How To Start Streaming On Twitch: Guideline For Beginners

Last updated May 25, 2021

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How To Start Streaming On Twitch: Guideline For Beginners

Are you curious about “How to start streaming on Twitch”? If yes, you’ve landed at the right place!

Many people think that live streaming software is for the favorite streamers who have many experiences and well-known only. However, it’s created for everyone to start and develop their own channel and content on it.

Certainly, it will be a tough time for an amateur the first they stream on Twitch. That’s why you should keep reading carefully to know how to do it step by step with a detailed and understandable guide. Let’s start!

About Twitch 

There are many people who haven’t had a clear concept or understand deeply about streaming platforms. The information below can make it clear for you to determine what Twitch App is.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is popular for gamers as it’s a live streaming and broadcasting software that focuses on streaming gaming. Users can use Twitch to share the process when they’re playing games.

Besides, other Twitch users can watch your stream and comment in real-time. The player can communicate or send the chat message to viewers by microphone or on the Twitch chat box.

How To Start Streaming On Twitch
Twitch platform

Nowadays, it offers more for users such as music broadcast and more content depending on your creativity. This Twitch studio is owned by a subsidiary of Amazon called Twitch Interactive.

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Why Should You Stream On Twitch?

You may be confused about whether you should stream on Twitch or other platforms. So we’ll show you some benefits if you’re a user of this software:

  • It will develop more: This one is still suitable for beginners or anyone who wants to develop their streaming careers as a popular streamer. Established in 2011, more and more people approach and know about this platform. It can prove that Twitch is able to be famous and spread widely in the future, especially in streaming games.
  • The range of content is expanded: Not only streaming gaming, but they’re also developing other content that can be a large space for you to challenge yourself.
  • High-support to users: Instead of earning money from advertising, creators can receive donations from concurrent viewers and channel subscriptions such as digital currency.

How To Start Streaming On Twitch?

To start streaming on Twitch, you certainly have to prepare some essential accessories and start to do everything step by step. Rolling down and keep reading carefully to avoid missing any key points.


Software is one of the prerequisites you should prepare to start streaming gaming or any other content. Not all software can be used to stream on Twitch, but you also have a variety of choices:

  • Twitch Studio: It’s also integrated to Twitch for all users to begin streaming gaming or music most smoothly without any cost.
  • OBS Studio: This software is free with open sources and compatible with different platforms.
  • XSplit: Pay-to-use software with advanced tools that is more suitable for those who want to invest.
  • Streamlabs OBS: You can freely customize your channel with this software which is for Windows only.
How To Start Streaming On Twitch
Twitch Studio


Twitch streamers usually don’t have to spend much money on software but hardware. For having a stable and quality stream, you have to prepare the important pieces of hardware such as mobile devices.


Your computer must be strong and able handling with gaming or anything like this. New programs will be quite heavy with large data, which requires this type of hardware to run them smoothly without any lag or errors. 

In addition, hardware encoders also should be considered as it has to encode your music or game stream and integrate with streaming software. So the item you choose should be from mid to high range to ensure the stream quality settings.

Which you should prepare for streaming PC and other platforms?

  • CPU: It plays an important role in handling many programs at the same time. It’s advisable to have i5 processor, 4-core, and 8 threads with 16GB of RAM. Certainly, it would be better if your PC is at a higher capacity.
  • GPU: GPU will support reducing the CPU workload. Nvidia RTX, RX 590, or AMD Veg are highly recommended for streaming or gaming PC.
  • Platform: You can choose a PC or Mac, or Laptop. As long as you can ensure it will work smoothly, all devices are acceptable.

Microphone And Camera

Interaction is really important, and this factor significantly affects the success of your channel. Many people think that you need to be skilled at some popular games, but it isn’t enough.

The lack of communication and interaction between players and thousands of viewers can make your supporters feel boring and stop watching your stream. That’s why you should invest in microphones and cameras for a better connection with them.

Your audio device such as microphone and gaming headset must be compatible with your PC and good at delivering sound. Check the audio quality that should be clear and loud with different audio sources. Some microphones for streamer you can consider: 

  • Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone
  • Maono AU-04 USB Microphone Kit
  • Blue Yeti X
  • HyperX Quadcast S
  • Blue Yeti Nano

In addition, there are a hundred choices of cameras on the market. All you need to do is depending on your budget to find out the most suitable for the best video quality. The best items that are worth money  for better video sources:

  • Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro
  • GoPro Hero9 Black
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
  • Logitech C922 Pro

Additional Gear

Besides the basic gear for live streaming, if you want to upgrade your streaming quality with additional features that make it more interesting to many people, you can also prepare some extra gears:

  • Light: Flattering lights will make you more attractive and support viewers to watch you more clearly. This accessory will create better visual effects for your stream. 
  • Game capture card: A game capture card is a stream key for those who want to have a 2-computer or video streaming setup or who stream the console game through their PC.
  • Stream deck: This tool allows you to adjust different stream settings easily, such as voice, effects, etc., by touch.
How To Start Streaming On Twitch
Stream deck

Set Up A Stream

How to start Twitch streaming on PC? There are some factors you should pay attention to:

  • The system: Set up all your devices for streaming with a suitable arrangement. Double-check and make sure that the microphone and camera positions are convenient for the recording and streaming process.

A solid Internet connection is essential as it affects the quality of your Twitch stream. So make sure that it’s able to deliver signals with suitable Internet speed.

  • Your space and background: Some users will buy the green screen to make it easier and more aesthetic when changing or moving the background.

Have The Idea And Content

Before getting started, think about what you want to do on your Twitch channel? At present, Twitch App comes with much different content that you can consider and choose a type of content that suits you best.

If you want to be a game streamer, determine which video games or console games you will play and want to perform? Will you play one game only or change it depending on the day? Everything needs to be planned carefully.


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