Can You Buy A Youtube Channel?

Last updated January 21, 2021

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Can You Buy A Youtube Channel

You want to buy a Youtube channel but don’t know where to start or not. Or wonder whether it’s worth the payment? This article will help you understand the pros and cons of buying accounts, how to buy them, and relevant information. 

Making money from YouTube has now become a trend that no one can refuse. Many people choose to become full-time YouTubers and earn a massive sum of money each month, or at least enough for them to live comfortably.

But it can take you a long time to build a channel from scratch to millions of subscribers. In the beginning, it’s hard to get your first hundred or thousand subscribers, so you might be tempted to buy them. 

Is Buying A Youtube Channel Worth It?

Is it legal to do such a thing? Well, the answer is yes, it’s totally legitimate. With the tremendous growth of Youtube and its network, you can now buy monetized Youtube channel with active subscribers and existing viewers quickly. 

There are tons of websites providing Youtube channel for sales. For instance, if you type ‘buy Youtube channel’ on Google, there are almost 2 million search results. 

Buying a Youtube account is legal and can help you skip the grind
Buying a Youtube account is legal and can help you skip the grind

Pros And Cons On Buying A Youtube Channel


A dedicated subscribers base

The most significant impact when buying someone’s Youtube account is the existing subscribers. You can take over where the previous creator left off and continue the growth. 

You don’t have to spend too much time and work posting videos onto a brand new channel with under 100 subscribers and keep waiting until other Youtube users notice your channel. 

Higher view counts

This strong foundation leads to a second advantage. As we said before, purchasing a YouTube channel will help you avoid the initial difficulties and get the money as fast as possible. A well-established audience base can give your videos more Youtube views straight off the bat. 

Why can videos posted on these channels attract more traffic? It’s merely a matter of crowd psychology. Youtube users tend to click on clips with relatively high view counts, especially those with more than 100,000 views. With the non-subscribers, the view counts can add more weight to your content. 

Additionally, the Youtube algorithm prefers videos with specific authority and base. It will push such videos higher on the search engines and the recommendation section. 

Residual income

Another big plus of buying a Youtube channel is the affiliate marketing and advertising revenue from the old videos posted on that channel. This monthly income will belong to you when you buy it. 


Against Youtube’s terms of service

Unfortunately, all kinds of gaining engagements not by yourself such as buying channels or buying subscribers are against Youtube’s terms of service. It’s legal, but from Youtube’s point of view, it’s like cheating. Your channel and videos will appear ‘uglier’ in the eyes of the Youtube algorithm.

In other words, if Youtube knows that you bought channels, subscribers, or views, it will take all of them away. This might lead to the whole channel being removed. 

There are a few factors you need to know to avoid being suspected by YouTube. If the channel’s former owner lives on the other side of the planet, the difference in IP address and location is too easy to spot. 

Besides, if the old crew leaves and you and the new crew appear on that channel, YouTube will recognize it as well, unless you don’t show your face, and the video production team stays the same.

The existing subscribers don’t like your content

Moreover, the existing subscribers will notice a sudden change in the channel’s owner, voice, personality, and content. You have to find out the proper method to keep them stay and continue to create valuable content. 

The current Youtube users might not be your correct target audience. Or worse, you will receive tons of dislikes and unsubscription. 

Some YouTubers can’t figure it out and start to buy more views, likes, and comments to improve their stats. They fall back into a vicious circle. 

With all the disadvantages mentioned above, I didn’t mean that buying Youtube channels will ruin your work in the end. You can buy Youtube subscribers upon your need, but at least you’ve acknowledged the consequences. 

In a nutshell, this is not necessarily an ideal solution for those who value quality over quantity. On the other hand, if you want the fastest access to a certain amount of Youtube users for a good kickstart, and you have confidence in your content, you might want to buy a Youtube channel.

How To Buy A Youtube Channel?

In EazyViral, we often encounter questions from customers such as, “What factors should I consider before buying an account?”, or “Is this the right way to activate a Youtube channel?” We discover that many Youtube users vaguely understand the principle and advantages of buying an existing Youtube profile.

Thus, we decided to give you a full guidelines article on how to buy YouTube channel with the most effective and cost-efficient methods. It will help you save a bunch of time and energy, and you might acquire a large subscriber base and views if you follow the instructions thoroughly!

How To Buy A YouTube Channel

Find A Prestigious Seller

The first and foremost rule of looking for a Youtube channel for sale is to find a reputable third party seller. Don’t throw off your money right away after reading some websites’ sweet introduction guides. It’s merely the bait that all services are trying to trick users in for a dreamy future. With their unauthorized Youtube accounts, you’ll get into nowhere!

So, how to overcome this? Discovering the number of years that the service has been in the marketplace is the first key. You can pretty much guess how prestigious a seller is by looking at their established year. A company that stays in the industry long enough will have better networks, breadth of experience, and quality Youtube accounts.

