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Last updated November 24, 2021

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how to use tiktok for business

There are multiple benefits of TikTok for business you can have. Your job is to determine what TikTok is and know how to promote your brand throughout this social platform.

It is totally not hard to introduce your products to billions of users on TikTok. In this article, we will explain all the benefits of the platform and teach you how to use TikTok for business. Scroll down and find out now!

What Are The Benefits Of TikTok For Business?

tiktok for business

TikTok Has A Huge Number Of Users Worldwide

On total count, there have been estimated more than 2 billion downloads of TikTok applications from online stores for smartphones. The number does not include downloads from PC stores. 

At the moment, TikTok has more than 800 million active users around the globe. Of course, this figure is growing each day. We can consider that the number of TikTok users is endless.

It is such a miss if you don’t advertise your products on this digital platform. TikTok helps you introduce your brand to people not only in your local area but also in many nations worldwide.

It Is Free To Use TikTok

TikTok costs you no money for downloading it, creating channels on it, and posting videos. In fact, it even pays money for you if your content goes viral. Therefore, it is a big opportunity to get more people to buy your products and make extra income. 

Video Marketing Is A Priority

Consumers always want to learn clearly about the products they care about. By creating videos, you can describe your items and how they work easier to many users worldwide

Research explains that up to 90% of consumers like watching products on videos. The truth is, more and more brands take advantage of videos to analyze the features of their products and teach their customers to use them. Soon, advertising videos on TikTok will be a big marketing strategy.  

It Is Easy To Get In Touch With Users

TikTok supports hashtags, which help you promote your business straightforwardly to the audience on the platform. You just need to create a trend with your branded hashtag. After that, ask your followers to keep up with the trend by recreating videos on their channels using your branded hashtag.

In other words, your customers will advertise your brands for free by following the trend you create on TikTok.

How To Use TikTok For Business 

#1: Create Your Own Content On TikTok

Create Your Own Content On TikTok

In marketing, content is king. It does not matter if your brand is popular or not well-known on TikTok. You can still make tons of followers for your channel by creating unique and attractive content.

Of course, good content does not appear naturally. You need to make plans and strategies to do this work. Here are what you need to do to emphasize your TikTok content:

Make Your Content Authentic

You can notice that many users are not famous. However, they can still make their channels popular on TikTok. They don’t even make videos using expensive cameras or any professional production tools. Instead, these users grow their channels with just their smartphones, which are authentic to their true personalities.

As the audience sees your videos, they want to see the true features of the products you sell. There is no need to input anything that is not related to your products in your TikTok content. Better stay authentic to what your brand is. This will help you gain the trust of the customers.

Apply 2 Popular Materials In The Content

There are 2 popular materials that can make your TikTok content go viral, which are:

  • Children/Babies
  • Cute pets

Please notice that up to 90% of TikTok users are young people. These audiences are highly interested in any type of content that is humorous and entertaining about kids and cute pets.

If you have a beautiful animal in your office, such as a cat, mouse, rabbit, or puppy, just make it a special guest in your video. The title of the video can be “A hard-working day with my pet” or so on. Believe it or not, your pet will draw the attention of multiple TikTok users.

On the other hand, you can have a little kid dancing in your office. Film it and post it into your TikTok channel. Your customers may have a good feeling about the working environment in your company and somehow trust in your products as a result.

Make sure that the content about children and pets is authentic, humorous, fun, and entertaining. Do not force the pets or children to do fake smiles or anything that they don’t like to do. Otherwise, the strategy will go down the drain.

Spin Idea From Other TikTok Videos

Don’t you have the talent to create attractive content? There should be no worry! You can spin ideas from other videos that have been going trendy.

Keep in mind that we advise you to spin the idea, not steal it! If your videos are exactly as what the others are, you may not draw the interest of the customers. Also, many serious users may report your channels for stealing their content.

What you need to do is refer to the ideas from other videos. After that, you should redesign, change the background, and adjust the idea so that the content will look unique as you have created it by yourself.

It is not difficult to change ideas from others to your content. Each user has their own style. You can get the idea and perform it in your way.

For example, you watch a popular girl dancing on TikTok. You can learn the dance. After that, instead of 1 person dancing, you can dance with your employees, wearing your company uniforms. 

How to find good ideas on TikTok for business? Just select the glass button at the bottom of the menu, access the Discover page, and you will see a bunch of viral videos. 

Choose Impressive Music and Effects For Your Videos

High-quality video content must go along with attractive background music and impressive effects. Luckily, TikTok offers multiple unique effects, music, and features that you can easily add to your videos in the editor.

