How To Get Viewers On Twitch? 20 Essential Steps To Succeed

Last updated May 26, 2021

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How To Get Viewers On Twitch

Twitch is considered one of the most popular social media platforms for those who are gaming enthusiasts. Mastering how to get viewers on Twitch fast is essential to find more joy in live streaming. 

This guide will offer you 20 indispensable steps and clear information to successfully increase your Twitch streams. 

20 Tips To Get Viewers On Twitch Effectively

Let’s check out 20 remarkable steps to master how to get more viewers on Twitch with ease. 

Encourage Family And Friends To Check Out Your Stream

Family and friends are rich sources to promote your stream successfully. It is advisable to remind them to watch your stream. You can use different methods like messages or video calls for encouraging people to attend your channel regularly. 

Though they don’t necessarily communicate with you on the streaming platforms, they can assist in increasing viewer or follower counts. Besides, feedback from an outsider is sometimes useful to breathe a new life into your content or way to deliver it.

Possessing more regular viewers in your chat will enhance the channel rank, creating reliability for other users. Generally, individuals prefer to join a stream that has many participants in it. 

To have an effective Twitch channel, you may need to build up a community. Therefore, don’t forget to invite your family.

Play Games With The Potential Audience

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Twitch Strike

This strategy is important because it greatly affects your viewer count. We recommend you select any types of games to stream with lots of viewers not full of broadcasters. The best game has more than 1,000 viewers, such as Poker, Guardian Tales, and Dungeons and Dragons. 

One reliable website is Twitch Strike, which helps you to find the foremost popular games for streaming easier. Make sure to check the information of numbers of views carefully to attract more viewers joining with you.

Have Active Chat With Audience

One of the essential tips to stream on Twitch successfully is to always have audience interaction. The capacity to communicate with different Twitch streamers is the leading highlight to get a wider audience quickly.

There are various ways to help you practice this strategy. Firstly, control your chat room frequently. Then, keep talking with your participants or asking them a few questions related to the game you are playing. 

You may ask more about their favorite colors, foods, activities, etc. later to find some common hobbies. Always be friendly and kind. You can also select some people from the followers to assist you in overseeing your busy chat room. 

Try to keep in mind your current viewers when they join your channel. Work out Twitch chat window, note down those who were dynamic, or apply memory affiliation strategies to recall who they are when they visit your stream again. 

Apply Twitch Bots

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Twitch Bots

Twitch bots or chatbots are IT programs controlled by broadcasters, meditators, and streamers. They have a role like a partner and handle all your actions such as sending and answering messages and taking song demands.

A chatbot can transfer data concerning your channel or automatically respond to some frequently asked questions. Another benefit of using a chatbot is that it is regarded as a viewer, so it will never be an empty viewer in your stream. 

There are several well-known Twitch bots programs you can consider. To be specific, the Streamlabs cloud bot provides simple moderation, custom commands, and channel detail. 

The StreamElements supports facile promotions, commands, and recreations. The Nightbot permits you to see chat logs, Soundcloud abilities, and moderations.

Make Trendy Overlays

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Neon Twitch Overlay

To accelerate the consistent viewership on Twitch, setting up modish overlays is a straightforward way to impress the audience to your account. Stream overlay is the design and logos that streamers put on their channel to upgrade their appearance.

The foremost popular overlays are camera borders or stream alarms. Noticeably, thousands of streamers prefer to use active overlays than immobile ones since they are stylish and eye-catching. 

The indispensable secret is to design your stream title appropriate to your games you tend to play. If you don’t know how to do it, here are some websites that help you decorate overlays easily. 

  • OWN3D possesses an immense collection of overlays, badges, and emotes. It has professional customer support, which assists you in purchasing different items with ease.
  • Fiverr provides a rich source of unique emotes, alerts, and panels. You can hunt its database to discover a craftsman who meets your needs.

With this sketch, your potential viewers will want to stay in your stream longer because they know that you invest your streaming channel carefully. However, don’t overuse many striking symbols that may be counter-productive. 

Purchase Twitch Viewers

How To Get Viewers On Twitch

Another successful way to get a larger audience is to buy Twitch viewers from reliable companies. There are plenty of remarkable brands on the showcase. Make sure to find out the top best list to make your Twitch channel quick to fame.

One of the most trustworthy websites is EazyViral. You can access this link to acquire clear and full information on different packages. They possess professional customer support, fast delivery, and affordable prices.

Enhance Content Creatively

If you are a newbie, ceaselessly work to enrich your content effectively. Collect any comments from your viewers and write down all notes to adjust your different types of content better. According to some professional Twitch streamers, here are things you may want to do.

  • Modern Content: attempt to play a new video game. Speak with your viewers before you move to a new subject. 
  • Run specific tournaments: take consideration to start charity streams, open a donation, or reward.
  • Design quality content: sketch impressive webcam scenes appropriate to your games. For example, add a picture that seems like you are in front of a jail cell when you play prison games. 

Make sure to bring convenience for your active viewers when they see your content. You can play old and new games simultaneously, but consider which one attracts more spectators.

Use Top-Quality Equipment (Webcam, Microphone)

One of the successful ways to master how to get viewers on Twitch is to buy top-quality devices. Possessing well-built equipment, including a webcam and microphone, will grab your viewers’ attention better. 

