Average View Duration Youtube – 6 Useful Tips To Increase

Last updated August 14, 2021

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Average View Duration Youtube - 6 Useful Tips To Increase

It is not an overstatement to say that YouTube is one of the most popular online entertainment platforms, and more and more people decide to become a YouTuber. This trend makes people pay more attention to the average view duration YouTube because this is one of the factors that help evaluate the success of a channel.

What Is Average View Duration YouTube?

For YouTube, the average view duration is the total time you watch the video divided by the total number of plays, including playbacks.

What Is Average View Duration YouTube
What Is Average View Duration YouTube?

Why Is Average View Duration Affects Search Rankings?

Saying this statistic is important because it is related to the audience retention rate. The audience retention rate shows the percentage of people who continue to watch your video after playing it. 

It is a factor of the things that evaluate your rankings on Youtube and help you see if your video is engaging with your viewers and how attractive your channel is.

When awareness drops, you can’t reach more viewers, and it may be tricky to build up your brand and your channel. It will not be favorable if you want to do marketing for some of your products on this platform.

If you have a lot of clips with a low average viewing time, it indicates that your channel’s audience retention is very low and you should have the right method to improve it. 

For many viewers, the first thing they care about when reaching out to a channel is to see if the channel’s ranking is high or not. So you need to pay attention to this. Let’s make good and interesting clips to attract new viewers and retain old ones.

What Is A Good Average View Duration On YouTube?

If most of your clips achieve an average view duration or average percentage Viewed between 70% and 80%, it shows that they are built with very good content. According to many statistical reports, this number is also the ideal average watch time.

However, there is also an exception. If you promote a product on your channel and expect more people to click on the included link to buy it, the level of success will not depend on the average watch time but the traffic of that link. So you need to evaluate based on your original purpose.

Example for A Good Average View Duration of video
This video is 124.8%

6 Tips To Increase YouTube Watch Time And Average View Duration

Attract Viewers In The First 30 Seconds Of The Video

Viewers tend to stick to a clip when it’s hooked from the moment they hit the play button. It can be said that the first 30 seconds will determine your success in enticing viewers to continue watching your video. 

Therefore, you should invest a lot of time and effort to make the first part of your clip impressive.

The First 30 Seconds Of The Video is important
Attract your viewers

Edit Videos Before Uploading

Editing clips carefully before uploading is also something you need to consider. Trendy effects and sounds that you add to videos will make them more interesting. Viewers can clearly see your care and effort while watching the video.

If you feel like you want to focus on creating content for your clips and can’t afford to edit them, finding or hiring someone who can help is a great idea.

Have A Script Or Video Content Plan Before Production

The average view duration YouTube is really important, but do you know what’s more important than that? That’s your video content. A video with inappropriate, unattractive content will certainly fail to get more views and gain viewer loyalty.

Have Ideas Video Before Production
Make a plan for your video

To produce a high-quality video, you need to prepare a detailed script or content plan. 

One thing to keep in mind before starting a career in creating content on this potential platform is that you need to clearly decide what your channel will focus on, such as travel, education, gastronomy, makeup, to name a few.

Building a channel targeting a certain segment will help you thoroughly understand your potential audience, thus knowing how to satisfy them. Also, digging in one specific content enables you to create more profound and outstanding videos.

Though trendy and sought-after content sounds promising, it’s not advisable to try out something that you don’t master.

Always Have A CTA At The End Of The Video

CTA stands for a call to action. CTAs are important because you don’t want your audience to finish watching your clip and do nothing, right? Having a CTA at the end will help you direct your viewers to do what you want in the final step after watching the video. 

It can address them to your product link or simply call for likes, shares, and subscribing.

This step is indispensable for marketing purposes. Without a CTA, your viewers may not know how to make a purchase, and all your effort will be down the drain.

Create Video Playlist

Take advantage of the playlist section on YouTube. You can create separate playlists with videos related to each topic. Dividing them into different topics will help the video system to be arranged more clearly, enabling your audience to reach their desired video more quickly.

Respond To All Comments On Each Video

If you want to increase viewer engagement with your products, you should work hard to communicate with them through the comments section. 

Answering questions or simply responding to a compliment will bring you closer to your audience and increase their trust in you. If you do this, you will be a friend to your viewer, not just a stranger that they can only see on the screen.

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Reply to your audience’s comments


The more high-quality the content is, the more average view duration YouTube you have. That is the root of all good results.

If the information that you bring to the viewers is not interesting and useful, then you can not expect that they will be patient enough to sit through your video to the end.

So invest in the content of your YouTube channel. Then be sure about the operational parameters to adjust your YouTube channel in the right direction.


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