Professional Advice On How To Grow On Twitch Stream

Last updated March 22, 2021

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Professional Advice On How To Grow On Twitch Stream

In this media and technology-driven era, many people have shifted their primary career goal into being full-time streamers and profit from broadcasting right inside their bedroom.

If you are serious about making streaming a lucrative career to gain fame and fortune, understanding how to grow on Twitch is a difficult long-term mission that you need to focus on.

Besides building a career on other famous streaming platforms, thousands of streamers choose to approach Twitch – one of the most popular websites for gaming content creation.

Twitch is where you can broadcast versatile activities (mainly video gaming streams) with a flexible stream schedule and make money from donations, ad revenue, affiliate links, and subscriptions.

However, this promising platform is gaining more fame over time. Being a Twitch streamer means you will have to compete with many other talented, experienced streamers with creative content.

This article highlights various helpful tips to help grow your Twitch channel in a seemingly low but stable way. Follow each step with confidence in mind that you will become successful soon.

Ready To Learn How To Grow On Twitch?

Check out the most practical yet effective advice collection below to quickly grow your Twitch channel.

1. Set A Consistent Streaming Schedule

How To Grow On Twitch
A detailed streaming schedule on Twitch

The most basic but important task to promote your streaming is to set a consistent broadcasting schedule on your Twitch channel for your audiences to follow and never miss out on any session.

Undoubtedly, this consistency will help you become predictable in timing and gain regular viewers to come to your streams. Some people do make time to watch their favorite streamers.

You should add a new schedule on the Creator Dashboard for subscribers to check out easily. This is how an effective schedule looks like: streaming from 9 PM to 1 AM on Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend.

Our advice is to go live streaming during nighttime and concentrate more on weekends since people will have more free time to go online and watch your streams then.

A desirable stream tends to last over 3 hours to allow more viewers worldwide to come in and watch your content. But remember not to try too hard and get some quality rest if necessary.

In the long run, your streams can increase views because not only loyal fans but also new subscribers have been familiar with your Twitch presence at the same time every week. They will be looking forward to seeing future streams.

2. Use High-Quality Streaming Equipment

Though it is not an obligation, having high-quality equipment during long hours of streaming and live broadcasts will enhance your visibility online and enable a better viewer experience.

How To Grow On Twitch
An effective streaming space with full equipment
  • Webcam

Videos with only a voiceover included may have succeeded back then, but now viewers expect to see your face, how you play, and talk to them simultaneously.

This is because the audience enjoys watching how you operate and react in front of the camera, making better interactions with them.

  • Microphone

Besides a clear image on the screen, your voice should also transmit well through a good microphone. When doing a live stream on Twitch, it is important to talk to viewers with high audibility.

However, surrounding noises around the house may interrupt your streams. Remember to close all doors and windows, but it is even better to equip some high-quality noise insulators on the walls.

  • Connection

Installing a premium webcam and microphone in your room will be a waste if you forgot about creating a stable internet connection.

The streaming quality may change without a proper connection that ensures your videos are always played in HD. Also, it will help you get quick access to different gaming servers.

When having a good webcam, they will see your reactions better if something funny or tragic happened. A high-quality microphone helps give credit to whoever donates and subscribes to your channel.

In our opinion, there is no need to invest too much into high-priced equipment. Choosing suitable tools with your budget and personal needs is good enough for a pleasant user experience.

3. Prepare Helpful Content

Gaming streams are currently on top of the content list for a Twitch streaming session. They vary in category, so it is ideal for offering the type of content that truly catches the viewers’ attention.

Here are some helpful suggestions to create content for your channel. A streamer mainly streams game, but you can diversify your streaming content by selecting different game genres to work with.

When you divide played games into different topics on the feed, such as niche games, indie games, popular games, etc., subscribers find it easier to search for their streaming preferences.

There are various gaming contents for you to try: tricks, tutorials, shortcuts, guide, reactions, alert, compilations. They are valuable for new players and even experienced people to improve their skills.

Our tip is to balance between games as the audience will quickly grow bored watching you play a certain number of games or only your favorite ones without making frequent game updates.

4. Work On Your Personality

This is a sensitive subject to discuss. However, it is crucial to know that the internet is big enough to allow most character types to make it, but it will always prefer a particular personality.

Besides regular streaming content, Twitch users would like to watch the type of streamer who speaks up their mind about certain games so the audience can acknowledge and feel the same way.

Decisive and energetic gamers tend to win the viewers’ hearts due to their confidence in creating a signature style. Some individuals even became an inspiration for others, for example, Reynad.

Other than that, it is nice to share personal stories or exclusive life moments on streams for current viewers to understand your personality and remember you more than just a video game player.

