Everything To The Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy To Go Viral 2021

July 22, 2021


Everything To The Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy To Go Viral 2021

The best TikTok hashtag is one of the most effective and direct ways to grab others’ attention to your TikTok videos. It can help your content be accessible to more users and, more than that, the right targets. 

TikTok hashtags work the same way as they do on Instagram, but since the platform is relatively young compared to other social media channels, there remain certain confusing factors from the user side. 

So, how can you find the suitable hashtags for your post on TikTok? Is there anything you need to be aware of when adding them to your videos? Well, all you are looking for is right in this article. 

We will show you the rule of thumbs regarding hashtags in all popular videos on TikTok, and you can make yours popular as well. 

It is time to get started!

Does The Best TikTok Hashtag Work?

Absolutely. As we mentioned above, TikTok hashtags will spread user generated content to more users, help them easily find and share the things they are interested in, just like on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

TikTok hashtags also build a social community of same-taste users so that you can connect and extend your social circle. That is also how influencer marketing works. So interesting, right?

The most outstanding feature about TikTok hashtags is that it is pretty up to the minute and not overwhelming, especially compared to other traditional social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. 

So, using suitable hashtags will help you go further and rank higher on this new platform.

It is straightforward to add hashtags to your TikTok videos. All you need to do is add text after the #, commonly known as the hashtag symbol. 

Remember to enter the text only without spaces. To learn more about TikTok hashtags and more tips to use them effectively, check out this link.

Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy
Add Text After The # Without Space To Add Hashtags

Theoretically, using TikTok hashtags could boost your video content’s reachability and appeal to more first-time viewers to your videos. However, what should you do to make this concept come true?

Here are some popular strategies that not only you but also great creators usually utilize.

1. Use Relevant Hashtag

When browsing content from competitors or creators you love, remember to note down what hashtags they currently use the most. 

Don’t neglect their most viral TikTok posts. There must be a reason why they have become so popular, right? 

As a last resort, you can refer to a hashtag generator tool to help you find relevant yet trending TikTok hashtags linked to your content.

2. Use Hashtags: #ForYou, #ForYouPage, #FYP

Scrolling down your TikTok for a second, it’s not too strange to run into numerous #FYP, #ForYouPage, and #ForYou on most viral videos. 

These combinations of 3 famous hashtags have reached more than 6,000 billion views and use on TikTok, which is much more than #love, the most popular Instagram hashtag.

The popularity of these hashtags is based on the fact that many users believe with them, their content will attract more TikTok active users on the For You Page. 

Even though there hasn’t been any solid evidence to support that belief, you are still recommended to include these three hashtags in all your types of videos. All social media channels, including TikTok, are a test of success.

Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy
You Can Use Hashtags: #ForYou, #ForYouPage, #FYP

It is simple for you to discover a trending list of hashtags on TikTok. Just go to the Discover tab. Here, you can see thousands of top TikTok hashtags on trends. 

Every TikTok user knows the benefits of using trending hashtags, but you should also pay attention to the posting time and period. For example, #merrychristmas could be popular at Christmas, but there is no point in posting it in March. 

Hashtags trends also have their ups and downs, and you need to know whether the list of hashtags you want to use is still currently popular or not.

Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy
Use Current Trending Hashtag Is Also A Great Way To Attract More Attention

Once a TikTok hashtag comes into many people’s radars, it will soon be sought-after every day, every moment and quickly become known by everyone, meaning that content creators sensitive to trends will have great attention at the beginning. 

It is the biggest benefit of viral hashtags. But the drawback is, there is too much competition on the ground after a while. 

You are likely to get more attention in a smaller niche by utilizing smaller or less competitive hashtags.

The bigger the popularity of these smaller hashtags, the higher you are likely to be in the feed of the user base. That is why you should make use of the advantages by mixing both kinds of hashtags.

But how do you know which hashtag is popular or less competitive? Well, we recommend you to go specific hashtags, but never go so niche. Think of what your target audience on TikTok would type in the search bar.

