Is buying a YouTube Channel Worth it ?

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One of the most profitable methods to quickly launch your business online and quickly generate profit is to follow an audience oriented approach to marketing. In this article, we will show you one of the best ways to easily launch your business online by using an already existing audience.

The process of first marketing to a wide range of interests and then narrowing down to selected audience can cost a lot of money. Also, growing your audience from scratch takes a lot of effort and also time consuming. In this article, we will let you know why you should buy a YouTube channel in 2020 and beyond and easily grow your business faster and smarter.

At EazyViral, we provide high-quality YouTube accounts that are specific to your products or service. We make the account transfer process very smooth. We make our selections based on accounts with great subscribers value, level of engagement, average likes per post and overall reach per post.


Is buying a YouTube channel worth it?

Conveniently Market Your Products/Services and Scale Your Business Smarter and Faster

Building your audience from scratch on YouTube takes a lot of time and effort. However, with an existing YouTube channel with engaged subscribers, you get to conveniently market your products/services and scale your business faster. But you don’t just buy a YouTube channel just because it has high numbers of subscribers views and likes you have to consider the engagement rate and you also have to be niche specific.

Market Your Products to the Right Audience

We recommend that you should be niche specific when you want to buy a YouTube channel. In other words, if you’re an online coach and an SEO expert and you want to sell SEO online courses on YouTube. We recommend that you buy an existing YouTube channel with content related to search engine marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing. This is because SEO is a component of digital marketing and you’d most likely find look alike audience on that YouTube channel that you can market to and create content for that audience. This is far better than buying a YouTube channel that publishes content on beauty and fashion and then later marketing online courses related to digital marketing to them. They’re your subscribers but not your audience. You have to get the difference right.


Is buying a YouTube channel worth it?

It can be tempting to buy a YouTube account with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. Well, in our experience we’ve seen YouTube accounts with only a few thousand subscribers convert better than YouTube accounts with millions of subscribers. The reason for this is simple. YouTube accounts with only about 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers usually have higher engagement rate than accounts with hundreds of thousands to millions of subscribers. One of the metrics you should watch for when you want to buy a YouTube account is the engagement rate. Imagine an account with 300,000 subscribers and only about thirty comments per video posts and another account with 20,000 subscribers and about 300 to 500 comments per post. These figures are very important. The second account has higher engagement rate than the first account and that means that the second account has higher engaged audience than the first account. Marketing on YouTube, and other social media marketing platforms depends solely on engagement. In fact, YouTube accounts with only thousands of subscribers have more active interaction with their subscribers than accounts with hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers. You need a smaller and niche-focused account for your business and you should consider that.

You Get Results Fast

If you sell products online the you’d appreciate the importance of buying an existing YouTube channel. First, you already have an audience of hungry buyers that are ready to purchase your product and these audience become your customers that you can continuously launch new products to, create product discounts for them, email them and offer promos and discounts to them yon regular basis. Secondly, this method is cost effective. It is a cheaper alternative to running sponsored ads which could cost you a lot of money if you just launched your business. Additionally, you get to start and scale your business faster and achieve business results.

It is possible that you want a more personal interaction with our support team, please feel free to contact us. In fact, you can chat with us live and one of our customer care team will be available to attend to all your questions. One of the strong points of EazyViral is a professional support team always ready to help customers in the best possible way. We operate for the benefit of our customers.


Is buying a YouTube channel worth it?

You Get to Establish Authority Fast

One of the major benefits of being an already existing YouTube account is the trust factor. An already existing YouTube account already has already established social credibility and acceptability compared to a new account that is only yet to establish authority and acceptability which could take months or even years to build.


Buying a YouTube channel has a lot of benefits compared to building it from scratch. Some of the benefits includes ability to conveniently market your products/services to an already established audience instead of building your audience from scratch, and the ability to quickly establish your brand as an authority and get business results really fast.

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