How To Get Followers On Twitch Most Effectively?

Last updated March 19, 2021

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Have you ever wondered why other users did not pay too much attention to your Twitch account or how to get followers on Twitch

Due to the tendency of modern society, Twitch is getting more and more popular and becomes one of the top online game streaming platforms for live streaming.

With the large number of Twitch users streaming each day, it is not easy to attract the crowd to your streaming. But we can help you with some simple but promising tips presented in this article.

Check it out immediately if you do not want to miss possible ways to make your account more appealing.

Why Do You Need To Increase Twitch Followers?

How To Get Followers On Twitch

Twitch allows all users to share their interests or favorite hobbies with other like-minded peers in an active and enormous online community. 

Therefore, some prefer regulars – the terms widely used for loyal audiences who turn up regularly in your live stream. In that case, the viewers/followers counts are not so necessary.

On the other hand, some streamers make income from all the gaming posts you shared through the ‘donation button.’ The higher the viewer counts you have, the more chance you will earn money. Hence, the number of followers is essential for giving you a certain reputation.

So, what are the exact factors to make your Twitch channel successful? In this article, we focus more on the latter type of channel and provide some feasible strategies. 

If you are a beginner in this category and have no idea what to do and where to start, here are some tips for you to follow. They are, without a doubt, effective in increasing your Twitch popularity.

Effective Tips For Growing Your Followers In Twitch

Increasing your Twitch followers might not be easy as a piece of cake, but it will be easier if you have a clear and strategic plan. And those are the reasons we are here with tips on how to get followers on Twitch.

1. Use Other Social Media Platforms

Besides Twitch, you can use other popular platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook, etc., to update your daily life and connect with your fans. It also boosts your media exposure to potential visitors who have not known you yet.

Nonetheless, do not let your social media full of your stream notifications. Let’s think like this! If Twitch is your working space, these platforms are places where you show your talents and charismas.

Tip: Fill your Facebook and Twitter feeds with various topics instead of focusing on automated Twitch notification service only. Some interesting posts on your numerous video games, equipment setup, or any game news possibly attract more target audience.

With stream notifications, try to make it as unique as possible and not forget to link specifically to your Twitch account.

2. Participate In Offline Events

Sometimes, meeting people in person is better than on the Internet. Fortunately, there are various meet-ups or events held frequently in big cities or communities. 

They are opportunities for you to make new friends, meet other streamers, develop connections with other game enthusiasts, exchange streaming advice or game secrets, and, more importantly, gain followers.

Some big events that famous streamers and fans usually attend are TwitchCon, MineCon, Supanova, and PAX. 

If they are not available in your region, you can find other groups on Facebook or Twitter to meet up in a smaller capacity. In case you reach a certain personal level of popularity, organizing a meet-up of your own is an excellent idea.

Tip: Prepare business cards or stickers to give out at events. Always include your name, your channel, your Twitch, and other social media usernames so that people can easily find and follow you.

3. Connect With Other Streamers

Building connections with other streamers is also a great way to increase followers. Why? Because once you follow them and they follow you back, they might recommend your channel feed to their fans or collaborate with you in multi-player games. 

The collaboration between successful Twitch streamers could unexpectedly give you a massive boom in followers.

Tip: Let’s start by watching other fellow streamers and interacting with them in the chat section first. 

Feel free to show them your genuine personality and avoid shameless requests. If you successfully capture their attention and are mentioned by them, other viewers might be impressed with you and automatically follow you.a

4. Design A Twitch Layout

A quality graphical layout can attract viewers and highlight your appearance frequency in the Twitch search results. A quality image also shows your dedication and professionalism in streaming, so why not?

How To Get Followers On Twitch
An example of good Twitch layout

Most streamers use a qualified layout that includes a webcam, a chat box, a streaming screen, and a list of social media accounts. Arrange these items based on your preferences as long as they fit on your laptop screen. 

You can also add some special widgets to show your viewer count or supporting actions to encourage their interactions. 

Tip: Twitch streamers who turn their webcam on tend to attract more viewers than those who do not. Therefore, why don’t you take advantage of it?

Beginners who have little experience in graphic design can look for free and simple sources on web-based media like TipeeeStream. They are easy to use and allow you to add special widgets and alerts.

5. Get The Right Game Choices

It may take some time and effort to decide the right video games to stream. No one will watch you playing an outdated or unpopular game. 

Meanwhile, streaming the most popular games is also difficult for you to stand out and receive much attention among hundreds of streamers.

It is important to balance between a game you enjoy and the one the audience can’t resist, between a game collection everyone is familiar with and the one no one knows.