Let’s start with broad hashtags, then get to more specific ones. For instance, if you are a professional in digital marketing, the former might be #marketing. 

At the same time, the latter might be #socialmediamarketing if you are focusing on social media, or even more niche, #TikTokmarketing.

It is always a challenging task, and one of the social media tips for you is to find the perfect balance. You will have to try to test until you reach your desired loyal audience.

Pro tip: Some ways to combine different types of hashtags you may want to try:

#1. Use two broad hashtags and two trending hashtags at once.

#2. Use two niche hashtags and two trending hashtags at once.

#3. Use two niche hashtags and two broad hashtags at once.

You could continuously use them in turns to get the best result.

5. Number And Frequency Of Hashtag Use

A great piece of advice for you is to use as many TikTok hashtags as you can. Do not limit to just one or two hashtags, each of which directs you to a broader audience.

There are limitless numbers of hashtags you can use on TikTok. However, as TikTok limits users’ captions to only 100 characters, it may result in another problem. 

The longer your caption is, the less space you have for your hashtags. That means you have to keep your description short of filling in as many different hashtags as possible.

You need a minimum of three characters for a hashtag, including space, a hashtag, and a letter or number. Therefore, you can fill in the maximum of 33 hashtags in your caption.

But not all single-character hashtags are useful, meaning you would have smaller sets of hashtags than expected. If your space is running short, additional hashtags in the comment is a great alternative.

Pro Tip: Do not use excessive hashtags on your every content as they might look like spam, which could cause discomfort to most users. The ideal number of hashtags for each video is around three and four. 

6. Use Hashtags At The End Of The Description

Many users prefer placing their hashtags right at the beginning of their description with the hope of catching more attention from users. But it also means that users tend to ignore your captions for videos, assuming it’s simply spam.

It depends on your priority and preference on where to put it. But research shows that hashtags at the end of the description are likely to gain more popularity.

7. Use Hashtag Challenges Or Branded Hashtags

If you are working for a brand or working on your brand, keep using branded hashtags so that potential followers can find you and your popular content. 

Fortunately, a branded hashtag on TikTok can go further than that on social media marketing. You do not even need to sponsor branded hashtags or run TikTok ads to make it viral.

Or better, you might even want to start a TikTok hashtag challenge. It is an online competition on TikTok where you challenge lots of users and even celebrities to create content, either a song or a dance, and use your hashtag on it. 

It sounds promising, and it is, as users tend to get inspired by others to create content on TikTok.

You must have seen the power of viral challenges such as #icebucketchallenge and #mannequinchallenge, which went viral on Twitter and Instagram a few years ago. There are even more viral TikTok challenges than that. 

Brands have developed multiple hashtag challenges to enhance brand awareness and create new leads on TikTok. You can refer to the #eyeslipsface challenge created by E.L.F. Cosmetics. 

The branded hashtag challenge soon catches the eyes of millions of TikTok influencers, including Jessica Alba, Ellen Degeneres, and Lizzo.

Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy
Use Hashtag Challenges Or Branded Hashtags

Do TikTok Hashtags In Comments Work?

They work as well as they do in the caption, but the outcome is much less effective. 

Putting everything you want in the caption is the best, but if, unfortunately, your posts go over the required characters, you should put all significant hashtags in the captions and others in the comments.

So now, you can make the most use of the best hashtags for TikTok to boost your video. Keep some important factors in mind and plan thoroughly for content; we believe you can raise your present value and have more followers. 

Best TikTok Hashtag Strategy
TikTok Hashtags Also Works In Comments

The Bottom Line

If you seek a method to polish your TikTok channel, attract other users to your videos, and get more new followers to start your business, thoughtful plans with the best TikTok hashtag are a must. 

Understanding your demands, we have summarized seven different strategies that popular KOLs and influencers often use. And, of course, it can be your start as well. Many people are successful with it, and it is your turn now.

That is also the end of our article today. Hopefully, you can get what you want with the help of it.

Thank you for reading!

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