5. Personalize Your Broadcast

How To Grow On Twitch
Edit stream information before going live

It is important to fill up all relevant information about your stream before going live for their most fulfilled experience and increase their opportunities to become new subscribers.

  • Add A Title And Description

When Twitch users see a stream that does not include a title or description, there is a high chance they will never visit the same channel again for not knowing what content they will be seeing.

Do not let this happen to your potential viewers. Your stream title should engage them enough to stay and watch your broadcast until the end, even if they do not know you yet.

  • Choose Streaming Themes

If you learn how to take advantage of special dates to theme up your broadcast, viewers will feel more attracted seeing a Christmas or Valentine’s Day interface on your screen during those days.

6. Engage Frequently With Audiences

How To Grow On Twitch
Viewers comment on the stream box chat

With all the high technology in 2021, you can create close audience interaction while streaming through a small screen and breaking down the barrier between you and your viewers.

Twitch is a platform that allows the audience to reach out to a broadcaster on gaming streams. Thus, it enables them to participate more in the live session through continuous discussions.

Using a moderator to manage your stream chat, you can see all related comments, questions, and conversations from subscribers. Do not forget to check the inbox to answer private messages as well.

Making frequent responses to your stream viewers also increases traffic on your channel and identifies your target audience. It forms a relationship in which Twitch users feel like you are friends in real life.

7. Offer Your Audiences Rewards

The most tempting action to interact with your audience is to reward them. Compared to other interactions, this move is practical to engage with current subscribers and attract potential viewers.

It is undeniable that a majority of your revenue comes from their subscriptions and donations. Therefore, as you keep making a profit from streaming, pay your fans something back in return.

So what sounds good enough to offer your loyal Twitch subscribers?

  • Badges

Because Twitch subscriptions are paid, users will get a specific badge displayed next to their name in the stream chat. Its colors depend on your purchased type of subscription to stand out from the rest.

  • Play Together

What is better than playing against your favorite gamer? A live stream where you play video games with a follower is quite successful for online self-branding. It is advised to host such a stream once a week.

  • Take In Their Opinion

More than anyone, your audiences can provide you with honest feedback about your streaming content, like what they enjoy seeing more or how you should improve certain aspects.

By asking viewers for their opinion on your content, they will feel more involved in deciding what you will broadcast next on your channel.

Uploading reward posts based on your financial condition (e.g., once a month), such as diverse challenges or simply a giveaway, will make the audience feel like getting a deep recognition for their enthusiastic support.

8. Advertise Yourself On Social Medias

In 2021, social media platforms are undoubtedly the best place to promote yourself in diverse aspects. Consequently, it is a great idea to increase your viewer counts through such promotional tools.

How To Grow On Twitch
Matthias Hietsch promoted his Twitch stream on Twitter

As you begin to cross-promote your channel on social media, you can create a community and boost traffic on Twitch streams. Your business on both platforms will get to grow together.

The most popular way is to upload videos to advertise your Twitch profile Youtube channel. Use your social media accounts to announce familiar audiences and attract new viewers with short but concise content. This enhances your visibility on their social media feed and Google search results.

9. Collaborate With Other Streamers

Twitch is a large streaming community, so it is beneficial to work with another Twitch partner. That way, you can enable regular networking for mutual subscription growth.

Our suggestion is to create social networks with fellow streamers following a similar career direction (e.g., a gamer or a 3D artist). This collaboration will become a large part of the community building.

Your viewers would love to see their favorite streamers on the same live broadcast and host a mutual event, increasing the total number of potential followers on both channels for better promotion.

10. Check On Other Streamers

There are numerous gamers on Twitch that are your competitors, so besides collaborating with them, you should also casually check out on them to acknowledge new tips and tricks to freshen your content.

By looking at other streamers and unique ways to enhance their presence on this streaming platform, you may come up with more practical ideas on how to grow your Twitch channel like them.


Due to a lot of competition on this platform, most people will ask themselves how to grow Twitch followers to acquire both serious validation and profit to benefit their careers.

You need to perfect your profile and performance on Twitch with the elements mentioned above before the viewer base’s growth. Make sure your channel is attractive enough to turn viewers into followers.

So what have you learned about how to grow on Twitch in this article? We have collected the most effective strategies for you to overcome the new struggling stage of being a streamer for the first time.

Be as active as possible to obtain more visibility on this platform. Host regular broadcasts (preferably at night) with your consistent stream schedule and reach out to the audience’s opinions while streaming.

Diversify your gaming content but remember to make them valuable for newbies and experienced viewers. Always open up for networking with other streamers, and promote yourself often on social media sites .

If you manage to be patient and follow our professional instructions, you will take advantage of this powerful tool in a wise way to become a successful Twitch streamer soon enough. Thank you for reading.


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