The solution is, choosing a game that only has around 10 or 20 Twitch streamers streaming. With this number of Twitch streams, the game will receive higher rankings in the Twitch search engine, but you will not get lost in many streams displayed.

If you are starting your Twitch channel, you may want to stream various games such as non-saturated games, niche games, or indie games to find out which works the best. 

Other tools to take reference are Twitch Strike or What to Stream, which recommend popular yet not over-saturated games on Twitch. 

Tip: Pay attention to the spoken languages in streaming. A universal language like English is beneficial for both non-English and English-speaking audiences. 

If you are streaming in English, remember to write “ENG” or “English” in the stream title to attract more viewers. This tip can also apply to other languages that you are targeting.

6. Stream, Stream, And Stream

Excelling at everything, including streaming, requires a lot of hard work. If you aim to get more followers, we recommend setting aside a few hours per day to live stream. How could others notice your channel if you are online for 1-2 hours a day? 

How To Get Followers On Twitch
Twitch streaming setup

The longer period you stream on Twitch, the better exposure to more viewers you get. That is because your streams will receive higher ranks in the search results and appear as a recommendation for other teams.

The optimal number to start with is at least 3 hours per day. But always keep in mind that most successful steamers are active for an average of 5-10 hours daily, or even more. 

Tip: Set a countdown screen for 30 minutes before you play games. Try to turn on the webcam, microphone and interact with your audience questions during this period. 

Many people love to see what streamers do behind the scenes, which guarantees a mere attentive audience from the beginning.

7. Develop A Consistent Schedule

Another simple way to show your seriousness and professionalism in streaming is to create a streaming schedule and stick to it. It lets your followers know when to watch your streams and builds trust between you – the streamer – and your followers.

Unfortunately, this trust can erode if you stay far from the schedule. You might risk losing your consistency, audience, and loyal viewership as well. Try to inform your viewers in advance of any adjustment if you really need to change that routine.

If your channel streams several games, it’s best to specify your streaming content through the week. In this case, you can attract different types of audiences, maintain their engagement, and avoid repeated types of content all the time.

Tip: Include both streaming time and type of content (when and what you will be streaming) in your schedule. Either a simple or complex schedule is acceptable.

8. Broadcast On Other Platforms

Don’t limit your streams only on Twitch. You can approach larger audiences by simulcasting your broadcasts streamed on Twitch to other free platforms such as YouTube or Mixer. 

In particular, this method is effective and requires little work from you once you finish the initial settings.

Tip: Include your channel in the graphic layout so that viewers can easily reach you on Twitch. Create a fan page on Facebook to raise general interest and drive traffic to your Twitch.

9. Follow Trends

Like other social networks, Twitch always has trends and challenges that are popular and go viral in a short amount of time. 

Don’t hesitate to update trending topics, new game features on Twitch and involve them in your gaming content. That is a crucial tip to gain more success in viewership.

Tip: Only keep those relevant to your games and streams. Adding too many trends might be underrated and annoying to viewers.

Can you buy Twitch followers?

Besides the above tips, is there another way to increase followers? And the answer is yes. You can buy Twitch followers.

When choosing this strategy, one thing you must keep in mind is to avoid a Twitch bot. It is a Twitch service that will flag your account and, therefore, affects your privileges. 

To avoid that risk, we suggest that you should use Eazyviral – the no.1 reliable source for better action from viewers.

But Do Not Rely Completely On Buying Options

We have to admit that buying Twitch followers is an easy and convenient way to gain your goals. But for now, you might understand the reasons people do not rely only on this method, right? 

Many users cannot afford Eazyvirral and end up choosing cheaper and unreliable sources. It gets riskier day by day of usage and does more harm than good to your accounts. Ultimately, you can even get suspended or even permanently banned from the platform.

Some organic services such as Eazyviral will cost you slightly more, but we guarantee it is worth the investment. And besides buying methods, you can apply other tips we mentioned above for better results. Good luck!

The Bottom Line

We have offered various strategies and steps for the growth of your Twitch account; however, whether you can receive them or not is solely up to you. You can use free tips, buy real followers via organic services, or apply both for a quicker outcome.

Unfortunately, our article about how to get followers on Twitch is coming to an end. Of course, these tips cannot bring you from a beginner to a successful streamer after one night, but they help and gradually increase your Twitch potential viewers, getting rewards from time to time.

We are sure that your engaging contents also get well-organized and more attractive to other users. Enthusiasm and dedication to gain the goal number of Twitch followers are all you need.

Thank you for reading!


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