source types like For You feed, Follow page, and your profile.

What’s more, TikTok displays the total number of that video’s likes, comments, and shares on top of the individual post segment. You can easily calculate the average engagement on your own using these metrics. 

The Followers Tab

This section shows the main demographic metrics of your followers and their activity over the week. 

These metrics are useful for content planning and inspiration since it lets you know more about people who appreciate your creativity. You can adjust your content strategy to change these data.

Follower Count

On top of the page is the total followers you have up to now and how the number has changed during the given time. 

Gender Split

Gender slit is a percentage breakdown of your followers by their gender. For example, suppose you’re planning to become a beauty guru and work with cosmetic brands. In that case, it is a safe bet to say the majority of your followers are female. 

Top Territories

This metric expresses the distribution of your audience by location, displayed through a horizontal bar chart. You can see from which countries your followers are. 

Many people said that this territory breakdown is surprisingly more diverse than they think. Well, once you upload a video, TikTok users all around the globe can watch and interact. 

Understanding this metric, alongside the gender breakdown, can help you determine whether your content is reaching the right target audience. 

A worldwide shipping e-commerce company would want to partner with globally influential KOLs. On the other hand, a US-based sportswear company might want to focus on North American audiences. 

TikTok Analytics DashBoard
The Followers page

Follower Activity

This section tells you which dates and what time in a day your followers are most or least active on TikTok through a line graph. Tracking this metric can help you guess the best time to post on TikTok and hence, improve your engagement rates.

Videos Your Followers Watched

This segment selects 3 top videos that your followers watch the most all over TikTok during a week and displays the number of likes, shares, and comments. You can find out which type of content your followers are into at that time.

By looking at this section, you will spot new and popular content ideas for your future videos. You can also learn from other creators (what they put in their captions, their hashtags, the way they film their videos, etc.) or even collaborate with them. Your audience is going to love it!  

Sounds Your Followers Listened To 

The Sounds recap is recorded based on the music your followers loved to hear during the last 7 days. Tap on the songs and bookmark them to add to your future videos later on.

Bottom Line

Video analysis and recording statistics are the key factors that lead to any digital marketing channel’s success, including your TikTok account. The platform is now providing their TikTok analytics feature for free when you upgrade your profile to a Pro Account. 

Simply follow our instructions above, it only takes up 5 mins. By breaking down and tracking your videos regularly, you can plan and adjust your TikTok tactics most effectively.


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