8 Steps On How To Get Famous On TikTok Right Now!

Last updated October 02, 2021

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8 Steps On How To Get Famous On TikTok Right Now!

TikTok is a video-based social media platform where everyone can show their creativity via their homemade content. As with any platform like this, there is profit to be made, and you can only do so by gathering attention and gaining loyal followers.

If you want to know how to get famous on TikTok and make a living off it, here are 8 steps on how to do just that!

Why Should You Become TikTok-Famous?

This particular social media platform has made a considerable effect on the media scene ever since its start as Musical.ly. Because of that, if you have any interest in gaining people’s attention for any purpose at all, you should consider starting a TikTok account and tackle your audience from there!

The app is especially great at letting brands, businesses, and content creators engage with their Gen-Z demographic. There are currently around 1 billion active users on the app, so you are going to be met with a bit of competition. Still, no matter how the binge-worthy contents of TikTok reach into any topic/product you can think of, you can still have a chance at fame!

How To Get Famous On TikTok
TikTok will help you gain an audience for whatever you’re doing!

The reason behind this is that only 4% of digital marketers consider the app to be of use to them. The app is quite fresh off the boat, so there’s no telling what it can do, giving you limitless possibilities. The lack of precedence scares people off since they think that there are no patterns to follow. 

Nonetheless, the app is a great ground for any marketers to try their hands at making groundbreaking and viral content. Now you should be wondering how to become famous on TikTok, and we are about to tell you the answer right now!

How To Get Famous On TikTok?

Apply the same principles of marketing you already know on other platforms, and adjust them to TikTok’s quirks! Here are the specific steps you need to take to claim TikTok stardom:

Find Your Niche

Let’s face it: You will not be able to please everyone, so picking an area that’s related to your interest or business is going to be good enough to go.

Most TikTokers do the same regarding their own content as well: They choose a topic and try their best to build a large body of work that puts their creativity to the test. That way, they gather the attention from those of the same mind and reach their target audience and engagement!

It’s always way easier to be creative in your area of expertise, right?

Add A Popular Song To The Video

You simply cannot have a TikTok video without some music or an audio track of sorts. It is expected of TikTok of all the platforms to feature lots of lip-syncing since its origin was Musical.ly – an app for that sole purpose. There are so many options to choose from from the plethora of songs, voice recordings, and pop culture audios, so your video will not feel boring!

add a music to the tiktok video
Any video will become interesting with a track!

A hack for new users: Look into what audios those in your field are using and save those for use later!

Collaborate With Other Tiktok Influencers

Influencer marketing is all the rage at this point, so why don’t you strike up a deal with those who are making it big in the field? Once they promote, engage, or even take part in your content, you will begin to gain traction and get some eyes onto yourself!

Aside from that, influencers may have a few tips to give you on how to maintain that flair to your content after getting the initial burst, so don’t hesitate to reach out and make connections!

Use Hashtags In The Description

If you have researched the topic of your choice on TikTok, you will start to pick up a few repeating hashtags or even a set of consistent hashtags being used. That’s because relevant and persistent uses of hashtags on your video description help the algorithm put your video in the right segment – where it can start to capture eyeballs!

using tiktok hashtag in description
Do research into the hashtags those in your fields use

Be on the lookout for new trending hashtags because that’s how you can get visibility from both your loyal viewers and new ones coming as well. 

Share Videos On Facebook And Instagram

If you need quick results and have a stable income to back it up, you can opt to run a few ads here or there on TikTok. Relying on that will not get you too far, so you might want to integrate other social media platforms at your disposal and boost your channel.

Whenever you post a video, pay attention to the share button. Upon successful upload, you have the option to share the content to your Instagram stories! Dive deeper into your sharing options, and you will see that you are able to share the video onto Facebook timelines and stories as well.

This particular step is so easy that you may have done this without paying any mind to it already. Sharing your content onto your already established media platforms will allow your existing audience and your new base to interact with your content, thus boosting both sites at once!

Don’t forget to add a bit of text call-to-action on the shared version to ask your followers on Instagram and Facebook to follow your TikTok channel!

Posting Videos Regularly

Once you have done your research and post your first few videos, you should keep a consistent uploading schedule. No matter if it’s every day or three times a week, your audience will expect you to keep a steady flow of content on their feeds so as not to become bored. 

Posting Videos Regularly
A constant stream of content on TikTok can be your bread and butter

If you are running out of ideas for new content, you can also browse your own “For You Page” and keep up with new content, get inspired or stitch videos with other creators in your field! Not only will that give you new video ideas, but it will also give both accounts visibility for sure!

Short Videos With Quality Content

TikTok only allows up to a 3-minute worth of content, so everything is going to be compactly paced and interesting in order to capture the viewer’s attention. If you want to make it big on TikTok, originality and out-of-the-box thinking is the way to do it. 

Short Videos With Quality Content
Create short videos but quality content

TikTok inherits this trait from Vine – a platform that only allows videos to be 6 seconds long! This way, you know that this type of fast-paced, digestible, and eye-catching content has been done before, and you too can hop on the wagon.

Make the best use of your 30-second, 1-minute, or 3-minute format, or you will start to bore people out! Your video’s popularity is measured by watch time and views, so be sure that the length of your video is tight enough to keep people interested. Of course, you can make use of the live chat feature, but that will not stay on your feed and vouch for you!

Build A TikTok Community And Talk To TikTok Users

Steady attention comes from the community, and the community brings more steady views and recognition! It is the key to PR and developing your TikTok audience into convertible customers. 

In order to keep your audience engaged and interested, you can:

  • Create interactive content: Q&A videos, answering comments, or opening live chats are viable methods. Some have even used live chat to open live sale segments and give their audience a taste of an exclusive promotion for them.
  • Stay responsive: Your main audience is going to comment and ask questions in your inbox, so switch on your notifications. Keeping in touch with your viewers will make them feel more welcomed and give them more incentives to buy from you or support what you do!
tiktok community
Q&A videos


Aside from these methods, there are so many ways you can stay friends with your audience. When you are feeling like showing your gratitude towards those who have supported you and your journey with building your name on TikTok, do a giveaway! If you are feeling down, ask for advice or have a heart-to-heart with your followers! 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to TikTok content as of right now, so there are no such things as content too crazy or too out-there! Be creative within the bounds of TikTok’s community guidelines, and your account should be fine!


Now that you know how to get famous on TikTok, we bet there’s a few ideas swimming in your brain already! Pull out your timetable, note those ideas down, and start brainstorming how to actualize those headstarts into the content. When you put these strategies into work, there is no way you can lose!


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