The second factor is the feedback and reviews from verified customers. Reading the evaluation from a company’s past clients will determine whether the business is doing its job good or bad. 

You might discover that many companies hide away complaint feedback and leave only positive reviews on their websites. To solve this problem, you can use Google, Quora, or Reddit for more realistic comments. 

The altitude and response of the support team is the final element. A good company often has an experienced and professional employee base. Their support teams, which are always the first to answer customer’s inquiries, will have the burden of making the conversation as relaxed and reliable as possible. 

Users will prefer a Youtube channel supplier who can read the customer’s needs and respond with a precise and competent solution.

Discover and understand the channel’s content

The risk of purchasing a large subscriber’s channel lies in the existing content. Simply buying a Youtube channel will acquire you several fan bases in a minute, but you will also lose their interests at the same rate if your video contents lack charisma.

Let’s think carefully about this. If you’re pursuing to be a Youtube makeup artist and your purchased channel’s former content is WWE wrestler reaction, how horrible that would be?! In some case, people might even want to keep the previous YouTubers’ fan base by imitating their actions, voices and ways of presenting.

Therefore, understanding the content of the purchased account is, indeed, necessary. Worry not! EazyViral will help you with this issue. Don’t panic and contact us for more advice.

Find out the channel’s active years

Like I‘ve mentioned above, the company’s reputation often lies in the number of years—the same thing for a Youtube account.

However, instead of having more connections or networks, older channels tend to have more confidence from subscribers and viewers. Staying in the Youtube industry for a long time requires lots of detailed plans and actions. Thus, if your purchased channel still has many video active engagement, then congratulations, you’ve hit the goldmine!

Yet, don’t go for an old channel that has stopped posting videos for a while. There is a chance that its audience might neglect your new video post since they’ve outgrown their interests in your channel.

Verify the reputation of a Youtube channel

You can verify how good the channel is by looking at the videos’ numbers and posting schedule. Like I’ve mentioned above, it’s really hard to reappear and gain favors from viewers suddenly. The audience might even forget that they have subscribed to your channel!

Another factor for verification is the engagement ratio of likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. Imagine purchasing a fortune for a Youtube channel and discover later that all of its videos have more dislikes than likes count! 

Well, in case that happens, we recommend you change two things about the account: the channel descriptions and video quality. Why? Because the channel description is your virtual face on Youtube.

Instead of clicking right into your videos, viewers often tend to read and visually check your channel’s Youtube banner first. By doing this way, they can immediately grasp your content’s idea without wasting time watching any 30-minute self-introduction video. 

Check the enabled monetization status

Watch out for scams! That’s our foremost advice! 

We have listened from our customer’s stories about how their previous sellers deceived them with an unauthorized monetized account. They had to pay for a bunch of money, thinking that their channels were connected to the Youtube Partner Program while they were not. 

In EazyViral, this problem will never happen! We can 100% guarantee you that!

In case you assure the authorization of the account, it’s time to consider your monthly revenue. We suggest you estimate the channel’s value and plan ahead what you should invest in to gain higher potential income.

monetized video status
Check the enabled monetization status

Identify the number of warnings it has received

We believe that many people often neglect this factor. Typically, customers only care about the monthly revenue a channel can make per month, or the subscribers and viewers figure. The number of warnings or strikes an account has received will determine how well you should manage your account.

For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a Youtube account which already has 2 strikes. Because after 3 strikes, your account will likely be terminated or deleted. Therefore, look into the number of warnings first before making a purchase. 

Do you want to know which type of contents or actions will catch strikes from Youtube? Here are the sets of rules and policies for you to follow. Check it out!

Tips Before Purchasing Any Youtube Channel

Purchase With A Reasonable Price

We tend to look for cheap-price products first, and sometimes we even try hard to earn a great deal of sales. It’s nothing bad, but it should be different when it comes to business.

The price you purchase for an account will define its true value. A premium quality channel that allows you to have legitimate views and more subscriber engagement always comes with a higher price. But these are the accounts that are worth your time in investing. 

“The cheapest is the dearest.” Of course, this meaning does not imply that all expensive products are the best, and you can’t bargain for a better price. You absolutely can. However, finding a high standard Youtube channel is not easy among plenty of suppliers in the market nowadays.

So, what should you do?  

A great third party seller or provider will know how to hit customer’s attention by creating different package options for buyers to choose. The packages can vary in prices, processes, and services, but it should also be affordable, and quality monetized Youtube channels.

Remember, go for the affordable option and a strong possibility of return on investment.

Are you an expert in this field?

Right, if you were an expert in buying a Youtube channel, you wouldn’t have been here. But the thing we’re trying to say is that DO NOT purchase any Youtube account without doing some fundamental research. 

