Monetization Is Disabled For My Channel: Cause And Solution?

Last updated September 17, 2021

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Monetization Is Disabled For My Channel: Cause And Solution

Many people have the same question: “Monetization is disabled for my channel, so what should I do?” They have also sought advice from YouTube, but the information is not effective in resolving the issue.

Let’s read this article, as we’ve summarized all the main causes why your YouTube monetization is turned off and the best solutions for each problem!

Why Is Monetization Disabled For My Channel?

Monetization Is Disabled For My Channel
Disabled Monetization

Youtube users who break the regulations provided by the Terms and Conditions will have their monetization disabled. So, before you begin uploading videos to your YouTube channel, make sure you are aware of the violations listed below:

Copyright Infringement Video

Copyright is one of the most common reasons why your YouTube channel is not monetizable. There are two mistakes that most people make that lead to this issue: Fair Use and Derivative Works.

Fair Use

Fair Use means that you can use copyright-protected material in certain circumstances without seeking permission from the owner.

The determination of what is fair use is based on the following four points:

  • The type and purpose of use
  • Nature of the work
  • The volume and nature of the content you use
  • The impact of using copyrighted content on the original work’s market value.

Sounds hard to pinpoint where the problem really lies, right? Thus, that’s why YouTube or any digital platform always recommends you use free data sources rather than copyright ones. 

Derivative Work

Many people breach the law of derivative work. For example, some attempt to cover a copyrighted song without the owner’s permission.

Without a doubt, YouTube will disable this function because it interferes with the original copyrighted content.

Besides that, derivative works can take many forms that many new YouTube users can easily breach. For example, fiction, sequels, spin-offs, translations, etc., are all forms of derivative works. If you publish them without the owner’s permission, you will undoubtedly cross the line and can no longer earn from your video.

Youtube Copyright Infringement
Copyright Infringement

Violation Of YouTube Partner Program Policy

When you join the YouTube partner program, you must adhere to the program’s policies in order to enable monetization, which means that you are forced to conform to certain community guidelines and standards. These guidelines specify what type of content is not permitted, including videos, thumbnails, links, and comments.

If you break the rules, not only will monetization be disabled, but your channel will face additional issues as well.

YouTube also suggested some content that users should create/upload in order to avoid disabling this function. Here are some examples:

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) videos
  • Home videos
  • Daily vlogs
  • Tutorials
  • Original short films
  • Original music videos

Please be aware that advertisers may place advertisements on your videos if you enable this feature. It could necessarily require making the video content more ad-friendly.

Invalid Click Activity On Your Channel

Spam, Deceptive Practices, & Scams Policies

YouTube will disable monetization of your channel if it breachs the following points: 

  • Video Spam: Videos with repetitive content or you simply promise viewers something but then redirect them to another website. Cases of intentionally using tricks to entice others with the promise of making money faster or spreading malicious software.
  • Mislead user metadata or thumbnails: The title, description, thumbnails, or tags are designed to mislead users into believing in something that is not true.
  • Scam: All forms of fraud by enticing money gifts violate YouTube’s regulations.
  • Incentive spam: Selling engagement metrics are not allowed.  The exchange of subscriptions is also against YouTube’s terms.
  • Comment Spam or Repetitive Comments: Comments with bad intentions, or comments that are similar, etc. 
  • Abuse of live streams: live streams that are intended to stream content that belongs to someone else but is not corrected despite repeated warnings of possible abuse.
Violation of Youtube policy on video
Violation Spam, Deceptive Practices, & Scams Policies

AdSense Program Policies

Adsense is a form of cost per click (CPC) advertising, users click on the ad, and you will receive money, while the product/ service provider has to pay Google to post ads. 

Apparently, YouTube will disable this feature of your channel if you violate the Adsense Program Policies, so you should look further into these regulations before proceeding to the troubleshooting part of this article.

YouTube Terms Of Service

One of the conditions you agreed to follow when you first started making money is the terms of service. If you break the committed regulations, YouTube will disable your monetization as well.

Troubleshoot Disabled Monetization

How to fix disabled monetization? There are only two options listed below that can assist you:

Check Monetization Status 

You need to check your status to ensure that YouTube has disabled it before trying to troubleshoot. To check it, go directly to the Status and Features channel’s section, or you can follow these steps below:

  1. You sign in to YouTube Studio
  2. Click on the Monetization icon in the left menu to view your status. 

Resolve Copyright Issues (If Your Channel Has)

You need to resolve the copyright issue that you have infringed. When Youtube reports a violation and disables your channel’s monetization, it is the first move you should take!

You can refer to the following article for how to remove the copyright from the video.

If current copyright or community guidelines issues are unresolvable, monetization will recover its functionality after three months if your channel meets the requirements below:

  • In the last three months, you have not encountered any new copyright or community guidelines issues.
  • You use your channel following policies, such as uploading monetizable content.

Submit YouTube Complaints

You must submit complaints after you have ensured that your earning is disabled. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select your profile picture, then click on Send Feedback.
  3. Describe your problem. You can add a screenshot for more information. 
  4. Click Send.

Final Thoughts

You now have the best answer to the question, “Monetization is disabled on my channel; what should I do?” 

Whatever your videos are, you must ensure that they are compatible with the policies you must agree to before uploading them.

Hopefully, this article assists you in resolving monetization issues on your channel.

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