How To Get Followers On TikTok: Best Tips Ever

Last updated January 13, 2021

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How To Get Followers On TikTok

Once you carry out a marketing strategy on social media platforms, gaining more followers is one of every business and individual’s key goals.

Social media owns its great advantage, allowing access to a bunch of audiences and building communities. That said, reaching the audiences effectively is not easy and this requires effort, creativity, and perseverance.

Today, we will provide you several tips to get followers on TikTok, a popular social platform right now. Let’s get the ball rolling!

How To Grow On TikTok – Best Tips To Get Followers On TikTok

Tip #1: Target Audience 

As you might know, the more users on TikTok watch your clips, the more likely you will end up on the ‘For You’ fanpage, consequently helping you get more followers.

How to get followers on TikTok? You could find a variety of TikTok users and content, meaning there is room for all people. Whether you are a gamer and into Animal Crossing or a follower of so satisfying videos, there are various content for you.



Still, it is critical to understand you can’t reach everyone. That’s why it is a great idea to hone on a clear target audience. Though this is a different social platform, it is still important to determine who you are and who you are making your videos for.

Think about what kind of content your target audience likes and dislikes. If you are starting, it does not hurt to ask your Instagram followers what type of content they prefer through a poll sticker or question. You might be surprised by their replies.

Now, let’s take a look at this channel on TikTok – Jera Foster-Fell

She is a TikTok marketer to educate followers. Mainly, she provides tricks on posing, TikTok hacks, and content tips with some fun dances and trends thrown in the mix.

How To Get Followers On TikTok

She found niche audiences of new TikTok users, people who want to boost their game, and marketing professionals – earning her more than 300,000 followers and counting! 

Tips: You could know more about followers by registering a TikTok Pro account so that you could access the deep insights about your audiences and content!

Tip #2: How to embrace the Tiktok trends 

TikTok users create short video content by combining sound clips and music with the original content, explaining why you’ll see many variations from a video – just the difference between the songs or concepts.

The challenge named ‘Flip the Switch’ made by Kate McKinnon with Elizabeth Warren is a case in point. This trend has been available for a while but hasn’t reached the full-viral status.

This video is SNL’s most successful post to date – another example of the brand’s importance to grasp the newest TikTok trends.

How can I find the original sound which started the trend? Just tap on the song when it’s playing on the video. You can see the content using its sound-byte, consisting of previous profiles.

Finding tiktok trends

If you want to embrace the trend, stay creative, original, and create fascinating content to show the crowd, you’ll get more TikTok followers on your profile. Start your free TikTok today!

Tip #3: Growing your TikTok

How to grow on TikTok? If these current trends don’t convey your message (we know it, many of them look like a joke), a different way to grow your TikTok is creating your trends or dance challenges.

Many famous singers like Jennifer Lopez are creating dance challenges where TikTok fans can recreate the dance and upload it to the social platform.

And many brands have joined this wagon. Chipotle is the concrete example of getting more TikTok followers by creating challenges to easily access everyone. 

#ChipotleLidFlip with over 300,000 viewers and #GuacDance with over 1 billion viewers – both prove a fun challenge would be the best stratagem in growing your following.

TIPS: Following Chipotle’s steps. Let’s make an easy challenge to recreate so it’ll be inclusive and within reach to many followers.

How to level-up the TikTok skills? Feel free to take part in our Later’s ten days challenge! Everyday we show you new TikTok skills or hacks which can be used on your feed.

Tip #4: The necessary of Hashtags

Tiktok hashtags have the same action on Instagram, or other social media platforms — for discoverability.

There is no concrete answer which hashtag is the most active on the platform. Still, you can combine the content with specific hashtags and some general relational hashtags to boost your chance of gaining more TikTok followers.

using related hashtags

For instance, if you have a TikTok video about your staff at a café store, there are some general hashtags, such as #barista #coffee, and the specific hashtags are #ForYou or #fycafe. It will help if you try these to have an aspirated spot for your ‘For You’ fan page. 

Remember that more general hashtags can cause saturation, not making your content accessible. Therefore, consider adding other unique and entertaining hashtags like #CoffeeCornerWow.

Like Instagram, a few of hashtag research leads to more attractions on your post.

Tip #5: Be creative!

Boosting creativity by editing TikTok’s features or making your unique video content will increase engagement rates for getting TikTok followers.

Like any other social platform, TikTok’s algorithm rewards posts that attract many engagement and interaction; so if you have more posts, you will have a higher chance of being seen by a huge audience.

The TikTok’s editing features facilitate users’ creativity to the maximum to produce entertaining content, but it will determine your post’s content and frequency as experimentation.

Don’t feel bored if a viral video gets about 1000 likes overnight, while the others flop and have no engagement. This phenomenon is normal with TikTok.

After finding a suitable format for your brand, try to make a replication or iterating a new way.

Like fashion influencer Alexandria Pereira, she usually uses ‘7 days, 7 ways’ as a format to show her outfits on both TikTok account and IGTV channel — a perfect way to repurpose the content and serve the audience.