You’ve done a great job at finding this “Can you buy a Youtube channel ?” article. Because it’s your first step of understanding and planning what you really need for a successful business. 

But apart from knowing the policies, guidelines, viewer’s behaviors, or tools, there are still lots more things to consider. This article shows you all the steps of how to boost your channel fast and productively. Check it out after you finish reading this section!

Have you got any specific plan for the channel?

Having detailed plans in the beginning phase of purchasing an account is necessary for every Youtuber. You must keep asking yourself questions such as “Why do you have to buy an activated Youtube account?”, or “How are you going to earn money from it? Is it through affiliate links or brand sponsorship?”, etc.

Many Youtube content creators only focus on producing unique contents and overlook the importance of organizing their consistent future income. 

It’s true that if your content is good enough, you will earn money easier and faster. However, your monthly revenue only increases if you control and plan your income source thoroughly from the beginning.

Let’s find an example. For vlogging content, the best way to earn money is through display ads and affiliate products. But if you’re gaming Youtubers, fan funding would work out better than other methods. 

Before buying any account, it’s better to decide your most applicable method of earning money from Youtube. It can be from the YPP, fan funding, or affiliate products, etc. Whatever it is, do your homework and draft out every single aspect of the one you find most compatible with.

How to overcome challenges?

There will be times when you feel like your Youtuber path is not going anywhere. We’ve been struck by that feeling before, and it’s not easy to overcome.

However, failure is a part of success. Without it, we’ll never know our limitations. Whenever you feel down, please remember the first reason why you want to start doing Youtube. 

Nobody is an overnight success. This so-called success takes maybe more than a thousand days of physically, mentally and emotionally draining. But please remember that with the help of EazyViral team and our authorized Youtube channels, your burden will be shared.

We’re happy to leverage your starting point together!


How Much To Buy A Youtube Channel?

Each Youtube channel with different quality will have different prices, depending on the topic, monthly revenue, age of the channel, etc. For instance, Eazyviral offers monetized Youtube channels from $290 to $1,100.  

You have to determine what factors make up a Youtube channel’s value to see if a channel is worth buying. We suggest checking the following features:

  • The current number of subscribers and videos. Do they meet your demand?
  • Old and on-going channels are better. 
  • The main categories and target audience should be suitable with your future content. 
  • Has the channel been monetized yet? If so, how much is the residual income per month? If not, can the site providing the channel help you monetize it? How long will this process take?
  • Don’t buy channels with community strike history.

What Are Aged Youtube Accounts?

They are accounts that have been active for a long time (years ago). These ‘old gems’ usually gain more authority and trust from Youtube audience. 

Especially, suppose it’s still running continuously and having an ongoing engagement from the dedicated subscriber base. In that case, the Youtube rates it higher than younger channels with the same view counts or comments.

However, buying an old channel can also be a drawback. Even if that account has a considerable number of subscribers, it will be challenging to attract views if you suddenly upload a video onto an inactive channel. 

Maybe the old subscribers have changed their tastes, or they completely forgot about this channel. If you have 70 views out of 100 subscribers, Youtube will see it as a good thing. But it’s a big no when you have 70 people clicking on your video out of 5,000 subscribers. 

How Many Youtube Channels Can You Have Per Account?

You can create a Youtube account using your Google account. It is called your personal channel and only used by yourself. It uses the current Google username and profile picture to identify users so that you can create just one private channel per Google account. 

Furthermore, you can create up to 100 brand Youtube channels managed by your Google account with different names of your choices. Youtube lets users control brand accounts to promote themselves, services, products. 

Unlike your personal account, several users can manage one brand channel without requiring a separate username or password. 

You can set a general name and password to the account and manage other users (including the channel’s managers and communication managers) via your Google accounts. 

As you are the owner of the channel, you will have the ultimate control over it. You can adjust the channel details or delete the channel. Managers can’t take these actions, but they can be in charge of posting content like videos, photos, and community posts. The communication managers have the same powers as the managers, except for posting videos.

What’s more, the common point between a personal account and a brand account is to help the video content you created to reach and interact with Youtube viewers. By changing the settings, you can monitor and control who can communicate with your content.

In addition to Youtube Studio, you can also use other Google features such as Google Photos to interact with your brand channels. You can transfer a brand channel’s ownership to another account. 

Besides, you cannot create and run brand channels with your primary or secondary education account.

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Bottom Line

Youtube is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms. It is understandable when many people come to this platform to promote their products or personal brands. But making money off it has never been as easy as pie. 

One highly-effective way to improve brand awareness and growth immediately is to buy a Youtube channel. We’ve recommended places where you can purchase quality Youtube channels and pointed out the pros and cons of buying them. 

The decision is all yours so choose wisely! Always purchase on legit sites to avoid scams or fraudsters. Make sure the channel you bought provides real-time viewers, and the subscription is real people, not bot subscribers.


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