Top 15 Incredible TikTok Ideas To Get More Followers

Last updated June 25, 2021

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Top 15 Incredible TikTok Ideas To Get More Followers

Do you want to be a TikTok star? Are you having trouble finding inspiration to create your upcoming video? Do not worry; we are here to help. Check out our list of 15 best TikTok ideas that you can apply now to gain more views and followers. Let’s get started!

What Is TikTok?

Similar to, TikTok is a short-form (about 15 seconds) video network that allows users to make and share videos about anything, such as dancing, making art, storytelling, etc.

what is tiktok

This Chinese social media app has an incredible growth with about one billion users worldwide. It can be considered the fastest and most popular social media platform on the Internet. 

Why Should You Use TikTok?

As mentioned before, this is one of the biggest social networks on the Internet. With TikTok, many people have become insanely famous, gained millions of followers, and earned lots of money.

Suppose you are interested in becoming an online star and influencer. In that case, this platform is the perfect place to start since the TikTok users are mainly teens and young adults, your potential followers.

Plus, creating a community on this social platform is somewhat easier than others like Facebook or Youtube since you can get viewers’ attention quicker due to the short video time.

This app can also do wonders for companies in terms of marketing. Let’s say you are a business owner. What could be better when reaching your potential customers globally just with some posted videos?

You can take advantage of this worldwide network to advertise your brand, such as paying the creators to review your products, creating short and funny videos to promote the products, etc. A great marketing strategy is not something you should pass.

15 Creative TikTok Ideas For Increasing Followers

Inspiration for videos is not always there when you need it. Here are 15 of our best TikTok ideas to help you out.

Inspirational Content

Life can be hard and complicated sometimes, and it is easy to understand why people feel down and unmotivated. You can change this state by making some inspirational videos to tell the viewers that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Plus, if you are an entrepreneur, this content is an amazing opportunity to share your brand’s ideals and values while still increasing followers.

Educational Videos

Make learning fun and exciting again with these types of videos. You can make this type of post on TikTok about any topic you want. From tips on how to get good grades at basic subjects in school, like math, physics, biology to advice on learning a new language or new skill.

You can also educate viewers on subjects that are not school-related, such as differences between various cultures, how to recycle properly, etc. As long as it can provide valuable information, it is good to go.

Skincare Knowledge/ Routine

If you are a slave to skincare, this video idea is the one for you. Thousands of people struggle to figure out how to properly take care of their skin to get youthful, clear skin. Why not use your skincare knowledge and experiences to help them out?

TikTok Ideas
Skincare Knowledge/ Routine

You can share your routine, what you know and have learned in your journey, all the tips and tricks you have used to maintain healthy skin. This way, the viewers can use your viral videos as references to improve their skin condition.


The strange attraction of makeover videos is something no one can deny. With this type of user generated content, there is not limited to the hair, makeup, and fashion style makeover, but you can give a makeover to everything, such as wardrobe, rooms in your house, your garden, etc.

If there is anything in your house or even in your life that doesn’t bring you joy and excitement, give it a makeover and show it to the world.

Funny Videos

Laughter is an instant vacation, and everyone needs a takeaway after a long and hard working day. Use your sense of humor to cheer them up. 

Telling a joke, pranking your friends and family, making lip-syncing videos, imitating the most popular creators are just some of the few TikTok video ideas you can easily execute.

The best thing about these funny videos is that others can join you in the videos. Also, making those funny things is a great way to spend more time with your loved ones and make some wonderful memories with them.

On-Trend Challenges

No one wants to be left behind. So the easiest thing you can do to attract more views is to follow the trending challenge. First, go to the Discover page of the app, notice what’s getting lots of views, and make a video related to that trend.

TikTok Ideas
On-Trend Challenge

Another tip is to create and start a social media challenge of your own. Remember to include a hashtag chanllenge, and your challenge might go viral.

DIY Content

Suppose you are into creating crafts; we have good news for you: DIY is the old but gold type of content. Thousands of viewers search for these kinds of videos every day; the only thing you have to figure out is what you want to make.

This video style will drive you to be more creative since you have to compress the steps of the tutorials down to their essentials by speeding up the scene and cutting out all the unneeded parts. What an effective way to improve your editing skill!

Glow-Up Journey

It is fascinating to see people turn into the better version of themselves. Try to document your glow-up journey and post it on TikTok for everyone to see. Certainly, this sounds a bit embarrassing, but its meanings are much more valuable.

They will be there to cheer for you, making the process less lonely and difficult. In exchange, you will be a perfect example showing them that everything is possible as long as you commit to it.

Fitness/ Workout Sessions

The world of TikTok fitness started blowing up recently as many trainers and professionals in the industry use this amazing platform to market their business and broaden the customer base. However, you do not have to be an expert in this field to create workout videos on this app.

TikTok Ideas
Fitness/ Workout Sessions

You can keep it simple by posting your regular workout routine and interacting with your viewers. The audience will become your workout buddies, and you will be theirs. This is a good way to attract loyal followers since you have a deep and real connection with them.

Fashion Videos

Creating a fashion hacks video is not as complicated as you think. All you have to do is to pick out a piece of clothing from the closet and show how you would mix and match it.

You can also make fashion haul videos or even vlog your shopping process. It is the best way to show off your fashion sense and give people inspiration and ideas to enhance their style.

Cooking/ Recipe

You have some cooking trick up your sleeve? Do not be afraid to show that off for the world.

Regardless, this idea requires a bit more effort since it is quite complicated to condense a whole cooking video into 15 seconds. So keep practicing your editing skill, exploring new recipes, and your content will get lots of attention.

Funny Pet’s Moment

Nothing is better and more entertaining than cute, funny animal videos. It’s time to turn your adorable pet into the star of TikTok.

These videos focus on your animal friends so you do not have to show your face if you do not want any attention to yourself. They are also a good way to capture the memories of you and your special dears to look back later on.

Product Reviews

Nowadays, consumers always do some research before purchasing a product. This rising phenomenon is the perfect opportunity for you to create popular videos and gain viewers’ support. You can start with the package you just ordered and let the audience know your opinion about it.

TikTok Ideas
Product Reviews

Later, you can take it up a notch and make your work more professional by choosing a specific niche you are most interested into review, such as technology, makeup products, etc. Keep in mind to include a branded hashtag to gain more views from the brand’s customers.

Makeup Tutorials

Makeup-related videos always grab a lot of attention on the Internet. So suppose you have some artistic skills and knowledge in this field; Makeup is an excellent video content choice for you to try out.

Also, this type of video is the go-to marketing strategy for cosmetic companies. In case you are one of the small business owners who try to bring your makeup brand out there, give this idea a go.

Talent Show-Off

Why hide your talent while you can shine for everyone to see? You can create and post about any talent you have. For example, you can make dance videos with trending sound in the background, music videos, or create original sound videos.

This type of content is a crowd-pleaser since everyone is curious about others. So you don’t need to worry about anything. Just have some fun and give viewers what you got; they will give you the credit and support you deserve in return.

Final Thought

So there you have our 15 best TikTok ideas for gaining more attention on this platform. Hopefully, this article can help you soon achieve your goals on the journey to becoming a well-known content creator.

Remember that success comes over time, not overnight. Be patient with the process, have fun on the way, and you will get what you want eventually.


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