A Quick Guide On How To Remove Copyright From Video

Last updated June 01, 2021

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How To Remove Copyright From Video

There is nothing worse than getting copyright strikes. So learning how to remove copyright from video is a must should you want to keep your youtube channel up and running. 

One strike only costs you the revenue generated from the claimed content, but three strikes and your channel is gone from this social media platform.

As severe as this problem may sound, if you are sure that your content does not violate any rules, you can dispute the claim. For your convenience, we offer an in-depth guide on how to tackle these copyright issues.

How To Remove Copyright From Video
A Video Was Removed Due To A Copyright Claim 

Check For Copyright Violations

Check out some important details on copyright to understand why you would receive copyright strikes from Youtube.

Before Uploading Your Videos

After you have finished the editing process, Youtube will automatically check your video for copyrighted content before it is uploaded. In this section, you can see whether or not your video is authentic and comply with copyright policy.

When the copyright check is done, check the result below at the “copyright” section. If a green tick shows up, it means there’s no copyright match, and you can proceed to upload the video. 

Otherwise, if there is a red cross, your video may contain copyrighted materials. For that reason, Youtube will impose some forms of punishment on it, such as demonetization, and temporary suspension.

How To Remove Copyright From Video
A Video Without Any Copyright Matches

After Uploading Your Videos

When your video is published on Youtube, your channel will receive a penalty if your content shows signs of copyright infringement. As smart as Youtube’s copyright checker is, it is not perfect. 

Though the AI has approved your work, other content creators can spot their copyrighted content in your video and report it.

Copyright Takedown

This happens when someone proves they are the original content owner and wants to have the video taken down. Youtube then will inspect your content again. 

If the takedown request is valid, your project will be temporarily disabled, and you will receive a copyright takedown notification.

Content ID

Content ID is a copyright issue the majority of video creators struggle with. Although it does not lead to videos getting removed or channels terminated, all of the revenue and stats the clip generated will belong to the copyright holder. 

You will receive a warning message, which usually contains information on the copyright content and the claimant.

Complying Or Disputing A YouTube Copyright Claim

We know what you are wondering: “how to remove copyright claims on youtube?”. In fact, it is quite simple, as long as you follow our instructions carefully.

Complying Procedure

If the copyright claim is accurate, you have to remove the claimed portion of content  from your video entirely. 

Changing/ Muting Copyrighted Content

For audio content such as trademark music tracks, you can either change to non-copyrighted songs  or mute the background music.

We highly recommend finding a reliable source of free-to-use soundtracks to add an extra touch to your content without risking it getting removed.

Assisted Trim Claim Editing Tool

As for visual clips and cuts, changing the sound is not enough to avoid copyright violation. This is where the exclusive “Trim” feature comes in handy. 

It is recently added to Youtube and has proven to be an excellent tool for removing claimed content without affecting view counts and revenue. Right after you trim out the original content, the claim will release automatically.

How To Remove Copyright From Video
Trim Claim Editing Tool

Disputing Procedure

Millions of videos are uploaded to Youtube daily, making it quite overwhelming for the system to process. It is undeniable that sometimes, a video can be wrongfully penalized without getting an actual copyright strike.

Should you, unfortunately, be in this situation, the best course of action we suggest is filing for a dispute. The procedure is relatively tricky, so follow with us thoroughly:

  • Start by signing in to your YouTube Studio account
  • From the menu section on the left, click on “Content
  • Browse for the claimed video you want to dispute. Try using the filter bar for faster results
  • You can find in the “Restrictions” column, hover your cursor over “Copyright claim”, and then click on “See Details
  • Finally, click on “Select Actions” and choose “Dispute

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions many readers may have while they are dealing with copyright claims.

What Are The Differences Between Copyright Takedown And Content Id?

The main distinction would be how each of them penalizes your work. Copyright takedown is a policy of Youtube. It is devastating, especially for long-running video creators. 

Youtube will remove your video and suspend your channel. Reach three suspensions, and your channel is terminated from the platform forever.

On the flip side, Content ID acts as a negotiation between creators. In short, if someone claims your video for using their work, Youtube will not delete it, and your channel receives no suspension. 

However, all revenue the video in question generates will go to  the copyright holder’s pocket instead of yours.

Who Can Copyright Claim My Videos?

Anyone that can prove a fracture of content used in your video is theirs. The predominant copyright owners on Youtube are music licensing companies, news companies such as NBC News.

With the constant increase in Youtube revenue, more and more people are finding ways to bypass copyright laws to exploit authentic content. These “copyright trolls” are everywhere, and Youtube needs to reinforce security for a clean and healthy platform.

How Can I Legally Use Copyrighted Music?

The only way you can use copyright content without asking for the owner’s permission is through “fair use”. This revolutionary policy opens up more opportunities for video creators while complying with copyright protection.

Read more: Can You Use Copyrighted Music On YouTube?

Last Words

And that is all about our guide on how to remove copyright from video. Those steps are based on our own experience, so rest assured that anyone in any situation can remove copyright themselves! 

We hope that after reading this post, you will be able to grow your channel efficiently and steer clear of copyright strikes!

Thank you all for reading, and see you soon in the next article!


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