If you don’t have superior devices, the audience may hear crackling sounds or blurred views – something discouraging them from returning your live streaming on Twitch. 

Ensure to purchase the best microphone from trustworthy brands such as Corsair Elgato, Antlion Audio, and Maono. Unless you own a standard webcam, stream directly from your mobile devices, counting iPhone, iPod, or even computer.

Download the Camon Live Streaming application on your PC and cellphone. Then set up the program. Alter your settings to fit the camera and its quality so that viewers can see a clear picture on the screen. 

Create Social Media Accounts

An effective tip to increase consistent viewership on Twitch is to connect with different social network accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Use them to advance and declare your following live stream.

Among these outlets, Twitter and Instagram are the most dominant platforms for gamers. Center on these two outlets and be greatly active to reach more audiences. Make sure you post your themes every day and share links to your Twitch channel simultaneously. 

Noticeably, you can use hashtags to assist your social network account to be quickly recognized. 

Play Streaming Games With Your Spectators

It is a significant tactic to invite your concurrent viewers to play favorite games with you. Make active communities twice a week to connect through some popular links, such as the Minecraft server

This appointment can assist the follower amount and build a strong association. Audiences will want to come back to your channel gradually since they like to be involved in communicating more with you too.

Design YouTube Videos 

The Twitch platform doesn’t possess a solid framework to assist the popularity of streamers. Generally, when you want to get more viewers on live streaming, you should create a fan base on other different social media. 

Consequently, sketching YouTube Videos is one of the excellent options to grow many viewers. Find out games or subjects that most users like recently. Then make your creative videos with creative titles.

You can access TudeBuddy, a popular program to help your YouTube videos rank higher in search results. Moreover, this tool contains the free browser addition, which supports you control the channel at noteworthy speed. 

Stream In Golden Times

Golden times will depend on your schedule. However, you may notice that there are fixed times when many broadcasters start streaming constantly. 

As a starter, your consistent streaming schedule should be at weekends, at nights, and in early mornings. If those times are not available, you can also join once there are fewer users and channels. 

This regularity will emphasize your stream better and faster. Audiences know when to expect your content and join in your Twitch community and play games easily. 

Apply Remarkable Music

It is a good idea to play noticeable sounds to catch the target audience’s attention. However, buying a melody on iTunes or renting one on Spotify doesn’t provide you the specified allowance to play on live streaming. In the worst case, your account may be banned.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose royalty-free music from some specialists on YouTube if you offer them credit. You can pick out several famous platforms such as Epidemic Sound, Stream Beats, and Pretzel Rocks.

Stream Frequently

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Stream Schedule

Streaming occasionally is a must because it gives you more options to make others recognize your channel. We recommend you to stream at least 4 hours every stream. Make sure to stream at ideal times with many active viewers. 

Another advantage of having a consistent schedule is that you will be more confident before the camera. Your voice will be strong, which aids you in communicating with new audiences more comfortably. 

Make A Website And Set Up The Twitch LiveStreamers Plugin

With StreamWeasels, you can easily create websites and show your stream status to audiences whether you are online or not. Then, the viewers click on the website and go directly to your stream within a second or two. 

The topic for the website depends on your favorite subjects. We suggest that the name should be suitable for the games you tend to play. You can write some instructions on those games or creative titles so that viewers will have an overview before visiting your stream.

 Access Discord Stream Scheme

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Discord Server

Sign in Discord server to connect various streamers and viewers. Enroll this server to find out those who love your content and stream. Then play popular games with them and receive their feedback. 

Be kind and humble to communicate with them during all stages of live streaming. People will want to return your channel when you behave well with them.

Play Latest Games

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Most Popular Games 2021

We recommend you play the games that are recently released. These new gaming streams will draw the viewers’ attention fastly. They want to try new things and find out some advantages from non-saturated games. 

Several games support primal access when you provide extra cost. Try to sign up and begin streaming early, which leads to exceptional content. 

Moreover, early entry will assist you to demolish the competition and entice audiences inquisitive about the new games to pick out your stream.

Adore The Games You Tend To Play

If you plan to make video game streaming during the whole weekend, it is advisable to rejoice in the games you want to play. Streaming with much energy will make an excellent impression on the viewers. 

Generally, people prefer to stay with dynamic streamers who understand the instructions for their games clearly. If you are not enthusiastic about your games through your voice or facial expressions, audiences will quickly get bored and exit the stream. 

Establish Bulletin For The Twitch Followers

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Open Notifications On Twitch

Developing notifications is a direct step for practicing how to get viewers on Twitch. You will create the Twitch account to inform your followers once you have live streaming. 

Though you set up a fixed timetable, most of the followers may have to be recalled the time you start to stream. Therefore, a bulletin is a vital tool to handle this issue.

Join Gaming Communities

How To Get Viewers On Twitch
Twitch Community

Occasionally taking part in online communities will help you know more streamers. You can share useful content with creative titles related to your games. It is also a superior chance to learn from each other.

If there is a chat box to share things, post your link connecting to your Twitch account. Then it will be easy for the target audience to join your stream. 


Above are blow-by-blow tips for mastering how to get viewers on Twitch quickly and successfully. We hope that you can apply them thoroughly to get acquainted with social media platforms and become a professional streamer.


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