The Ultimate TikTok Tips And Tricks: How To Get Your Videos To Go Viral?

Last updated February 18, 2021

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The Ultimate TikTok Tips And Tricks: How To Get Your Videos To Go Viral

TikTok has become a fast-growing marketing machine favored by today’s new generation of social media influencers. Accordingly, TikTok tips and tricks are among the hottest concerns of the app’s users.

If you are an entry-level member, you can easily be overwhelmed by the wide variety of content and videos on TikTok. Because of such an intense impression, you may have no idea where to begin and how to stand out among a sea of attractive creators.

Things are not so grim. Besides fundamental steps for TikTok users to build their accounts, there are “hacks” to boost your popularity more quickly and easily.

Let’s find out!

TikTok tips and tricks

Top 8 TikTok Tips And Tricks In Great Details

Even though over one million users have already downloaded it, TikTok still spares a space for you to develop your products. Whether your path goes for educational or funny concepts, you can still make them viral with enough effort.

We have compiled the best eight basic TikTok tips everyone can employ.

#1 Get The Hang Of The App

You can’t succeed in a field if you don’t understand it. TikTok is not an exception.

The first and foremost step to take is to spend one to two weeks learning about TikTok. You don’t need to attend any online seminar or crash course; your experience will deliver the sincerest knowledge.

Open the TikTok app and scroll through the For You page every day, follow famous creators, and save all the trendy songs. Immerse yourself in the platform, and you will gradually figure out how it works.

Your hard work will pay off with enormous values. Not only does the daily research make you and your mind familiar with the app, but you will gradually get the gist of why certain contents work while others don’t.

#2 Catch The Latest Trends

If you have registered a TikTok account and spend just a couple of minutes browsing it, you will realize quickly enough that everything on this platform boils down to trends.

Besides trending videos that originate from current events, some trends are popping up out of nowhere. And because their lifespan is counted by days, speed is the best way to get your content watched on TikTok.

A prime example of this tip is well illustrated by a trend on Tiktok called #YouHaveTo. The story began with a harp cover of  the “A Moment Apart” song from @hannah_harpist. 

The original sound has been used in various concepts, but it officially went viral when the TikTok community turned the theme to its humorous side.

Since then, people have kept uploading videos to give advice, starting with “You have to…”, followed by the effects and distorted sound. A new and super hot trend was born within only five days.

TikTok Tips And Tricks
One of the most popular #YouHaveTo TikTok videos

So rather than struggling to create a brand new idea whose success is quite ambiguous, getting your inspirations from the Explore Page is sometimes a far better option. Use the trending hashtags to lead you to more related content, consequently more ideas.

The quicker you deliver an on-trend product, the more views and hearts your unit is likely to receive. Keep a comprehensive approach to make sure you are never behind the current flow.

#3 Keep Your Content Short Yet Special 

Don’t try to put as many things in one project as possible. 

The ideal length should range from 10 to 15 seconds to optimize the watch time and completion rates. These two criteria will prove your content’s quality to TikTok’s algorithm and that it should reach a larger range of audiences.

Although  TikTok’s screen time limit will prevent creators from making lengthy videos, try to avoid reaching its limit of 60 seconds.

You want to be without doubt the first person to jump on the most updated trends; however, the effect may end up a flop if you don’t differentiate yourself from others.

Today’s users are much smarter and pickier than in the old days. The first thing people will skip is an exact copy of a video they have already watched.

The most innovative content will dominate the app. You don’t have to reinvent the trend, but add some unique twists, such as funny songs or filters, to make your work a second-to-none deliverable.

#4 Stick To Your Niche

TikTok’s audience is far more diverse than you could ever imagine. Regardless of your age and interest, there is always a group of watchers on TikTok that aligns with your channel.

Creators’ success will arrive once they discover their niche audiences. For example, if you intend to target parents and soon-to-be parents, create videos that connect their sympathy or bring them value of parenthood.

@janeparkang, a mom of two children in Seattle, has been sharing recordings about her family and adorable kids. The content is simple but snappy, enough to get her a peak of 20.3M viewers for one hit and a total of 2.4M followers.

TikTok Tips And Tricks

Another popular option that youngsters usually land at is building a channel of the hottest trends. The most favorite picks include challenges and lip sync videos, elevated with eye-feasting features and background music.

That is to say, by following a consistent route for the niche content, you will get higher chances to reach your desired audiences. On the other way round, they will also browse for you on the home screen.

Remember to add hashtags to both specify your work and spread it to more watchers. Keep them short, attractive, and easy to read.

#5 Build A Busy Schedule

One of the most apparent facts you can realize upon studying famous TikTok profiles is that the owners post on the platform at least once daily. For an expert, the number can reach five or even more.

The app’s huge benefit is that it allows TikTokers to upload as much as they want in a day freely. This user-friendly feature is superb to test new ideas and detect the best option for your growth on the platform.

With your winning format, upload as often as possible. Make the best use of it by producing follow-up or Q&A versions. Posting regularly increases the interaction with your audiences and enhances your performance index with the algorithm.

#6 Boost The Engagement

Once you have built a fan base, try your best to retain them and continuously cultivate the existing number to reach higher levels.

Besides content quality and other vital factors we already discussed above, some helpful techniques will keep your loyal followers engaged.

The most straightforward way is to read all comments and listen to your followers’ opinions. You can reply to their questions in a new post, make the next part of a favored content, or create a video with the sound they suggest.

The point is that showing your sincere appreciation towards your fan base’s support is the best way to recognize their great value and meaning to you. Talking to them personally like friends will also promote closer interaction.

Another way is to utilize cross-promotion. Link your TikTok to other platforms to maximize the engagement. Hit the share button to publish your works on those media; then, you can drive traffic back to your TikTok account.

If you don’t have yet a significant number of subscribers on other platforms, you can still achieve this with the help of influencers or KOLs. A duet dance with them, for example, is not a bad idea.

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#7 Keep Trying 

The crucial key to success still contributes to your inner power. Make a serious preparation and practice hard in front of the record screen. You may have to hit the record button a thousand times to arrive at something that catches the audiences’ attention.

If you are a serious business person, you will never want to be an overnight phenomenon that falls out of the long-term journey. To build up a healthy and stable channel, learn How to grow on Tiktok for more tips and instructions.

Trials and errors are undeniably the prerequisites of any successful channels. Even if you have applied all of the above tips and tricks, luck may still refuse to knock on the door. But it is the hard-working progress and endless effort that will bring back enormous values for your career.

#8 Be A Trendsetter? Why not?

Your work is a video creator, so don’t limit your creativity. Instead of following the current formulation, why don’t you create a new trend everyone wants to remake?

Don’t hesitate to try. TikTok won’t charge anything for your failure. Start recording every idea that pops into your head, and whether it goes viral or goes nothing, at least you won’t regret not giving yourself a chance.

Let your personality be the star of your channel. If your strength is art and drawing, making live photos can be where your journey begins. The hashtags will help people know the exact thing that you deliver to them.

Final Thought

We hope that this article can present you with some efficient TikTok tips and tricks to boost your channel’s popularity. Whether you are already an expert in the field or only a beginner, these suggestions can cater to all the basic needs of a typical TikToker.

Please leave a comment to share your own tips and tricks. Your opinion is valuable to us!


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