No one can successfully crack the code of TikTok yet, but the original and unchanging content pays off for sure.

Tip #6: The most suitable timing to upload video

Getting more TikTok followers becomes easier when you know when and how often your fans and followers usually seek entertainment from your content.

Here is when TikTok Analytics and Pro Account come in handy.

Finding the best time to upload videos

Here is a note for you: TikTok shows all analytics by UTC, meaning you should do the conversion of timezone to find out when the audience is most active in their location.

Besides you’ll need to take courage to experiment and track the results.

Every TikTok account is unique. Although you use the social platform with similar benchmarks, you will finally discover the best time posting after several weeks by tracking successful viral videos and those which flopped.

Make a try and with perseverance, you will find out your own best time posting on TikTok!.

Tip #7: Promote your TikTok by connecting with other social media channels

It’s easy as pie to download any videos from your TikTok profile (even from your videos) and repost them to other social media platforms.

Tip #7: Promote your TikTok with other social media channels

In case your brand has solid followers on other platforms, luckily, you may get more followers on TikTok by migrating them over — this happens when you notice them.

A perfect example is Steak-umm. This brand reposts their TikTok videos on its Twitter account, which has about 157,000 followers. Today, it has approximately 82,000 TikTok followers.

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Tip #8: Marketing strategy with the content creators 

Unsurprisingly, individuality and on-of-a-kind profiles catch on, and it’s the reason why they get the most TikTok followers.

More influencers from other social platforms (especially YouTube and Instagram) have succeeded in migrating a host of followers to TikTok while their followers have already been active and follow up their content.

Like Instagram marketing, brands can gain a whole huge of benefits in collaborating with influencers or content creators on TikTok.

Aerie is an example. As a new brand on TikTok, they wanted a boost to their following. So this retail brand collaborated with Charli D’Amelio – the biggest star on the TikTok scene for creating sponsored content – to gain new attractions to their TikTok brand page. After creating three videos, they have already got over 17K TikTok followers.

It takes efforts to set up collaboration with a content creator. It would be best if you found the right influencers who can represent your brand and require a reasonable budget for this campaign.

TikTok influencer marketing is rather fresh, so this is a worthy opportunity to take one step ahead. Imagining how much money can you make on TikTok?

Tip #9: Repost your TikTok by UGC

People like to see their content reposted on the social networks profiles they love; therefore, using the capitalization on user-generated content (UGC) helps get more TikTok followers effectively.

It’s not difficult to download or repost TikTok content directly. The logo of TikTok and the handle of the content creator is auto-added to every video downloaded, making sure the video’s owner is credited.

If you can’t spend time creating your content, UGC can be used to repost, ensuring your profile appears active, and finally boosting your posting frequency.

Suppose a user knows there’s an opportunity to be featured by an account different from their own. In that case, they will usually create their content and use the brand’s tag to get attention from thousands of TikTok accounts to see their posts.

NARS Cosmetics has started reposting TikTok content on UGC, which can feature their products — and this seriously works.

If your brand produces physical products, reposting on UGC is a perfect way to get TikTok followers.

Tip #10: Make your CTA clever

The TikTok users may find your content enjoyable, but this is not enough to get many TikTok followers.

TikTok profiles who end their videos by using call-to-action will increase the chance to boost their followers; sometimes you need a little nudge in time.

Is this the catch? It would help if you make the CTA as interesting, brainy, and attractive as the TikTok content you create. 

You can add some simple text on the videos (Follow us to get more videos, for examples), or even host giveaways. These activities encourage TikTok followers to tag the TikTok username of their friends; increasing your account’s exposure exponentially.

Tip #11: Engage with the TikTok content you love

Remember that TikTok is also a social platform — so anyone who spends many hours scrolling will find out that TikTok is super addictive, but it doesn’t exactly build for conversations as the other social media platforms.

The only effective way to engage is through interactions as likes and comments on the videos. A strategy to enhance the TikTok following count is to engage with the content which compliments your brands.

Follow famous influencers who could be good partners with your brand, start to engage with their videos, and find some other brands in the industry you want to support.

You will see new TikTok followers growing fast if other users can see your comments on multi videos — and eventually lead users to watch your short videos and engage with your TikTok profile.

Tip #12: Can you advertise on tiktok?

With TikTok Ads, you can set a target to select the specific demographic in any location to help your content reach similar and relevant audiences, meaning many conversions into your new followers.

Can you advertise on tiktok?

Here are some options for TikTok ads: In-feed ads, top view, brand takeover, brand hashtag challenges. These options for TikTok ads still keep growing. We can expect various options shortly about how the brands can use paid-for chances to grow the brand and get more TikTok followers

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on our article today on the best tips for getting followers on TikTok and making your TikTok famous profile.

Your creativity will play an important role in increasing your TikTok following count, so start now and experiment with fun ideas and videos you have in mind.

Anyway, feel free to let us know in the comment section below if you have any further questions. 

Thank you for reading!



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