You can rest assured that all music and features are popular, licensed, and free to use. The great thing is, TikTok always updates the hottest and latest music to its data storage. You can always choose the most trendy songs to emphasize your videos.

How to add music to your TikTok videos? Just select the Sounds button, which is located near the top of the recording screen. As you tap on the button, a Music library will appear. Here, you can search for the sound tracks you like and save them to the Favorites list.

On the same recording screen, you can choose the effects and features for your videos. There are multiple cool effects, such as:

  • Flipping: Switch between using front or back camera
  • Speed: Increase or decrease the speed of the video
  • Beauty: Blur all the imperfections on your skin and enhance the attractive parts of your face
  • Filters: Change colors, contrast level, brightness, etc.
  • Timer: Pause and continue recording
  • Flash: Turn on the flashlight on the camera

#2: Pay For Advertisement On TikTok

tiktok ads type

Besides creating content on your channel, you can also pay TikTok to have your advertisements shown to other audiences. Like Google, Facebook, and many other digital social platforms, TikTok allows its users to pay money for showing ads in the application.

There are 4 types of ads you can show on TikTok:

Brand Takeovers

This type of advertisement will be shown in the feed of the users right in the very beginning. In other words, people will see your ads before any other content, right after they turn on TikTok.

This ad will be linked to your landing page and is exclusive to multiple categories. For the specific category, just 1 ad will appear each day.

Native Advertisements

Native ads are the most common ones on TikTok. The video ads will appear after the users have seen several contents. You decide the period of the ads (maximum is 15 seconds long).

The native ads include buttons. When the users click on them, they will be navigated to your website.

On the downside, users who don’t like seeing this advertisement can skip it and keep scrolling down.

Sponsored Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are the staple on TikTok. Any user can see and take part in this challenge. Every day, millions of TikTok users join this activity.

The great thing is, you can sponsor your own hashtag challenge and obtain a big banner on the Discover page of TikTok. 

Every time an audience taps on your hashtag challenge, it will lead them to the videos you design. The videos explain how the challenge works and promote your business.

Many famous brands have paid for sponsoring hashtag challenges on TikTok. A big name we can list is Samsung. 

This brand relies on the Hashtag Challenge to promote its User-generated content (UGC) and introduce new features in its products. 

The company advertises its Samsung Galaxy A smartphone model by starting a #GalaxyA challenge. Taking part in this campaign, TikTok users will record themselves using the advertised features on their Samsung Galaxy A smartphones.

When a new user searches for the hashtag, he will notice that there is a large number of views and content from TikTokers that follow the trend. In other words, building the challenge is a good way to make your customers advertise your products for free.

Branded Lenses

TikTok supports capturing pictures and recording videos. It features multiple smart filters that help enhance the user’s beauty. This software allows users to design new filters by themselves too.

It is such a miss if you don’t design a filter related to your brand. When TikTokers choose your self-designed filters, the branded lenses will live on their videos for up to 10 days and are included on the top 10 trending lists. New users who search for this filter will also notice your brand name.

The branded senses are available in both 2D and 3D at the moment. TikTok developers are working on releasing an AR version of branded lenses. You can also use this feature in the future to promote your business.

#3: Develop Influencer-Created Content on TikTok

Another good way to promote your business on TikTok is to get in touch with marketing influencers. These people can gain followers for your TikTok channels, increase the number of likes for your videos, and make more people buy your products. 

What are marketing influencers? You can simply understand that they are famous people who are trusted by tons of TikTok users. People are willing to buy anything that these influencers give compliments.

You can approach the influencers, make a deal with them for a marketing campaign. They will make content advertising your products in the most natural ways. 

In detail, these influencers will tell their fans about how they use your products, explain all the benefits that your products bring to them. Of course, the review will be as positive as it could be.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no stable price to pay for these influencers. The more popular they are, the more money you have to pay for it.

At the end of the day, the chance for a successful marketing campaign when working with influencers is very high. Imagine yourself as a customer. You surely will trust the recommendation from other consumers than from the sellers, right?

Also, please consider choosing a suitable influencer. Each person has strengths in different categories. For example, some are good at reviewing food but not machines, while others are better at making content about beauty items.


Many companies, including your opponents, are using TikTok for business. It is time to take advantage of this digital platform to get more customers and promote your brand.

Above are all benefits of TikTok for business and how to use the app to develop your brand. Follow all tips we have taught you, and you will see significant revenue growth soon!

For further questions, please get in touch with us. We will answer you as soon as possible.


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