TikTok Trends of 2021 to Guide Your Social Media Strategies

Last updated February 19, 2021

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TikTok Trends of 2021 to Guide Your Social Media Strategies

Do you find it hard to keep up with the latest TikTok trends?

Despite its launch in 2016, TikTok had only gone big in North America in 2018. The video-streaming platform’s popularity has been growing among millions of people, from millennials to boomers, proving its position among other social media sites.

In today’s article, we will provide the trending topics on TikTok and how to find TikTok trends. Stay tuned!

6 TikTok Trends of 2021 to Guide Your Social Media Strategies

What is trending on TikTok?

Below are 6 of the most trending TikTok topics you cannot miss in 2021!

More and More Brands are Coming to TikTok

When you think of brands and influencers, the first things that come to your mind are probably Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube. These are where influencers or KOLs have been spending their time building an image to themselves.

Nonetheless, there has been a sharp rise in the influencer industry in recent years due to the great demands for goods from consumers. 

Brand owners and influencers realize that TikTok holds big potential for digital marketing, helping them to target the right niches and reach new audiences.

And if that’s not good enough for you, here’s a fact: over 35% of brands (small and medium-sized) have started to put out more effort into advertising their products on TikTok.

tiktok trends

What’s even better, these brands also have a marketing strategy team just for planning video content to post on TikTok; how surreal is that?

Social Commerce

Whether you want it or not, you’ll be seeing a lot of social commerce on TikTok. This phenomenon is due to the latest partnership commitment TikTok made with Shopify in late 2020 to promote their products’ coverage on the platform, thus boosting sales.

One of the perks that sellers and brand owners get from this partnership is the authority to control TikTok’s marketing efforts directly from the Shopify account.

In other words, you will have a professional dashboard of your TikTok insight, including the posts your clients most interacted with, most viewed videos, most liked posts, etc.

Consumers expect in-app shopping to be available in the near future to shorten and streamline the shopping process.

tiktok trends

The Hashtag Challenge

A lot of videos started to blow up and go viral after attending challenges on TikTok. Where do you think these challenges come from? Exactly; the hashtags!

You may have already seen different hashtag challenges across Instagram and YouTube, but the trend has only been taken seriously recently, thanks to TikTok.

People are picking up hashtags swiftly as 2020 was a tough year for all of us, and many places around the world were (and numerous are still) under quarantine. 

What better thing to do than scrolling through a social media platform in your free time when other recreational activities are currently without reach? Don’t get us wrong; by free time, we mean a whole lot of it.

Sure, you can name a few things you’d like to for fun, but after months of lockdown, will you still be so certain that you have never once spent more than hours scrolling through TikTok and even participated in a TikTok challenge?

Not only regular users but influencers and brands are seeing the benefits this trend has to offer too. Their videos are more likely to go viral; thus, boosting brand awareness is a literal piece of cake after you have blown up.

More Ads

TikTok launched ‘TikTok for Business’ in summer 2020 to help businesses and brand owners advertise on its platform. Aforementioned, TikTok is the new future of digital marketing.

In 2019 alone, people spent over 6 hours a week watching videos on the Internet (counting all sources including YouTube and TikTok), a significant escalation of 59% compared to 3 years ago.

This figure shows that not only has the world changed noticeably, but consumers are willing to spend more time watching and finding what they want due to the surge in demands for produce.

So, if you’re a new brand trying to make yourself stand out from the rest and have your video on TikTok Trending, don’t miss out on trying out these new trends on TikTok. 

They will help you a bunch on running a successful ad campaign on the platform, or pretty much anything you need to know to make your account triumph.


You must have known what a meme is, or else, have you been living under a rock?!

That was a little harsh, but no kidding. Memes are a literal part of the social media world, and if you know their impact on people and create content ideas with similar effect, your account will thrive in no time.

So, what makes memes a thing everybody must know? Easy enough! They’re easy-to-understand, entertaining, and shareable. If you’re eager to boost the organic engagement to your TikTok account, memes are unarguably worth looking into.

Music Promotion

Another new feature from TikTok – Stitch, was launched last September. It allows users to ‘borrow’ other users’ content. As trivial as it sounds, you can now use video cuts from up to 5 seconds and incorporate them into your own clips.

Using TikTok Stitch Feature
TikTok Stitch Feature

More artists and music makers are taking advantage of this trend to collaborate with other artists on TikTok, a phenomenon that has never been seen before.

It is expected that more artists will start coming to TikTok and advertise their music products sooner or later.

In Closing

After reading this article, we hope you now have a clearer view of the TikTok trends in your head, thus choosing a trend (or hopefully more) to grow your TikTok channel in 2021.

The number of TikTok users will sure be rising by the day, and it is just a matter of time until TikTok takes over YouTube. So, start building an empire for yourself on TikTok today, and watch it thrive later on.

Thank you for reading.


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